Get ten of these women to attend your party, and you will win a prize! Get fifteen of these women to attend, and win a bigger size! Get twenty there to see my show, even women that your guests may know, Then quite the hostess you will be, receiving an extra special gift from me! 1 woman per item. (Ex: If your neighbor is a waitress, she can only count for one thing, not both)

1. Someone who has never heard of Pure Romance 2. A waitress 3. A neighbor 4. Someone with all sons 5. Someone with all daughters 6. Someone who does not have children 7. An in-law or relative 8. A friend who is getting laid off from her job or is currently laid off from her job 9. A hair dresser 10. Someone who books a party 11. Someone who loves to travel 12. A salesperson 13. Someone with a membership to a health club or athletic club 14. A nurse 15. A lawyer 16. A bride-to-be 17. A newlywed 18. A pregnant woman 19. A teacher 20. A secretary 21. A single woman 22. A married woman 23. A new mother 24. A college student 25. A manicurist/nail technician 26. Someone you work with 27. Someone from your daycare 28. Someone who has been married for 10+ years 29. Someone who is divorced 30. A blonde—true blonde! 31. Someone who wears glasses 32. Someone who wears a size 9 shoe 33. Someone over the age of 40 34. Someone who speaks a foreign language 35. Someone who works in a factory 36. Someone who bought a new house within the last year 37. Someone who drives a silver car 38. Someone who is part of a league (bowling, darts, pool) 39. Someone who has brown eyes 40. Someone who has red hair

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