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50 Effective Ways to Save Money.1

50 Effective Ways to Save Money.1

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Published by: vitaminvjn on Apr 14, 2012
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If you want to become financially security in your life then you must not only earn more money but also learn creative ways to save more money. it is not important how much you earn but the important thing is how much you save. a beautiful car. But if you want to become financially free then It is your prime duty to save some money every month (ideally 10% per month) so that in future you can live happily even if you don’t work. The second family that saves $10000 per year will become rich. This consumerism system wants us to spend all the money that we earn every month. Another family earns $35000 per year and saves $10000. It is not important how much you earn but the important thing is how much you save. So let me repeat once again. vacations and financial security. Provided by: www. Your money will work for you. one family earns $35000 per year and spends all the money.INTRODUCTION We all want to become successful in our life.readtoawake. The society in which we are living encourages us to go for shopping and to buy new products that are changing with a fast speed. For many people success means having a big bank balance. Let’s us look at this example. which family will become financially secure? You are right.com Pag. For many people earning more money is easier than saving more money because we are living in the consumerism era. Your computer. 2 . a big home. Success means different to different people. cell phones and other electronic products become old and sluggish just 2 years after buying them. According to you.

Usually when people go to the supermarket. If you earn $2000 per month and you decide to spend $500 on your household expenses then don’t spend more than $500 on household expenses. A part of all you earn is your to keep and if you cannot save money. 3 . Because in the supermarket there are so many products that attracts you and you feel pressured to spend your hard earned money on buying the stuff that you actually don’t need. Before going for shopping. Clement Stone. entertainment and household expenses. make a list of the things that you want to buy and stick with that list. Whenever you buy something. Track your expenses. the seeds of greatness are not in you – W.If you are reading this little book it means that you are really serious about your financial life and you want to achieve financial Freedom. The first rule is make a Budget. You should know exactly how much you want to spend each month for rent. you will be amazed with the reduction in your expenses. You should write down how much you spent and what you bought with the proper date. car. they end up buying two or three more things than they actually need. So let’s start… 1. write it down on a small notebook. This technique is very effective to reduce unnecessary expenses.com Pag. In this book. 3. education.readtoawake. 2. Then after a couple months check this notebook to find out where your money is going.. Provided by: www. I am going to reveal 50 effective ways that will unquestionably help you to save more money. Write down every expense that you make everyday for a couple of months. If you follow this single rule.

Withdraw the money from your bank that you need for the expenses of that month. By watching less TV. 8. 4 . If you shift your account to another bank that pays you 2% interest you will receive $100 on your savings amount of $5000. Open an saving account in the bank that pays you 1% more interest on the current money in your account. If you spend all your money before the month ends. Cancel the membership of gym if you don’t go there regularly. Let’s say you have $5000 in your account and your bank pays you 1% interest that equals to $50. don’t pay with debit card instead go to the bank to withdraw more money. Next month you would surely prefer to spend less money instead of going to bank second time. Provided by: www. When you get your pay check. My advice is that you should read some of the best financial books in that time to improve your financial life.com Pag. It will also save your time of going and returning from the gym. Instead you can go for jogging in the morning and do some health exercises at home. You will feel fresher and more active after drinking water rather than cold drinks. Note: you should also check bank fees and other expenses. It will save you money and time. Never pay with credit cards or debit cards.4. 5. 6.readtoawake. Always pay with the cash. you will watch less advertisements and you will not get influenced by those advertisements and you will buy less things when you will go to shopping. 7. Drink more water instead of wasting your money buying cold drinks that spoil your health. It will reduce your electricity bill. You can do some creative work in that time. Turn off the television.

com For example books. Don’t spend your hard earned money on the things that ruin your health. new computers and other electronic products every year. Sell the stuff you don’t need anymore online on the www. alcohols and drugs. electronic items and furniture that you don’t use anymore. Borrow a cooking book from library and prepare a good dinner on the weekends instead of going in restaurants and paying huge bills. Give up expensive habits like cigarettes and alcohols. 5 . DVDs.ebay. Technology is changing very rapidly. try to sell small items on EBay and slowly as you learn. 13. Organize a party at home on anniversaries instead of going in the expensive restaurants with friends. If your health is not good you will not be able to earn money so take care of your health and stay away from cigarettes.9. 12. New products are coming out everyday. 10. Cds. Buy if they are necessary but before making a purchase wait at least 15 days and compare the price with other similar products and in the other shops. Prepare some good meals for your friends and you can enjoy more openly in your home rather than going out. There are many people who are doing it successfully. I am not saying that you should not buy these expensive items. you can sell them and get some money. 11. You should try.readtoawake.com Pag. We feel compelled to buy new mobile phones. you can also create a business on EBay of buying and selling other people’s stuff. Provided by: www. At first.

But I recommend that you should buy the term-insurance plan. Life insurance is not an investment. Keep your hands clean before cooking and eating the food. It will reduce your medical bills.14. Then try this method. you can improve your gas mileage at least 5%. It costs you much less than traditional life insurance policy and your family will receive the same amount. The difference of costs. try to create gifts at your home in your spare time instead of buying them from market.readtoawake. 6 . it will increase their value. you should invest in some good index based mutual funds. It is easy. 18. Buy the Gifts of Christmas in the January when they are on sale and sellers desperately want to sell those products instead of placing them in the store for the next Christmas. Just read your car’s manual to see what is the recommended air pressure for tires . 17. I know that life Insurance is very important in case something happens to you. Air up your tires. By just airing up your tires every month. You can use this technique with other holyday gifts as well. Your friend and relative will appreciate these gifts more. 19. as the virus will not enter into your body and you will not get sick. Provided by: www. too.com Pag. So cancel your traditional life insurance policy. then go to the gas station and air them up. When you will make these gifts by your hands. your family will get money from insurance company. 16. 15. bring your lunch from home at least for two days per week. Whenever you want to give gifts to your friends or relatives. If you eat your lunch out in the working days.

you will spend most of your time and money just in travel. Install the LED bulbs in your home. In the long term you will save money with these Led Bulbs. Don’t use your car when going to the places where you can go with the public transport. 23. Thus you can save some money. The most important thing about using public transport is that you don’t have to worry about car parking. 24. Thus you will help reducing the pollution of your city and you will also reduce your gas expenses. If you buy generic brand products. 22.readtoawake. You should find a good place near your home town where you can spend some good quality time with your family and you can return relaxed. Mostly the only difference in both products is the marketing. These are more expensive than normal bulbs but consume less electricity. Buy the generic store brand items when going for shopping instead of buying the expensive branded items that you watch on the television.com Pag. Provided by: www. you will find your grocery bill smaller.20. wait for another 1000 kms and change the oil after 5000 kms. You will be more tired when you will return home after a long trip. 7 . But if you go too far from your home town. If your car dealer tells you that you need to change the oil of your car after 4000 kms. When going on vacations don’t go to places that are too far from your hometown. 21.

ask for discount! Provided by: www. Whenever you pay for something always ask for discount. Whenever you have time and you want to gain some wisdom go to Library. 27. You may get discount by paying bills online as you are not wasting stamps. Try to mix and remix your clothes this time. 29. Library is like a gym for the mind. A programmable thermostat can easily cut your energy bill by 10 to 20% and it is surprisingly easy to install. If you were used to wear blue jeans with white shirt then this time wear the same jeans but with a different shirt. If you are interested. 26. it allows the heating or cooling to turn off for several hours. wash all your old clothes. You can borrow some really good books for free. Install a programmable thermostat. For examples. when you are not at home.25. If you buy a lot of clothes and spend a lot of money buying new clothes every month then try this method. Thus. These devices regulate the temperature of your home automatically according to the schedule. You can also borrow cds and DVDs.com Pag. Pay your electricity bills and internet bills online. when you go to pay for car insurance or car repairs. saving you money on your energy bill. you can also read newspaper and magazines for free. You will also save time by paying bills online instead of going there to pay them. papers and the time of the employees who usually do this job. press them carefully and wear them for at least two more time. Put the temperature 2° below your desired temperature. 28. 8 . you set.readtoawake. You will be amazed with the results.

It will help you to reduce your household expenses and improve your health as you will eat fresh vegetables. Instead when you feel stress. 35. It is a trap. You should plant some beautiful flowers and vegetables in your garden. Don’t go to shopping for entertainment otherwise you will surely spend money on the stuff you really don’t need.com Pag. when you make a purchase of $5 you get 1 point and after 100 or 150 point. try to do yoga or meditation. Shift into a Smaller apartment that has garden but where you will have to pay less rent. There may be some services that you are paying for but you don’t use them. So just avoid the collection of points. At first it seems an expensive tip but let me make it clear that you can save big money by buying food products and meat when they are on sale and by preserving them in the bigger freezer. you get some products for free. You can also go for a walk with your family. 34. Call your cell card company and ask them to deactivate the services that you don’t use for example. 33. For example.30. If you start collecting those points. Gardening is a great hobby that help you to attach with the nature. When you go for shopping to buy the grocery. Provided by: www. sms. 31.readtoawake. Check carefully your cell phone bill. you will end up with a bigger grocery bill for sure. 32. 9 . don’t collect the points that they offer you. If something is broken or doesn’t function properly. Try to fix it yourself instead of calling technician or replacing them with a new one. Buy a bigger freezer. mms offers or web access offers.

you may buy the same products at a lower price. In this case.com Pag. You buy the products from that market without even knowing that in a different supermarket.36. For example if you have choice to buy a branded mixer grinder that costs $100 and has guarantee of 5 years and one similar product of a generic brand that costs $60 but has guarantee of only 2 years. 39. 38. Try to find a cheaper supermarket to buy grocery. For example the products like coffee. you should buy branded product that costs you $ 20 per year. Cancel the subscription of magazines. Sometime you should pay more and buy the branded products. shampoo and toothpastes. Do you have a lot of unread magazines in your home? If the answer is yes then call the magazines subscription department and cancel the subscriptions immediately. Most probably. 10 . Buy the items in bulk at least for next 3 months that you use regularly and when they are on 20% discount. Provided by: www.readtoawake. detergents. After visiting different supermarkets. you go in the same supermarket every week. 37. find the right one that offer you good products at lower prices. My advice is that you should search for a cheaper market near your home. Then buy your grocery from that same market regularly.

you can eat that food. If you have your breakfast in bar while going to your work then here is a nice advice. 11 . play with them and help them in finishing their home work. Don’t spend money each month buying expensive toys. wake up a little early at least for two days and prepare your breakfast at home. 45. Buy some good educational and less expensive toys on special occasions.com Pag. 44. 43. There is nothing wrong with that. choose the car that consumes less fuel. Clean the air filter of your car regularly. if the price is same. The thing that they need most is your time not expensive toys. Pack some foods before you go on vacations. When buying a car. It is an easy job to do in few minutes. Provided by: www. You will start enjoying having breakfast at home rather than spending 3-4 dollars in the bar every morning. A clean air filter can improve gas mileage of your car at least 5%. Slowly it will become your habit. Give them your time. Prepare some good healthy food and take that with you when going for vacations so that you can have that food at least for lunch instead of eating expensive and junky food on auto grill. Many people throw the foods that is left after eating. Let’s say you want to drive the car for 15000 km per year. You should try to preserve that food in freezer.. if you choose a car with 25km/l over a car with 20 km/l. 42. Next time when you return from work and feel hungry. you will save at least $200 per year. 41.readtoawake.40. saving you more than $100 per year.

Don’t buy fast food. If you have a credit card debt and pay 18% in interest. 49. At first many of these methods may seem hard to perform but let me assure you one thing that most self made rich people have become rich by using these simple rules. you should pay your credit card debt. Because the new model will sooner become old as every year a new car model comes out. With this bank loan. If you have taken two loans. If you follow some of the above written methods. you can save a lot of money in your life. Good luck for Your financial independence. instead of buying a brand new car. Buy the used car. If you buy a car that is 2 or 3 years old. Provided by: www. You should ask for a bank loan from various banks at lower interest rate (6%).readtoawake.46. you can save money and invest the difference.com Pag. Think for the Long-Term benefits of these money saving methods. 12 . For example one loan for car at the rate of 10% and other for computer that you paid with your credit card at the rate of 15 %. You should understand that car is a liability that depreciate in value every year. Slowly these things will become your habits and you will have no need to make an effort to save money. 47. It will spoil the health of your family and increase your medical expenses. Try to cook something different each week for you and for your family. You must pay first pay your credit card loan and then your car loan. Keep it on. Do not read this e-Book just once but keep reading it at least once per month until these methods become your habits. 50. 48.

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