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LENIN - Revolution at the Gates (ZIZEK, Slavoj Introduction)

LENIN - Revolution at the Gates (ZIZEK, Slavoj Introduction)

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Published by Lauro Rocha

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Published by: Lauro Rocha on Apr 15, 2012
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A Selection of 'Jf.,r ritings [rom February to ()cn 1 er 1917

\l..1.. Lenin

Slavoj .Z.ize~,<


Introduction: Between the Two Revolutions
51~rvO] '
z,!i - .... L

, Lze.IX

The fir5~ publ ic reaction to thr idea of rcac t LJ.Jli:l.~l.g,Len in ~::o:l of ,1.:,,-) U rsc ~ .L n our hill :r"it (lof sa rcasric Iaugh rc r, Ma rx i <; OK - roda y ~ ~V€,f1 on W OLU Ssreer, rhere arc people who rill love him; .\01 arx rhc POC[ of commodit ies - who provided pc rfect descri ptions 'of the (:.:t pi ta lis [ d ynamic, Marx ol C iJ Iiura I itudics, ..,4w portraye J - he- a Iicnarion a rid rei ficarion of ou r da ilv Iives. Btu , Lenin - no, vou can't be serious! Doesn't Lenin stand precrscly for rhe /()ilufc to rut f\·1."~I-xisnlinto practice, for rhe big caruserophe whicb lett LtS rna r k on til I.: whole of t ......nt icth-cen ru r}' world P~)Jit1CS. for the Rca I Soc jot I i:'j[ '1.: C;1\ peri 11 ~o!.·n which r cu lrn i naecd :i fl an coonorn ica llv incffic ic nt dicta torsh ip r $ or) " If rhcre 1'" a consen sus .;;] en g (,;',1 harever rerna i 11 s of} toda y' s r ad i (;.;111.efr, m l It ib t hal .. ill order to resuscita re lhl..: rad ica I pol incal pro] ccr, we s.h.o u IJ k:<lI c v hL~' lcnini ..~ 11!;'_'~l,C~- hch1n II; the rnrhlcss focusing 011 the- class struggle, rAC' P'j Tty as the prrv i (1!xd for In of orgaruzancn, the v iolenr revolutionary ::>1; i ~\I,[C 4.) t power. tbil,.: ensuing '",-,Iicrarorshi p 01 the pro t.: tar iac ~ •• . <1Il'C all chl.""O;_· 1l0~ ·l,nmhir;:'-cor.l{'('pl:!'"' In h~· ~h~lndon('d if chc Ld, i~ In have :;lInr c h~~II('-i,:! in eh t: (-I; '11(1 i ens of ,. post-ind ustnal late capita lisrn? a "! ,11.(:' pro hkHII wi rh t h i 5 ,1'PP;;1,f(·rlrlv "on \,1n~in~ <1rgLLH'.I>ClIH j s thar i~:if nd OfScS, ~~]ItoO I":~~SIy the in hi." rited im agt' of Len III the wise r~'Yof)I uti on a r)' l ea der i '!.~,'ho,. ~ ~:~I;; r formulati ~1g ehe ba aic co-ord ill rues of his rb 0 ughi ,1Iml pI:il .... 'tice j n 'U?ha-J Is to g(:, Dml" ~, ~11V1 ruth lesslv pm51,J ed if he rn ~hE' rea rer, \Vh.t t j f piy there i~another story t be told about Lenin? h i,~ true that roday'v Ld't is. u [l.,J~~.. nilJl~ rh c sh a trc ri I1g ex periencc ) - t be en d of a L1 cnr ire c poch for t 11(" .g pru~rt!-;:!'I''''c:' movement, an experience \"+II("h compel!'. ~i ro reinvent rbe very basic co-ordinates 01 Lboproject - howe- cr, it <.'IU exactly Ju"m,l,,-,lo.t::u~I,~ ex p.r;; rit'llu;~' rh ~~ Kll v~· hi rrh ~il l.cn ini" Ill, I{ rca iI l.en in's ::;;11"1.. when. 0 ill au ~umn l ~ 14.• '1J l1 Europe an Socia I Democrat L(,parties lwith the hon oura Me C'Jo: ccptio I'll "A the R 115'5i ,1]1 l~(Jolshc,:ks .md the Serb Social DCL110Cr:l ts ~ ~1'iJ pte d i ~he .. p:.l,1 riot [(" 1i ne ~- 1 en i '11 even r;hn~~gnt har the 1:'> sue (l V nrwh rts, ~he (,~.iil i l~' 11"':"""':Sp~l pc I' [1 f rh e Germ <1.11 So..;i~~ D IIH,}o;..:r US. ",,' hirh l L re ported how
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N A'I. [H J: l,.\ LJ: ~

by the 1itlllssi'lI'l' secret po-,~i.'cdi['~~:inC'dw t~c~~C"i C' l' he R ~ ~s ian ..... .. r~U.! nil'J'.....i!"'U ... n'J,L..... rlL:"I "1) t [be Etl ro v n '- ontlint •. ,··{~.",1!I1r-1' ne~' era fJ ~ I ,,"'~.r Il.,.... ..

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~~t:I f th,,~· kill

'l.1~:1 t rrn 1111 h.~I f, hn-w . di f6-cul ~ i'r Wi1~ (0 reject the notion rhar {J ne should La kc 'Sldtl.~ rn !h~~ ...U[~ 0 rcr, a Eld 'EO flg.l:u ~g_;;]I.iruo t rhe "pa rri ~1.t~~~(',I''j.-mlr" in 'Ollt''.." [1, w rt ~o lUI!: ry! How' mGny gIe-.fl~ minds Ol7ildud~ng. freud) succumbed to the mHlUll;liII'''o1 rentp.... rk(_'T~. []I \~,(1 I.. cO n, even

rhe Sf,lilf~'


me. J :'I~k rOLl t'O pu br s h my nO:-ftl?l')(Iouk ....M arxi srn ,~ in Srock h olm), lr i~ IXl U I !.J ~n ::L blu(! O;:U\·Cf. h' l~ a t"()no::!(~~(lTl

or alJ the quotaricus frOlTI ~1arx & f1i,t:;.~h, likewise [rom }(;i'~lt':'1.ky tlI~:lIi[1;sl): J 9 .l [IUCJwl!'k.. Th(: re ~s. a !3-{! I.'~E'S 'Df iI'..:!'Il:l:_!l ~ h & m.lttl::1. .fo, 1111~10! ~i . I.m~.. ] [hmk with .3. ..... ((·k·:;
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bh·;:h ed. I: conside
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g:m ir w rtlJl~

i L im p. .or nor MI ~y Pick h;lJIKII rh i ~ i'5 eesrc 'Ivti':;.:


.'f 0111 t for ~ co u plc II F Wi..!tl:b! k 0 f 1914 w ~S. - ro pllit it m Ab in B;l{hnu'" term ~- a

d(~$tl. f'r"t>, ;~

,C3t1!·'tTOpne in which an cnrare 'l,,'utiddis.a.p~l:'l!r~J; not 0nl~' ,-th. IJyll.1L bOl~r~Ciois f.aith ~n progl'~!iS~ bur .-t1:...n. "h~ :\m':I~II:-..r mO'r'C'm~m wli:lIch ;lL,."COm... pllil ied tr, ~..erllil1ih imsel , t rhe Lenin f1t ~L0(H' I:; r~.I"He l)D~C';;) ~~ ~...;.t h t' ~~Illlu.l l'Lr:I dar his f~l - in h~s desperate rea ... sn rhe rc ts no sa r Lsfact ion, no -tl( 1. t nl~~ 'Pj1f"Jll sot", 111:1:.. moment 0 f V t'r'::'11.1('~R"W.1:s.. tb i.;;; cara srro phe ~c k':;ll~d the nrn ~llld "~t due Lelf'rinist c'!,'CI"I , for brca k i n}~ the evol urion ar~ hi stor ici srn II f ch I,.! r 't'~tJrH.~[]ui[]rlliari'orl~1 arid Lenin · ... till! Olll}! on(' who re~l]ii'<·d thi:-.. the . ·as om I'~ one who arrlculatxd tnt" Truth nr (he ('~mls{~'orhr: Through ~,'~,. moment u:t despalr, the Lenin ""dw, 'iii . .:!. d do!'.t..~ 1.'l:.;)dLll,f; 01 J Iqz,d s t)j."~L, was a bl . ttl ~Hs.eern [he u ru If! C ch;;tJ1ici..!t.or revn lurio Ill, W;] S. h~~rJl. lt is crucial ro emphasize this rdt!'v~~jtt::e of "hlgh [ht:DIY'" fUll" djl;' II;U::;I, cencre tc PRl\~;'dr:al s.rEug,gk nJd'lY, when L!'\'t~JI !-I.uch. ~"LIl oC"ilg,lg,(:d Llltc·llccu.J;ll .:1!:i N II)flln ChQ,m s.k",' ~ike'S to ~md~"r<;c()roe h,nw ut-:J i r~ P0ii"'J;';;l'11 r rb'l·on·t i (::11 k11 mIJI~cJ~~ i Or P,I:'~g:r~~~ "'oC poh [i~ I ~trlJ~j;lc: (~f w ba r bel p is :Jot.,1 d rin~:!: r·[;;H J pJl ilosopb iC:LJ I .;.uild sn(i.rll-th~·(1I"C~ Io;:al Itt!'x t s j 1'1 wd~l ,5 s.~rugglor- agams:t the ~ liIE'ol-ibtf3i~ model 0 gl( b;jJltl~WOJ1? is, I[ IHH [h.u 'Nl' ar-t clealill,g c:·nh~·r \";,'hh O'by~ous f;)Cflio {whic:b ii-LILWb h,l!v~ It~J ~)C .mud!..' pl.Jbl~(~ .as Cho!rJ!'ik;, i... doing in his m.uru.::rou:>o; p~)I·tl~:.1i1 w'Xt'i.', []r ~·,;ilh .;:;uch ,Ul IIl(omprehemihk" ~.~1l1ple:o:itt d\$1 liIilol; t:~ ('mot ~111J~' r~t"H'u.l oiI,lIY [h i liB~ Ii "'~'I.: \V i ~J] t(J ::1 r~uoG ,'~ i ~1::.t !11I~ .lJ~'U'-thiC;;)r'~I-j.::;]l tJ;'lI1f] pt:J tion,. i~ I~ Ii 0 t cl1orl:gh 1:'0 d r;1,w n J;i'Cllli on tn TInllTloJ."nHI'!-i . thc'O rerica.1 pm'e9!.1~)p{ i ~'Ina~,'I h(~~][ k·o:."'E'dom. powl!!r :;)nd :)';'~1,,' i t·t ~, ·w h i.e h :'I h~, ... ,:;' .th(~lln.J. in Cht~m ...k~'·~ pulinot:~d !L!X'[~i \'\.·I.~;;)[ i:::. ;']]l'gLubJ~' more importJ.H!: I:!; ~~Q'~'" rCJ<d~y, p-e,h:ips ~nr thi;! fir~1 :ri[~)_e in the hist ry (l' hUIl'1i'l!nkind. nLlr &:;II1Iy eXj)el"j'ent:c I of blo~'l:'IU.:ti1.:::;. i;:cnl()~)'.• "_·rt"t:['~lXIL'..· a nJ Vint! (! 1 H..{' ..dL~~'J cOt~lIpcls ' 11 uf 'Ln!'.. tn cnntir-on~ h:B!-li.c phi.1 u,sophi(:,1. I is'Su('"5 0' rhe n~nm!' of freedom ;a no hll f11~m Id~~1t U r. a rlc:l s.o on. BjJ(',k ro l~l'llIDl= hi~ .~:.;,f.,If.~· ~iId [~t'[)oIUliuN i~ ~uj(,fh' rclc~,·.u1t '0 th:J!t :sh'lttering e~per i l.'nr;,:L· of , 91. 4 - LIi!11i Ll ~s. ru ~I :stu bj-ecti VI,'" {:,l1g;'l~(·rtl,¢'11t 111 ] I I:;' dll.:"ar F-r.om tthi'S f~I.11'h1'~1.~ I !t!r tot I K ail'lt'n'L:V 'II\! ri t J::t.: n j n ~IJ I r 1 y. 17: I.t::
I 'n'lojr;

t'tlga,_g,ement I::' extreme here, and the kernel o~ the l.eninisr ;;u:i'SC"Srom !:hi:,!.:1s],{·s of the (,:U<Ji~ .rophc u{ 19] 4,. in his, serrling of f rhe ~CCO~ll1is wirh the S.ec[)r~d [TIiU!Tn.H~Olj:~J orthodoxy rhe r.ldic:.,1 iJ:11fR!r,;]J't"ivo:;W s.mh<J.::.;I, the bourgeois !)~i;I,l(·. which mean fh(· state as such~ and to invenr :;'t :r'lie\V L'~)]11n"~m.11socml form ... vithout ::J. !i~:.l.11d.ing ar.my, pu~i(,:(;!·or bureaucracy, in which all could rake part 'in [he :lidHli~lUS~r<1ti('lll 01 ~(Ioci;"l~ marrers .. For Lcn ~'II, rh i~was nm: .11 theeret ical pl'ujt'L:1: h)-I" some d lS[;lJU f ut ~IIC - ~fI October 19 i 7 he 01;; Ii3 irned: "\'11/ e. t:;;'Ii n a i .n nee ser rn rn nn on a star e uppar: ~1[.1S cons [it uti r):!-l, f ten j f not twenty n1l11i (In people ." .Jo 'J his ~~rg,f nf' the n~()ml"J'?t 1'1; the hut J1/Dt,ia, \X"h;1t we should stick [0 is rhe m ulu~~s5 the !)LI·~t;tKicrkcl!-a, .rd.I~'H' (in . en, f'} ()f thi s, Len in i~ tnf~ )pi~ - and, ita rj ~hLn:~. [;,1.1n ism ':;'1' "r!'!!d~ for ::1. [' ru rn ~ i 1:0 rbc re.i Iistic 'o;_'~ji~ll!l'j~)n sen se ", Ir i:s. ~ll1pU~ i Me m I.)vere 'ifi ~11. H- the explosive .

The exrstentinl


pore ru l:'ll .nt T/.7(" Star« (1nd R C"f/oha ion - in til i 5 bo-ok; ...~h.(!- VO-C~lbula J:']' a II ~ gr;:H lima Ir (}t the W·es'[.efl~ (n~.d iti ()n of pol inc:s w'as ;iI! b r!.lpdy d i !ihl"Cn o;;ed.'iN irh .~.-1 Wh.ll fhcn f0I10Wl c] C:lr1 he c.1.11ed - borrowing tho:.' 'Ltd.:!! of A~dll..lSSeii"·s [r.;"'t on .V~:3i;h i~vel J i-ill .~()fir'UJe de J ,b~hle.·= th'l· irne wh f!:i1 .h~: h I] ~tca lJ or S:N'lm.1 .}IO[H:~ 'i! nmgglin& <'l~ll ::;l ~hl! curro:.:!IU il'l 11i own p.a tT)'. \(111tn, III his' a, Api' i I These::;,'" ~I 917:1~ lellj r"i d·i ~(Tncd rh e A ~lgf;nbN(;k~ rhl' uniq uc .hnfil.."t" {or ;,g, [J:"," ( luti01l, hjs. pr pos:~ls w~r(' :firS-I:: mer ..... o.;rlJlpor Of COlt f'mp- by a lolJr'gc Irh [jHl~'1.'J i t:'o" (If his P'lll'i.~·("OI.l~;1~'!JC.s. N'l pf~ r ~[~li Il(~m k ",clef W ilhi 11I he.: Suls.n t.:",:i k I.... r.ry supported h is C~lll t~~ Fi!..'volution. ~ I~d l'~·.rj"vdn fr.tC!,k lJW ~.~..: fd.~tl.;ll r.y [TaO S'fiL'p ot,lf (~i~'50<i:lli.ng mho!! I'ar~y, ::JJnJ [hl';!' o:;:dLwrial h03ri.i J.:'i ~ whole, .tWill Len:i r1 \;. .... r:ri I Theses!o!o - [..oC'n in W.ili s f.at f rtLJrIJD he.: i I1g ~] i1I OpP(:Irl:u.11 is~ flaU'l:II.'~Hg <linJ exp!0i [inll: the: p i."e~',~ill'll g mood ~Tf '~ho:." P()IPU I'ace: his '!'jew:s WtTC' i1 iglll~· id:iosyncl::ttj.;;. itC"gd.;'HlUo,· l:'b~.ra"(('ri:z!l:d the .... prLJ Thcsl,!'s,1' ~l~ .'~~~o!.' Jc.~'liri.l:lII:lJl A of a. nn;:)dman", -;;and .,d.e7ockll Krupsb~,Y:L hC'l!'"~df ('onclLH:I,ed= ''''1mil aft .. id ut loots. .'~ H it:"niL1 has. ~uue (;ra:!:y. " ...



v. J. !Ji'rJ in,


Cf"llll?r""/r'd W.'n~k;;;• .'viWC()W: L~~I~l,r'~s" 1~L1 li-;hC'r~ 191i.j, b f:!'um ::'\ ~iI ~J.1rd i n.J:;, L~·npp.rr~PH, Du:rhJlm, NC: D!!k.~ lIJJh

~'[)1.~ 2, p. (:.7.
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P1C':o~ J '996,

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bid"" p. I.~:L. Ill-id .• 1;. S:?










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refer a It!: 3 in [(} K iC"l!"keg'l~!r'ilJ.: what 'W~ a re :,lll o \'\0' ed ~(10 pc rceive in these wrn i n:g~, i:'o; te-n;lt-~·n.bl·,{Cmwig:. not yer ..; enin ahc S01/'iC'~ msrjrurio [lj ", hut Le nin L th r, ,wn into a I~ ope 11 ~i W:H Ion. A re ... Wlf hi [~ (HIT J ilt,C' c.a ri~;;1 hSIl" c-IO'.s,un: '0 f ~'e;

This is rhc Lenin from whom ....e still h-I.'i(·"nmc-rhing ro 1C'::l.Tli. The greatness o~ Lenin was thar in (]U'I o1:.t[:JSI r~)phj.; situation. he wasn't (j'fr(ud to $1~cc:i'!t:'d- In C"<fl nt rast ro I he .[It"_gal.i VL: p:1 rhos ~J[i,CCT ni blc .i n R.o~ Lu xcrni burg and Adorno ~ fur wh 01':11 [he' LJ Ir.i 1"":-'1 ~'e- :>~Q,I ~h en f;,1,," "',,-"1;" i" rhe adm i ssi 0[1 of thr;." [ailurc which brings. the trurh -LlF thc;! ~iw;lrion to ligbr. In l ~n DIIS[~·-'ld 7", of wa it i ml,g II ~1tI'1 rhci me \~'~H t':iP;f', len i Ii n!"f;:1 n izcd .1. pre-em pt i VI..! srri k~·; ill 1910 ss rhe leader of the parry of the \'\'orklfl~ class with no 'VI! rking class (ri!'m~tut it tJl;nng decimated rn 'the c~\·iJ war}, he \ vc~m on of~allit.:mli~ a. state, IlJlly ac epuug the paradox (11 rhe ~)~irry wh, ·h has. to organize - even ~Tereare - 'i L'l m..[j h:;lse irs work i.. cia Ss. ' 1j:j N owhere i!1 dh i.::;; ~r~a til ess more elf] dCIl r ~h;;l,'n 'i III Len in's \lIlrLI:J 1J~5 ..vhich oover [he' ti me span from ,Fer. 1"1I.a,ry J ~ I7, when the fi rSI[ revolu [10J'1 :11, b( ~I'i ned s b~U'i:!:im[l :.mJ i:u:o.;trdI(!,d .1l desnoc ruric i·I:!~.ti ene, W ["h.... SitLOiltl rc'!;"o~ ut i Ol~ j n oern ber . The Oopenlng text" 0 the p resen t vc ~hllmC"(~Lerre:rs. fr'orn A ~Jr" ecveals l..t!'mn".:, i[l i,~i.d ~ras:r t,( rbe LJ ntq ~Ji.~ :r~ ~'OIu rionary chance, wh iI~ ~,hI,.! lasr rexr (rhe minutex of rh ' "Mcering [)t ~u; Pctrograd SO~'jL't uf '\\:Cl ken,' and 0 diers' )t.: p Isries "I decla res. rh e Bol.,ht: \"i,k "... ZUrc 0 pOWf' f.'_ F.'Ij;eF"~-tl1 -i mg i . here, {rom '~Le!'II!1J '1+~oC ingcnio us i."t;"''i({}1 ul i[]11(1 r ~- srrarcgisr" I!O .. I .en in Q f t be enacted uropra" (-nfrill" i mmcd iare :1bol isb L!~g (1Fthe srate ~ppat::'l.I:lU~~''')' To


f(_)~lI1J all! ~.;.:hu in whar ~ am rernpn-d

(':1.11. revo.lLlticm::ilirY


~'IH~ IT1I(.;r('dj b I e ex pJO:'ij nil of j'l;r.a 5o.S .• ["'Uot~ de J uocracy of loca J corn m I trees SI,r-o ur i i:ig 1! iP all ~ ~ run d H ussia J" h-ig ("L~.lCS and, i~;nOtHll~ thot!' authorirv ,I,) t rhe "leg~iI::i are ~ glWt n~ [ll cut ~ ta k rng mat ters in [0 rhei .. i lWn h~lmds." Th .~...is m r
l~f1I}' g.Wl.lp _j, 't ~ .(,1 e;{ld ..

the un t·or,J "';~Oty of the 0(.10 her Rcvo ILIri ~~~l the obverse of rhe myth of the ~ <of ruehless dedicated n:::"ollmn!larLeS which accomplished ;1 C01-t.';

r.ht! .... nd of hi:t:.lm'r!o', :-.[;11. ::Jblr- to c-xpl:iicnt:...: c

tl.~ ;jh,tttt:"ring


(~f :such emigr';~nt.

';)11 al,ltlu."mic hi'1;ii"o:rlC;lJ (~p"nil1g? In F ·bnmry 191 i .L.ot::"lill ' .... s an :almo~[ an a
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witlw ]10 rdi8.b C" (,CnH~\C[s to Rt~'J..Si<l~ rnO~U}l h:armlLIl.15 a bmu tht: CVl'nt:::. tro n1 (h~· )v.' i:)!) pres'S~ ill ()c[f] hll..'T ] Y 17 led ,.he fi:r's~ succl2~~fu I !im;;:i.1ll5t ['\L·VO.l H L~ - S0 wh,u h;lP~)l:Jl~,d :i I'J bt:t"vt'~n.? L m In ]:et:m.i;;1 ry, Lenin i II'Iwfledi@. tel}" ~"fe;flC"C'I""C[I th (' n:.:·,,'oI1l I;"i() f1I;]l'r.y ('h :'!,IIl.U:, the res.ult of uni4 LtC' o!,:unting.cm II.:in;u m:::.tan t.:.::s. - If ~J;t' momc.:-nr "1'1;):; atO[t::IlA:d. the r.:h an ceo :fo:r· r he tevn] uti 0[1 wn~]I I he fotfe~ tll.'d, pc [haps. fu! dc .... , ;!,ut::... Tn hi 5. -stubbo[l'n ~n!oi!.l en. e th~u on sh uJd rake 'hf:" ri~k :and go on W ifhe- l1f;xt s.m~e - (h"'t is, r'ep~~lt dl . it'L: .... QlutLo 1 - I.e '0',',1::> .... lonl"l ritli.cu.leJ b~' the maior~t)' of [hL~ Cenrra I, '0 m ii"ii~ttc(' mem.hE'T's. of hi 5 own p~H'ry:: r:hi!-; !idt'lt;ti ("lor',! of his rext:s cndea VIlJ!,tb [(J P r0"..idr a gl ump~t: j n tu rhe ob s [i f'1 ~ H'. ~);ltI~nt - an d {) f(,e!1 £'-ustra l'il1l~ _. IX'V~~] uti on;) I Y ~'I;'( )rk t luciough wh.ich tr..:.l1i r~ irn PQSt·J his 'l,fi~j1J,fi. ra'l;.ni:sp~ n:;iJ Nt' ill s· ~A~III'll'.s. pe r~on;'!ll ~Ttftr-\!{'JHj() n wa s. hOl;, ...t·"'·~·r. (' ~hofm I,d nO[ w C'h~mgc the MOl'Y uf 1 ht.· Ocwbr..:t' l{t!"dution jU["'! rhl..: !'>rll~~,' i:.lf tht· JOl1t:" ::;enJu:;. confronted 'I."t·jtb the cil'i:onf"n r,;l[("d [i I ,j :-'!ii,!':-> ~I fIIor~ gr;l d lully irr'l rH):'o;m11:!; his ·.. sioiL .L Len im1i 5oU. ,,:cl..!c.Ie;J bit'Cd ~I~t~ h i~ a p P(!';~I, ..;'1hi I t by pil - in~ '[ he P.·~rt)· mm~.etlkfa.


The firs~ thing that srrrke: to(i.llY's: reo t-k-r i how d~J'~uly ri.~adab.l(!Lenin': text i m IT1 19 J 7 arc; there j no I] l'(:·d for long ex rb nato [1" fl ntcs _ even uJ the stran~~-so.'J~i,ding t~;HiH'-S urc lIn!HI.o~:n l(.t U~, we nnmediarely g.et whar wa s ,'L~ stake. r.:- rum ['(I.j,I@y·~ d istance r. hc.· rexrs .di spls r ~ 11 ;,' lrnosr classicul d-ill riry i n rraci OF; til'!.., eonteurs of the ~~[I1.'1gg~(!n ,,,,'h iell rhey pa rrki,]l.:1: re, i Lcni n i.s. -f uHy aware of rhc P;l r,;iI;.l.r) 1{" of rh e sit U;"tti on ~ Hli i'prlfl~ 19.17, after the fcbn,I.;:uy R.::.... oluuon , v hich toppled the rsnnst lI'esimc~ RU.~:sjil 10\'.:1:';; the m osr demf)Cr.;uic ("0 UJlHy in r h c whole of Ell ItUpe, \,vl~ h .jHl LIIIP receden red .kg.n:1..: ~lf mass mobilizati )[1; freedom o organizarion and fn.!c;·dQrn of the prC's-s ~ ret 'lh,i!1 freedom made the situation non-(f;'1.~lsralf,em" thor mghl'y ~HnLlo!g ou '. If rh t' fI1:!' j s :'L corn mon t·htr::lI d fu-m ing rh ~tH~~h all Len in's texts u wrine I:l between the [~V[) n rvol ut ion .. r 1 he ~ehru.l ry one and the Octo ber s one J. i r l~ b i s. in~i:'i;tef.ltl..'(' on [be' g" P wh idl separates '[be '\:xpl ici r" Fa rrna I con to III ~~ u f t he pol i.tic~1.1 stHlgglc;o OCM.f!("[1 the' m Lli r~n.id[!('!If pa I:'t i 1,,::5 .and ... b;t:!I" n pc~lj-ti~,;1 ~ ~ ubi C'CE:s from j r.s a ... :ma I iJ.fj!;.:"i.a~[.Ll kl's !: n !lmLei j,;Ut' peacl;;~ th e d i$t"riI buti on c1f kin d, ,~il of ("0 usc, "'",]1 t h(! pO''''er t 1 d,1Ic: {n"il:t.!1 ' , t ha t j S, L d. ~ ht ,J'i~ITl-ilml.i 11g of [be ot~::..:Lt>[j I'~ [aro.'!'. p:para [ll" a I'K nT~ repl ::I,C-erne ~ 'wi h th.:: rw\\' c(]mmu.r1C'-like (or:rflS of .Lin·mad m .. nag'r..:ni~nt). 111i:Jo j:!;.a[) i' the ~~[l' herwll."(.'"I."J ,r.:;vo~ m,IOn q.lM I[ h~' i ITI;~gll';;I.ry e~ plns:io n (] f f [{'("dum iI'll !i u bJ Lint' L: nthu~ma~m, '[h~ l1l~lgi.c rn~nnli:[lt of ll~:UVCFS.il!1 :-.oliJ-iln{~' Ij,.... hc.:n "'eVl!'"ryrniilg ::;;eerns po:ssibJt.''', a.1ld t~e h a rJ w.nrk ,11 s.[}t;.:ia~ :r,eOOnstnK[ ion 'Ii,.,hi-tJil is to h!~ pt:"rt,Q I' m<l..~d if rh is ('!, til u s.i;!L:;.r.i(,.: ,exp~~):siQn D~ W k;~ 'f; i c·" tr.."l-Cts j n the in ('I"(:i;} 0 ~ 'l, .soci:d ed i.fi ce


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engage in the endless search tm' some kind ot '"f!;II:lfamce" for ~h~ ..·.)'lure rinn: I[ni::. ~'I..!Inn,.nt,:e assumes ~W"'l Lhall:' [orms: ocjtb~r dH.~ ['cin('J nrrtion nt social Necessirx ~mH!sho lid not nsk rhc !'('vnlll.tii.lU m()o early; Cln(' hr s ro

t(!p(;Llllm~ uf !be .Lr~unit:'f1L nML~':: :;L d!.,o.c~,J~.~~I.J b}F H.iJS.! Luxemburg i.1._ga:int K~hlL~kl·: ~ho:-.e '!,·\,·hc) ,:a.if tor dw 01,1('(.:1:1'1'[: (,;omli~io[ln<o; pf dw "T\'rl!lrl.... tion Ul arrive ...... \V;HT fnr t: er ~ :"l.Il;h jJ !1l1,'ilr30H of !ht: obierrsve (1hS~[\"oI.:I [11 (and Dl,1;)!. 'I.').f u n (,,[l~I:!j;;,l ~t:J :i~,;:,:-.1 11. I is 1.~'£dJ the nl,!I in ~) ]-1I:-.tQ.(,: I.L,: to d~(:' r'C''I,o'O~ ution, Lenin's ..;:()mHt:r:iLr~wm~~m W!:!,_.;,ill:';;~ lhe tm'lI)1d-c.h.:IlHl.;,:r:l~i.;,; critics of rhc second sn.. is III <1.1. !!n~ ..... 1'(,: Lj.L~HH.lCr;,~!le'~ (ll)~; [J 11 ~::; i .p pU tJ ~.;_~pt~~ 11] the concrete I r: R ussmn ci ['(.:11 m~~;it~(.",l.':;;~b~ hmll1l:coi s-dcrnocrntuc 5 tn ~C' has 110 chance ot t •..LlT'Vi\,'l~1 - !hl~ q'flb l"I'~;jljII~1'ic..:'~ W~)' tn Ilr~ teet the [rue gailli~ )f dl'l...·February Rc\"olu~ irm (frc'L:(~mFI of llr:!-~:H1i7iricm .;md the press, crc.) is to 1l110VC on [0 .. th-e i,j.CIoI;'i.:1l h q rL''H'llll t~(m, (~thtTwlr;;1;' ~], ~ rsa n:-: r...-:·Olnone ries \'1.'111 wi n. ·.. Tin.: basic JI!.":".t;{.Ill uf the P~~·oI...'bO;J;H.Jtrt~.:..: notion Ul[oI,;:H,puraJi(r is thaI[ there arc th'i rl~!i oru: h:ILj ['( ~ (I (lo ; n n F(l,·r,- tj) I (':;Il rn t·h.'lIi;' ~ hey ~1irc 5o~1 perf! ueu So; i.n the COI,l rse of ~ht' treatment. (JI1 t' In.s.. ~ months · on fal &to moves before ~It eli cks"

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wa Li for rhe n~d' om C nt. 'l.'.' hen rh e n me is .... pe" IA l tb reaard to ~hil,,!!.J! W'i.:. F'I'tm TI ~ t"f h it:owr~~~ I J[! ij,' d,opmcllIt: "'.It' L:-' t.ml II..'~U! f.or the S,o.t.:::i ~l~i sr 1'l:'''·O]lIi1:(l [1, ~he y i wn "king d01!i!1 i:1 no( yer m~J~LT't'''). Of n 01:'111 a ~~""'t' ~"d elbl{'l('r:@I:.'I("I' I I,tl',i n I C"I ~'C}' f' Tn(" 11l~ IlDfl1)' of !'h~ PO~)Ul~ i! art nOf 011 ~)1J I~ ~idt~. :::.U t b~ n::V'f>] Liti OLl 1iu vou ld n<:l't 1'Il;:':lU r b-e d Cllll~loC:r;"l tit.: i' 1 ~ as lC'1:"I in rep·.l ~,edly pUir~ it: ~ ~ 'If, I·" to r' rhe rCHlhrt'Ollltr .... a~em risks: ~hf: ,--CllLl[t' (Jt t.t;;U~ ptw"rer, it :')110 11.J, ~~L p'l..·rR1i:s::...~u'llf r-n n I ~umc 11, ~5ft;' ~) f ~h'f: big Odlic"r ~orgLI mL~ a [dr fC'l1dum \iii hjch ·~",ti 1;lS(,.,\!rf:t h1 (h~u he m'-I (~Ii S;u P['on the' r "volin' inil). \~'il["h 1.(.-11iI!, :4 s: v,ddl 1 ry La~H, ~h t;: r~1 i nt i5 duu ~hll,~ 'r''.:! ~·t~llL~~on .!> 'tUii f)n~l" .:1m)' d '~·nt·-mi'hm';,..'l~ 1~i;,' ' r;.iH;l-uld. ,,'cl,lu re Lbc ['c'l!olut'i [HJ ..U y .act 1lIC1i (:nv~'n:d by rh f' b i~ O'rJ, t:r - ~'he lea F of t:lJking PO'i"i.'etr '·rr,L:in~rI,H~ly,. .• r.he scar'l,:h ft,1f ~h~ tl;uardmt..., . ',. i:') tl_~~ fl;!ar uf ~ht!' j,b,':-:'s. ut rh" .l":~, Til ~~t 1'-; 'L he u ~(j1m1iaH' d iml!.·n.s.i'un Ij~ W h:.'1 t I.e 11 i D1 Lll!..':C'S· andy denou L'1(:~S a ... n rq:"!~")rL'm' ." ~1.nd h tS pr~·rH! S I:;; tha t '"~ ppo Tu n i s.m i~m is a po >it' 011 whi...:h ~s . H U':' ~f lt1.hc[(",ndy, Ii. bt!, I fI j:o.k m,g i.1 k.ar (If ~1 Ct'~)rnp~i8hing the iH;ij" "",.j rh rlu! p ro!C'Cljy.c :s.... ~r;C("11 [] t noj f'CrlV{'''' h~c.., h,....0 r ~ flOIT1l11S, 'ij\ihich 3:!' wh~ I'he nl ~r s:rer in I..."clmb.n1[I~~ it ~:; [ ~lwwrm('1';' i[ dL;dl'ly~ ~~\'Vh;Jttthr.;n,. i:5 til;} l)tt!'~l(j!1'l'? '\X: c I.'m..lr 4mf,$fJrL'r::ln',j s ,tt '..10£ loSl ~ • st .. t' the he [s·. H ;;uJrni ~ ~Iw trul'h [11:;l'[ rl'lf! rlE' i s: ~l {e'fl dt'r1{)" CIT ;in ori'll ion, i ill ~)11 II" (;em: raJ

the n~ht Iorruula - .d~buugb thl,..')· retroactively appear th 1,.::\(:' ~krn LI rx wcrr n t:~('"1\::;;:l ry, And J fl(:,'" the "a rn c n nt g.n al so to he rev "l'.lliuJI? \\.Fh.:H·, then, happene ~ "...'hen, in 111::0 L~6t years, Lenin became fnllr liI'I.v·.jl!rc- of rhc limirarions of liolshc v ik power? h is here chur we 'h~~llld ~JpP(~:><I..: Lenin and ~tfLl~[1: trum Lenin's "cry last writings, kmg; aher ht· renounced rhe utopia uf his Start' ~md l{t'l!olmic.m~ W(· ':"-;111 d]'S("-'nl '[he nlrJtn~HO:;; ~)f :iI moriC:L;t .c. rli.·:illi~t·i(·'" project of what [\o.l~hC''ilik pnw~r should do. B("(:a u:s(· cd til t' ("~Ull umi.:.: 1IIl1.:l...::rdc.· d Ij pmCl1 c. alll,,!. G~hu ra i hai,,'k 'it\ar,J nr~!'> nf ~hil,'R W.;:-;.!..-LI1 n1I(l.s:->rs. ~hr.n: ~" T'l(l' " ~.. fc.~r R tI !;i'~ i:,'l [Ycl ,. P',1.s<o; {l i rectly to 'u('L:;-~h:,;m"~;all th8 S ....Ic:~ P~)'I,.';."i.:r ';;:'~D do 'is to ('ornhlTlit' the- mQckr<ne poli[ics. of .•~L i:'l tt: I,.~ pita I u;,m wit h ~II t: imcn:;i,c "';1", It l ntl I,,! ~U~ t iUrI: 0 f ~hI,; i l(:I( pl;"a!i~Ul t '1tl~! Lj.. C!. - not ..{ :OI11H1 I mi ...' p n )P;l ~<l n, L,," hr;1 in, ..";1.. h ~n~, ~imrly :J p:l ti t:TlIt t ~':.r~~dH;:d i r'I' pO';,!,f'i nil of d,t' ~'{;! lu ped ('i\' iii ~t'J. tjmd II rJ~. F ;ll~r~ ,1nd i~tl re' [1........('.11 h:;! t ;;1. '.:1:;,t ;'1moun~' of U r~(,!'n t !oj p.::! dr.;:........ ,,'I,!~ ~ ti 11h ,1w,!' to do to fC:J"h t h,· ork :o=;~ ~ nc.l<'LTd {) t :iI i I n rd~ n.~ ry \V ~'Lj't F.~HOr~"Ml ci vi I i·.rl!~1 ·oI,.IrHr~ ...... \r;..~.m'll:-.t h(,H r i U III i ~lJ ~ IL';;- :).i.;'llH· .,lj,,~iJni I; ~)'I NOr <~'II (.:\: f rtl1l1 w h kh \"r'~' h.! \roC 1"1 01 r~~[ t: KHic.::.t ted and
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[he world' ~by which he mcalH ecology ~ clctcriorari n~ IE!.!lit h C~H"t.:., POlll: rt >" [be role 0 f mull ina ~iona I 5 ~ ere. J, 1.0::-{;~l.ITI? was nor :'0;1n i l}" [fL"l krl1g .1 l OLm ;lh 0 ut rh ~ shn rrsightcd ness of r 8Qm!::" p.~)].~:i.(:jil - if ~II"I,:: ra ke lli .. hat hI..: sa i.J Son"moi)usly ~ the onlr i ns IQg.i{"..J l It: IKh.L:£iOll, 1-; ~h;;r, W(' 11 t rHl,"llt Iy [l.e~d ~! n l'W fr H'i'~ of PQli~i.(i;:lrtiDfr , ... ich will h diret.:t1} "socialize" these crucial itih·UC:". fbe illusion o~ 191')" thar the prcssu E~ p1'0 blcms which t.H;cd Ilv.s s in I pc- iU:C', land disrri b ut ioo ~ erc, I u id be solved rh fn ugb "Ie ~::t I" p:iI. r II arnent :~ry means I:;: the "13 III e as roday's lllusio» rhar rhc ecological rhrear, for In ·t:!ll~' could hl! ;4VOlJCJ I y expandillt dlL~ [lL:.l:L'h,t logic 1[0 C"C, Jogr 11l1.~ki!l1g polluters :lay ~o[ rhe damage they

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"Le ni ~.'L"L is not l ho:: n 0'5:[.11 I gic: na me fc..l r (ll [I t~~~!;.i a t [L cc ria il Lly~. "-I Hi [It' rlu, n cont r~~y. I he Leni 11 ltV no i~ I:Q he retrieved I';; t+~t" 1.t"111l1 whose fund arnenral r experience was: that oj bcinz thrown into .~ ,,(1,1 asrroplnc new consrcllation ~n ,,,,,·h.ichthe old co-ordinates prrw~~H u ...~·h.!,-;~.;md 'Who 'Y;U d~IJJ'!:compelled to r utvenr Marxism - taxc Ill!'; ..cerbic remar ~ ;~PiOPO:=; of ';;OITIt.: new r pL'~)1)Ic:~] i.: .' A btJ ut ih L::>,_ 'lilil"x ,UH.l Em 1,.~1.s said not :J. vl:rn·d .' Tlee idr..:.;) i not ro ret urn ro Len in, but ro r(~!)em him ii1 t lu~ rcrke ...~~/I.~~ sense- to rerrie ..'e K I ~(:t.;H1 I hot! same impulse 111 wchy\. constellation. 'nil:' r~UH'1l W 1~1l~1l <l.i.m~ neither a~ nOliLJ ~~j,;":.ill.l)' i'"t'·('nao::li!rg the .'. ood old rever hHL01~ ~ n<q r.i mes", 11or .1I .11'1 "'fi p0:inl n i,~ri(.'~pragn"la ri C 1'.U{i/IS'! n,re~Ji 4) f 1he ~)Id p I'n~ I';lm III eo m .,.new con·
1..1.1.i L) 11l~""", bu!:: ;.u t'~'p..:)"uiHg, iLl dll~pn;:snit wnr ILj wide 'LonJit i ml::..~ il.or L{:nini s[ ~d1.LUI..: ,of tl2ii1Veilting rile fC\"QI~1tion(l..ry rr()'~t."1" ni ~he conL1l[ioilS 0' Imp ri"lis:m an ..) ",:t,loniill:-..m - mOIl' prl;:";Ls~l.! :!( fh;r the p'nl![lco-Ldt:ol()~.i(<11 {·oJ.· 'p~e f ~hC" iO~lg 'l~fi:l of prngn:;:s",ivis.m in dlL~ 'l.."~n.Ji!.il.ruph ..· ... f 19H. ~ri("

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pl.'Op~:r' [ilTl·~' ~ aC{:()fd in:;o: ro tht: f.lXI,)C::O:u, 0.1. ~.he and [bOoSe whQ a!e a,.,.';;u·q:- ~h;:l.( rc\, Ciih~i:HWj h,Bs. .nu proper tUl'lle!·. dl0:ill;:: who r)t:n.:~i",,'c ~h r-CVr[) ['ionary ~h;tl1.c",:- .1:-:- .~o~)e['h.u·L[i!; c III ~I; CHlcl'gl'5 "uld h ;1.'\; w be....se·i.l.(·d ILl thE: vc-ry {ie'wu r'S '1.)1 .L i~Ol'm.a l' ~lJSto:rl{:il! M development. l.emn. i.:-. nol ;;'I ,"Ohlillt •. uisc '~sl..lhiL:Clhri:,;~" - \vhat he liI1i!j.I~I·S ~lt i d"ti!i.t t'h~ (!'(ccpti(m {thr- cxtn:mrdinr.lrY!ie, nof (" r·L11~s.ta~cL~, like tho:!>!.: 1L1 Ril ss,i·;\ ill 1917) (), ~ TS :a .... \'n.'\· W ~lHdtn'f:lint:: th~ : orm l[s<cH. 1::;;thi li~'1e of arl,.',"I.m;r-r1t:;'L[;on~ thi5 tt,lodar:nl!lU;Jl !->t:lI1C('", ilor more- avpOS~~t~ WIi1l11I:-..'ef' md""r~ Do fII,[lt 'oN.f"1 ;;'tho. ho,.'e ill ;!(11 t~[~ wnt:H [h,t: :.;.[~H"': ~md I(So ~ppa r=-lUlSe:s;., indtl d L 'i t.~, pu] LllC,ll Lilt;1.! 11I[S.. ~1.!X s.il1l~ £11) ~r::ss ~lnd less ~I bl C t~). l\~ III IticuJ;] u.': me k~~y ·i:"'''il.~C-S - ;lS TlimL8 other t"han jr)oh[~ l.;;:· ;'Hr~ p~J[' n C"cL:t·mh;~· C c:::J.:

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i('l.comp 'l;ible 1 .gil..:', uf tht: n:"OII.JItLOn~ d os(' ngi..:aJ lHom,,: Il'l: of the !1~ll(f iSI~ whL"n ·(.:.1~~ rion



..:enrury a~ [he timor 1.1..:1We ......I u{ th~ lOllJ;!. p!:.!':3..:d[.ll {!:..: p.il i.!~j"'H~~ f \.·<lpit ..~lism ~ and 19'9.0 ~ rhe- 'f:TIl('Tf,(,TlI(;C cllf i;"h~'nl."w frrr:Tl ~J f b1u 118. I 'i.'8.piu 1.i1.rf1 a It€' r rn.!:" ("(1'11 P<;t' iT! .f Re-.a 1'1 £x i~mll;t!: s.o.:.:]~~ r l.ism.u \)/ h~u l.en Ir~ d i.d f~)J' 19 H, \Ii t.: :-:hmtlJ uo for 'j 9'90. .~Lt:n in'" sU n .... for I-hI!;" U ~mr)(:I]i.n j:!; in..'C'dom to S-Ll S pen.d I[ h(' st." I, ls ("xisri:ng fp.r:r;;f-)idrologi';:":i.ll ("(,)-oTd.inM~s, 'I he debllb[;nin~ JJe-nkv.('"fb·ot (rro~Lbm(. ..n. on rhmkj.ll~) Lil whu..:h Wt~ liv~ ~ ir: -ampl)' IlLtan,~ Lna[ We <In: all, wc(. '[0 lh illk ;1~;:lj L1, s.(~\'!'"hm role- ) loulJ Lenin' ;:nT$(}/Jd'~ty play III m..Ir a.s.5eS5m~nt of u~ ('om ribu rion? t\ IT: Wil:' nut, Lri f.L(' r, r(.·dutil hi5 h i.m ~u a p lIfC" 5~' rnho I of ;J. ('e i"t;) i t1 1I"f".'l:) hmlr ~HI!I"Y :it a n(1," ? Iu ;1 1C"r~'et rn F 11g.ds '.... i ~ie-n 1 H1 ~~) J'IJ I.y ] H'A..2.. r \1 J Do. dl.' ~i~n.~ F·~rd.IJ~~I'II,JL([I ~~ 1101:' L 0.. fv UJH.lt:l' ()J G!'...'"rman 'S{ll, ..i, I n~~rll tl~ ' Ol> r .ley 1 ;~ 111.1 hi", t:omp~·tlwr f nr luHut.::n("1..: in it not on ly .15 .~;] j";r-t";1!oj, y J ot~"'b·


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• Lenin ... fku·c-r f'{',.. ~.r; b~l~ rkri~ ['~• In C Jle,:,ud W(J,ks, \'01. JJ, 1.1:1'1 Oll,I' Rr:vu-ltltfL.)1I ~ 111cDn~(i.~'d , IM~~S, ,..')~•. ) \, p, 479.

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di:ij:!,uiscxJ UIl.Jc;1' ibii."ilh::mtillc and cheap jewels" ~ hn[', even mm'~ brutally, ;H "ehe .I!f.:wish Nigger": "Ir ls '110"'" perfe ..:l~)' .... 10 me that. ;~~ [hc -sIW'PL; nJ ( ~lc-.u his head and, ehc g.f(;lw!:h of i1 ~~ hair i.r~ Lea rc, he :i s desl;(..'"m:ie-d ~rmn the d NL":grllJLL~ ~'Ih~ ~j oincd ill! .~..(i.o::tCs;'frligh t of Min Egy fJ r (t1 n less his. mothe I' or gr.a ndmother on the f.. ther 's side was. Il,;Tos.::.cd with ~l.niggc r]. -; n hIS t'(:;;td 0 f a readiJrlg such :o:.mtcn-u:rns as proof: of the ELHOCCI1J~TlC bias of (\.'h .. x's fll~{H'Y w,~ should sim y.l}r disrni S;'S them as f undament L~II r ~rrdf;;J,,'I,H~J.; I!hr.· r ~)1~ i 1)' posiliv c ~l!,l1ifi.....:ance m" rhar : h,:y prevent U~ hO]l"l in~dulbing m :U1Y kind M ba~i~g:rn phy of .M :j.tl-f, since d~e-y clea rl y reveal rh r;: irreduo b le na p between Marx as: ~ person 3l'110 his ehec ry which, preciselv provides ~hl,;eools for ;w anrn.~l':-;,LS ~JI}d jJ cri ti("i~m ol such rae i..r 4)qJI bursts, A"tit"ll.; of {·f)~LrSe, the 5i?1m .... SQ~~,for ]JL"B~in'; LS alleged "rurltlessness" has c~au'lt [he same sratus as his b love of Car and. linl~ child ren i.n [he St 1l~]ulsr hag.i ~~~1a hy, p After dllt! E-:hl11lwuri:Hl rebellion o~ 1~56 was (Ttl ·hed 1'''')1 HU~$ia.fi tanks, the Georg Ltllkics (..... pa rt ic ipared in rhe iInn: }J a~y j:!;m'C'mll1(!~H) W~15t;~kll."~l hn If'iSOI1,~'r~ whena KGB officer asked hirn ir he- had : \!"'e~lpor!. l:ukic, calmly reached into h i$ peeker and ha adcd o"tr n is pen, Lei, DO-L:S not the i11"1 Plica ~'i{)u oJ thi ' gesture hold even me re for Le 11i ~m texts col h..:~[ d here? If l! vor a pCIJ \, e wa~, \;II 'I.\,CilPOrl, iii: was the r~[] which wrote Lenin's !olj' 17 texts.

u M~r.\:-EIJ'~~I.r w~.t+(!, ~krlm ~(JDRl; Dic[l: V~rI.IL~L96:H:,\'01. XXX, p. 2:59, l-lirpadl Kad,a.rbr. ('(.'()I'J.r~' j'k(i,~", O::d ..... I:I.bckwe'11 1~91, fL .!I.H, rd:

Afrcrword: Lenin's Choice


r, th e idea ~)f d{';ll ii1g ~'I,'ith b."Cl [H i.rn111t'd i~u:dyJ..',ivn fi:!i.!..!" W [,'... j "'jH.drl1(.j)nol"l~.~ ( V<I..-:s. why IH~t·. we live Iii ~l liberal dol,'~nocracy, there LS fq'r( ern oj) f r.hI 0 ugh 'I. •. , _ prm' ~d'l:J t h., L we r.!·I;!;~tl~'n i.!l dr. an ., tJ b Jt"("rl"'r'C-, ....·U·ica] a I."H.:I':>{,. i l'mj fie \,,"';l ~ ", n () r in :l.11 arnrude of 11OS.ruJb-ic idc"!obu~', ;;a nd, I f urth c rITHJ re, fm 111 <t ~}L:.r:;.p,(:,.;t vc fi!'ln I~ roOt~J !n t he den'! ocraric P{) II~;';,:;1 I L ortler, ",, i rh rn the nonzun ~jf hi LI rn:l n rir,.In.:. - t h (1:1' is rhc r(!:s~on ICoiL 1'11('d p~ r 11 f 11J lr rli ~~) fJ~d.elK cxpr rience o f ~wen rierh -cenru r}' to r~l ii 1;:1,-I;:J n ism. ~ \x:jUT .lit' WL' in S;ll~' to this? The problem li.!;.!~in ..hi.;! [urthcr huphctt 'L tJ (Ii ifica [ I orH ....... +lI'cn ca n L"~" iJy he dlsC('rllf"d by ~1 "cone I'Cte ;'11 y:;i:o.:. Df the nal ...:oncn.'H: s~t'Uaii: 0 n", ~\~ ~.en i!~ hi msel f W{,I u Id h.H' i~ PU( i r. I "Fi J.I..: Iiry rr j rhc i Ljf'm~")~-m con sen sus" IJLI.-',iI n S <L('(q:H:3 n~r- 0 f ~'h(! prcscn L .I lin! r ,,1-p...rl i<ll! IenBC , [-.!I ry consen ~Li ... wluch , p I'~d u."k.s. ..1 ny scnous (]ut'~,~'Inf1 I~g () F the 'IN.1r th i OJ, i Ii:bL:'r:-d -d c rnocr ;"1";- order h. com pJ lU r iIII d'l'l: phen omena u olfici ill Iyo L:i:1 r~-· lh~rn'n.!oo,. and, f)f (,"1~~JP'''C, ;1:11.)' WHOU'::; ;Uh'HlPIl rn im;aJ;111(' .a ~hl!eH'J'Jt ~r.}('.iOPO]~H.[(;~Iorder. In :-;IHHt ~ it means: :wy and writr whatever }"f)1I like - un condinon "[hal ynu do n .r ;H:rll.~·d~y question 01' dLStL1l'"b tht: pn.:~'~iling piJIIli;:':,11 "::()f.I':;C'I~:-"'-1:-'_ .r~ 'nythh~:a I" dUO'o'''·(:!ll soli(i[c-d .. , even, ~L." ;l crrncnl topic rt,t.' r·rn"'r'('c~(]f ~l g~uJ");11 ('("olng iL~LI,:.;lt~~ ro P Ile~ ~uL1L I.on t; of hu n I ;3.~1 Ij~t.H~1 Si" xis Ill, homoI S.f phohi~, < nri-tenunisnt, ~ifOWHlg vsolence '11I0'i onl) in f.ll'"."W.:l}, countries, but al:oo.cJ!iml 011 r II.J WI] r~]I.::g'll~~po I~St=:S: rhe M p bl,.·t\ ....cen IJ, t' Fi rsr ;H'u.1 the Th ~Id \~f0 del. ~f.'t\ ... reen rl4.;11 ,lila po nr: t 11(' _h ~L1H.:'l'"i i Inpnt: t o f £1,1.: J ig!l:t Iiza non 0 f 11.g our ily Jive..; .. __ today; Ilh'~' i;,. no hirac- easier rhnn Tn ger iurcrnati in.. l, ~[~H L: ill r corpor ,LtC' f un d s fur l:I m U It idi':';';':lp~ i 11ar y ft.':o.L:;hr'..;11 pru Jt''': t ·1 HI 1~~4 ro iw

C;] dern

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fl~h[' [101;:'", tnrms ur erhnic, 1i'f!lagHH~" rti' ;1J1I [f~i:1 occur ~~.,l~n:sc the bli 'kK[Uund
prnl'-:lIhll run em rhiukiug, T'l.h.L1.(:_" liberal tlt;;"lllrfl"rau(.


violence. Tile prnhlern is that a tundaun-nral D:t.'~thfl.("J'·hf)f; ;11

htl.~r.e"mm)~· ~s .,.m~:;tint~d h~',,)kind of un ...... -rirrcn tJ.r"'1','iu,t.:1"imJ siuular w th('" inf:LJL1~H!S lJ~'.,~4:"u~~rbotproiHbictoml I on ctllrl'l~)}"jnjOl: ! n ... i vid LI;j, ~ wrrh fa d l!:,";11 Letr lean i n g... in [he sr J. tc rga ns] In (~('HI!l~H~ .if1 • he l I :.'



ll~.I:. ..... ,Al".I:.!o.

we slww c1 r1~iuiI1MI <.;ign of f'i'J.!;<l~ing in pohrical irojecrs wh~(,: h. aim seriously .[ u t·ll ,I JI['n~,4·rhc C:XiSI.j[l:)!:. O'~t"r, [bot: ';'In;w~r .i,: munediarely ~ 1'\{'IlI,.'vo!em .. 1<:;r I.~. ~r.1I~. "","'1 ~I IIW~·I.mb I Y €'ml In ;l r! CW (, Ll1.ilgl 1j The i.J.t.:oh:tgi~:B I fu ncti 0111 of cuustam references "[.I.) 11::101..: Holocnu sr, t he (i u lag, and more !IiI;'(,'-II.,'n . ~'ilrd \Y/Q r ld -e-:I r;~:..tnl r Iw~ i:f.; ~ 11 S fa serve ,LS the- mU)I) u rt Qf ~ i u rlu S J h:l~k.~'t,'rllf)x bv I,_.(J 11I 'a m'I), rr;m nH.I in~ usn ow Ihiii~~[L 0 mid hmw beo» .... rm;ch H'fJors:e~ ·"Just 'look .;)['OLUld ~md S.C(· tor y LLndf wb.~t will happen 'if \0\'(::
tHC I.960~ - the mOJl1L'm

.\ J ore Pf~'o;.l:\,(,1': th~ pol I! u..:aJ'7' co r rec S~;"jIlC~: hNr"l y:o. H~S pen l! rsc econ (1 rn r ) r hro~JH.b Irs 05C I r L1[IOn be [~\1('"'L'lb tht: ~wu ex rr!l~1 !11!..'"!'; ~ euher h'o.ol,: i Il;U i on \11;' ieb till' 'f1L,: [.ll ri i ;.o;~d other [hel ,lor "i.t; ,(hi rd ren, ra JW';;' women ... J~ ur ':1 fuelJ': on rhe ~~r'l"1 I e~ll'~ [Ie n[ bol,.·1!" h o, ~~ thU'Ll1-'. b 'I.:' I crun i n a], ;11 nd ';;:0;) on • ., lso ~k!.io::rT("s. pnJIC:"4.:-

r... ·(heal notions! \'(/JIM "\'Ill' enc 11 Her Jil.'r(' i~ the Lllrinnarc l:x"lm p IL! [J·f '0,,' ha r Ann a D~ne ~I ~ilL ,3n,l,.~Mi ke ~ L',lf}, h~ v I,:' Cell lvd rhe r)"r'o~e-n o F. dhr~roJli. : "' 11W iLJ~I the rem porn ry ...bscnc I.J t. Utopi,'ll" bur [be ~){J 1.ltl~3d u! Id) r ,.H i on 01) f the end ot social d rC;::IIH:S yO,.! And rhe deman d rot" ... C"IL'n nne: ~ objll'ctLy:iry" arnounrs to ~LJ!it ~moth~r version of 'th(!" .~.Lllj~ Denh« s~r.,.Jmt.~ (he It'IO IlH~IU 'o'l,,"(.!' ::iJl~riifHI:;:~}' qJU esnon "[he ex I :;;ti n~~ Iiberal ·L~0il.:.t'~1 !-.~~~, 'ii"C' "UE' ~'CCkl"5;cJ uf a b.~I ~dml iII~': scion riii..: 'I.) b i ect 11/ it Y fo r o~HJau:-~1iJ.l..:dtlf.i (:::II I posi [lOJ1S,. 'I hi~ ]'S ehe "Len I r'I isr " point on 'IN h it:h 'iJ'1 ~t!" L.:":1 rl rrot and sh oul d not concede: iu.,d ~)". aetna! {t\'1;dvm of thOl-ff{bt ~trf:'",j.H$ frf't:.dom to quesrton lh r prn'futi,rg ')f>7"tddC'm(Jcmlic "IJuf,t-ideoJog.t. ,11"' consensus - or i,' mean« rmdJUr~'J
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T~ l I he q~,(':=;.d"""l1 .,.,\'I:~b:H !':t. I10LLld Wf! d(~~" [ can I1V):i.[· 0 lten truly ,HI ~Wl!'1r 01"111)' wn+~ ., I .d~m'li: k l1:m v: " ,I cam mlh' try W :>111 ..111):;.1.: r i;!!:~~ N.~!.n w I,L~' dLl'r,;: J ...., Here I)' [ people reproac h 11'11::Wh en y~~lr pr act i ve i.'fl1'''''''Hl. ~'11 iU~ _)I~Q (')bh8.~~·d ~;}t LI [0 ho"'~ One sheu kJ ii'f'l~)kr I [ bcm·r.. 'r LI m~ rni nd, !Ill:; i s mcunt rm'C'r[,ihly :1i l)o~Iqr,I"'()l':; P:f'{'i11(h,;;:C'.. IVhny .Im.:;-::;; In hisfO:rr it "'Dl;LFPo:!ll!!J th:lt t 1C ';'':-~' wur ..~ whi...:h pu r::i LL-J purely t hi:OJ'C Lie.J.l g_U-:lb. l.r.lns!ormrd ;.unsci uusn ("i"', .Ln( I t h r!l'dby L

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'i\r.;.·h~· ~~i[IUld you 111.da.~ ;3 tm)1 of yourself . II -" l. Lnn? ~!i 11'~ i'" tJ~.d c;rwugh f[JiL Ill:; to rt;jliy th(,'"!iC':<:J 'f g.li 1"Jl1::-> ~ ,.... • (FI!.Inh~rrw~rt:, WIM'1 .abn\~~ prsctu .. :-. hke hl,..l~lmlr. wi~·r.::~ ~dLII,"T their hus~ b;Hld':;, J.L!,~th" "·hid, i:" part uF dH: :';;:}UlJIl: I.lim.!u 'I r~~~.~'i~~~m :i.:~,~rr: ,.I'~ ... ,(~ \hH"HI Id we (r nler ant \'(/ estern il1i1,ultLl:;-ultu r:ll 1St.:;) :l ~~(f. rl"~p~~ 1hese pracr ices, H ere, l h~ to It: r':;t.,~l,rn u II i~ll,h r'tl.1 i:)~ i::. ~'U In pot11t:d to rt:~on tt~ .~ t~l ro u~hJr u ~ F. um~t.·"'l ris! d i !.ri1H;ruol1, ~.. d L~tinctlOn rhar i~ W~r~IIy tn reugn tn 11m d msnu rhe Other is tolerated with regard ~o cus om ... whiol.:-I; l~lHt .no Ol~(' - the' Inoin e nt v,,'4,; come Up ['l!J;<1.justsome ~for us I tr <,U..HI1:.inc dimcusi H, the
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i'i. 'wlC'r:.1.'I1!:;l' nf '~h~L O~t,'l'T IIIl ~n filii" ~'S tfDi:,. 01h("!" IS Im~J1::'111 "intelerane fundnnrenralisr" - which ::.unpl:o'. rueuus: rn ,';0 b r :-I:;' It [:';; not 11:'1111: n;;:. Olh C'I:. ·1:oJI!,:r;:w·c,;: ~ .. ..' .d i zero to,le-f'" ncc " to r ¢ he real Other, ihe ()I'~H;'r III the subsranrial weighr ~lF ~t:'oo ;(mi$5~mCI!. 'W~~can .... Iw·w I.:~ th i.. 'IU r';~ I ml L; I';~nee reprod uces rh t: e It:'Il1CII ~My <. p~):)tmt)d~"rnoper oJ W)I~ -,uf ~ h.,:
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m~mhnf> n~ .H1 old cl'hnic iiL"Oup, f~,!.' exam ple, rna ke clen r thel r ,dc:..nrc E'o t;1~!C' rhe plt:a.o.;l1.1eo of rh~ '''c:Om.lJ rn ('ri ... r r . 0(' jCiI)',.'I ,ru[L'oni.l~IL~ m IJ h i,(uJ ru Fa Ii:'o:i<; r rr W con vince rb'l"i1I rh;n (11 n~ art ~'LC[IHJ.';'; Of \\?e~'~(,Jll ',lpir;lhs'l: jJ~olo~y, and rhat I her ~~Qld.d resisr i'L' This ~L1.!.1'[ ~n.i:t. Ill:: a r~rt ude ('<1 n .!!,O tight i rl r till' (j ireel:' im:e-rfc.:·J't:[10!..' I!l 31 ::lJHm ng itsel f.~ ~t:1 I V II"n~[1 (1-.t.i.I i ~ J i,::.,.,; u:-':-'.!on Irl Mill n e':':Ot:.1 ;1 cou ph; of ~'{",];r!. "lIg_o, the ] h I;' J1J IgJu:r:.:-ned \vh tre 11he~':ih rried llfl l'OUV j nee !:h ei r partners rn redCT to 1'ncrJ1!-iC' J 'N!:S .;},~ '. :\1~ rive Am ericans' ~ ~ihh ougb !'hC')' ill:-'I :-';~l'd I hal' thev u l"iIe(]~11V0",-"1 r I~' rc(erf"("d p rh c ~.I'I~ fl' rn J ., Ind ""Ill:" ..• '

til'!..: 1.1l0~H fIl.:!~lF.'1t.:d f~1',nTl'" racixr (or se: ...i:'o:t) (}PPi'r::~:s~OJl. j~ n~ (~ell}' [hit:" mne r ~'hc rmgf-J r tn dehnC" [he'if J Ucr.:11 r~'[)'- \,,'c,' In it for therll'; w~ rel i them '''':' u .J ud wn~ ~ they ]~E'aJ 'f are, Th 1''1: pt:l.C ti C'II..' is i:! "'p,lJl.dl;:J ..vi rh Po lIt ica II y n r
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Lt'"[]~n's truth is uj[illl<w:lr ~lat of r1r.aierr.aJi,~r, " ~UlJ ill fa.,.;L. in 111(' Ilrc.'l:!(:IH n t r-..;;~;''!.'" ,\ Be; oh!i,(,,:~ m tism, it m" r ,~pt.':iI... ,1. t r ;1.(,:~ii ~'~.. tn 1'"1."';;11"':';[: rt the I.... p kSSf_m of Lenin's i'1i1alr!ri{tfi$~rl' ~r.rcl E~nl'i"'i«)o'!'li(i~m: in ~od::l~r'" porul~if' n~,1ttiu~ ~[ qlJ..-nt~HIl physi.;,::,;" ~~ in LcniH"~ ti~llit\ th(~ dox.:.r i::lo th.H ~"':i.~'~cc mt:o;;el f1Tli;;li Ilv n'f"~'n;;;~ f f.'iIll! m:'l i[~ri ::I1'i rli ,_ rill ;l,H~'''' i~ <; LUprn'i~·d ~~)~(lIS~l ppe,;1r. .• 10 ~ d ~~~11,1 III- ~ 'i r~HlIM", ... (j, I \ ...~h'l;;~ <:~l!;: r'~'.y fldds _.t I It i,.:; ;~ 1,,0 I'TH!;: (;b 1.1.1('::~o 'lie' he u of

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Bnrh Adorn.;) "Ild J.{!llI~n" i10W~ ~r, rakt: '[be \",'["(1)11: path ht're~ th!(' \1I,.':1't"{Co ;,q:-""'i(;:T[ ]n~w::rialj~m i. nn( br clinging ltl rile rninjmLll[1 uf rJbi'L:":fn.·c.~ re:.~Jit'r' ()ut'S,r·("h· [h~ thuugh r ~ ~u b j I.!criv,o: 1nt.!J i an f)n,. hLi'f h)- II"Is 15rj ilg () ~ the .;:. tool lIl~ b
rh e {"XI";::: I Ob5t.;]JCJc wh,idl r:rli:1 pft'i:!;nb [hotl i=!;.h ~ from :j\ n.'iI~n Illg: f ul I, IdCtl f I!Y WI [h .i rsd f_ The J ri~ ~meli t" '!;ve 'L;()n cc:"dc ~hi~pn LIH. ,1.nJ i.! 1i:H'rn<l.ll:l"'_~ ~h f' [l b::.;(~dC"~ w~' n!gI'C'S:; to l h(.!' ps..!.:.'l.I!J.o-p~ -Lli )Jot'ma I: Ie of: rh l' rbtl 1I~ 1111" sy m pt~ It..1 ~....:a_lly.rp.r;'~iJ,tH:h ll'lf, tJl ~ n't'r f' I~],"i Fe .. [l hi ;2cr-i,,","(, j'(.! :11 it, "'. I lC'If("r' .,1bk to gra~ p I ~
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on the ilH.lqN~lldt'llt existence of m urvr j at! f'l':L1Jir'" ~)ll rsidc ('OI1S(i C~U~ I1(L<;" ~::. Tn b~~ n::Hl ;pj, .~ svmprom.itic t disp I~ «Hi lIE''Llt, desr i ned if'! con (,C.:11 rhe ko!.Ly ~:~H;t thor c~muis j rl PI('!f,L" lrsd( L£ irnplicidv posued ,j},.... cxn-rual to the reality it "rcilects". The "'o!..'I~ 1U!;"t.~l-ll~")J ' o t rcllecrion inn n i rely ;'1 pproach ing rl'H' v."rty til i n £~'i. !lL;':!11r ,i! n·. th(' oh,t.',:,·rl ve
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rrur 11, berra Yf. rb i s idea hsrn: w har ttl i s IIlrU pher lea v t·s ou [ U ( cons iderauo n i:o. .. hI;,; fac t thar the p'H'LiaJir~ I J istorti 11! of "su b'i l:L,' ri ve reflection" occurs precisely btX';1UI;<: ehc <;u~w{'t I':;; mclnd d in the pron.:·<:""'i it rctlccrs - oj')Tl.ly ;1


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of reali ry ...[Ill' wa ~ ir really is" ~ that knov v 1~JgC' of rea I~, 'f W~11J1J Imp I)' c~~] ex- ~i!oo tcnce, ~su r l' xrcrna r regard t~ i[~usr .15 J mirror C,;IH reflcc ( ·Lln object perfcc rl y i exre rn ;.11 eo i r ~so m ucn tor l.en in's t heorv 00' cogn i rio 11 .'iI s objective n':<lILn,'),~'" The- point is nut (hat there i:;. independent there, outside J~Y, dL rhe point is. rh.u I myscl] .'!:m ";(-,m rhcrc".

ourside would see the whole i s~ a [0 ra Uy ad cquu tc "ncu rr.. ~~' ~

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hour, r he re I:' 7. i k h, J Ii.lli, h I[L~. -In,,: wholo!" r.mi~·L'.r':=;,~" '

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reality ...!.· So rhe question is not whether [here IS a :re.llny O.ll~:ldt' a.TId independent of consciousucss, bur whether consciousness jbdf ." ~)Ub'.hk ...nd indepen dent ,ITt rca iit,,; 5.0 ~ inse .. d of I en; n .. ~irnp icirl y ~d .'iI li q) n ortnn ~

Ii 110(' rhnr ;..cp.1r .;Lt~~ m;l;toi.:'rj..d isru j (ill u Ide~ f i":n i- n' P.." ,dd tea H" h c 1'1;':'. 0 n r t~"-' UI ie ha r:id, there i... the ten~pt;;n.on 't,n n.:,;ltl th L~ i u the :;.; hrt"!l.'lJ ~'Ist rrl1:'I(k u f t he lin iv l'l':'i~' "uut rhu~" oI..'11"Icrj.:t'.s 0 Ill~" 11"11 rough hl Lin ~ f'ICn;r i'I,'I;':4.1 b 't' ~hcJ\! 'i 1':1>1_1): n dw .. eh 1:':1", Then: ~:o;; the of) b 'r'e!!-i~. 1"'"", d r...:.! I L'Oild~1 ::;.-ion r h a r COn sc i o uxo Ilc:o.S I~ lh{JI'mJ,g~J~: il1~'Jutie-,rl in rhL' nh"-t'ry('.o ubje-r;..1S_ Thrs i~ where "II,.'!:_- <liSairl L'11 r')Lmtll."'f l hI.· Imlll.~ t I lI.'1 0 r Len LlI'\ ;.rh I;!u:r~ 0 f re flee fI un ": onl r .1 consc i II LI"lac-~~ observing rhe urnversc fn.m fl1c oursidr W{'H~JJ :'Cl,.~the wiw,tl: 01 n:afu\
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Iayers 'Of i IJ usions rhnmgh 'in~nit,,;: ap'pna).;i,matinn. \IV!!.:' .::,hould ol-.;::.r..:11t rhiH L"nl1j!f'c,ii,,'t"" krllfHI!11,,:(I~c of f{"i'I.1 i ~r i:i ~mp o~~j bl,i:. P f(_xj'sdr bt'C'L'lll~"':- We ~(JJl5(,i,OlJSnr:.~s:s) a r.t ~ l \"-"fo! v!>-;"II rC:':l c.h." p::1 rt (1 - ~t. i~ ~h_e !':lli,ds ot i-the th ir1 f, (Ju 5ep~H',j) [(,S 1.15 from' uhrl~lw~ ~Jlm,'It'd~eof n."uJily L ,ntH \'L'['~ ol1tol,~,gi("ll indlL;-"IOIl in It. fhLs, of t,:HlI!"!W, ;n 110 \','ay eM;"!;ls th ..u d"!(L tm"il'!lg of fheL (, ift,ef ~K{, :
hr:"'t'l/\.'¢~·T~ idL~"h::>f11:i1In I

rherc" ~sr;,'p.u;JH~d from ":r.>n!:.-<ii.. ~nc.,:o. ~r u and disrortiens, and ...oF-n i(i ,,'d y i:l.l}pro.h."hnbie 0 I,ll,y :






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two e-fc~. bur 11:11(:' Party hus tlwu~:;.af'uJ eves!" A close reading C1,t thi-s poem, however, makes it clear t h.{lil' !1.tlllil.::.1L'ing \'l:[~' JiHL:L';;.:LH i~ ~o.i.llg on. in reprimanding (he yOUllg ComrmlT'il'ls.r. rh Chorus ~~l)',,{ rhar the P:;Ht~' .dn!'.·" not know all. that the }'OlUJ' CurIHHl.lli, t may hl! righr in his dj5.1~['!;."'_'m!.:'m
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tano» and f()rm·.rIUL~W "'1: I.' [1'1 L' L~X ternal ,1~ef1[ IIJ-;u I ~, Cnd, An< I>,~rl is nor ~h l' one .... "lJlld"'P;(:Hld_ ·ho LEoIX:trl'l" th.1I11 '\/1,'('" Jv thl.l ~L.:h;{!-." , who (.111 prtJov]Jc; ehc t ru t~ I nrerprern f'i n n 0 ( \ .... ·11;111: (m r net 0.; .'11, sra H' m enes lilH'~ 11: rarh e r, ~[ 'i t:mdr.; J for the form of our .tcnviry. W'h<'I~~ ~ht'J1I. IS this FUTIU1; [_'I..'t u» '~lb'" Em:,,~ f'.." on I[(''., "JTV I 'i I ()rl i"'t'" ~l fgtl m 12'111: ':':'1T1l(,:"1;'lr11 I'h L' rll.'b ru m:';~l ip bCTIJVCl'.Il NaLi:;.m iJl~ and (So'!{it!n) Communism: l't:'pr'l;: I_em ihl..:- .1'" 'ir 'r,V;\S. N:i71o;;rill 11(),[ 0nly :lpp..:;urd ;'lhC't' CoriJ'l.Im.lIli:o;m~ it \!~'<l!:r .:Jh,o, with J(·;.!;.uJ [0 Ll.~ ';;:Qntl'm1 .an L:."'.L'L!:-':"~Vr::~ ~'t'(lt.:rwn· rn (hl' (:'rlmrmmis.r d'iJ't";u'_ .1'urthC"rnlo['e~ ;ill dw hnrmp; ( mmLaC'd bY' K<i.t.i:;l[i mr::n:lr ...:op~· dlL: hmr'ur~ ...In'<Hl~· ('I,)mmiU,~~d hr SO'l.'le[ COInfl!Hllli r;; rn; 'i~L[,N Fnil C{', (,("IIK('IH l':Hinrl L.:'.li I'Jll"~. £,('11OL'i lb! rc r ror, .. , h. l.l i~ rill: r onn ... ;-llrt: t <~ Ik i 11g .1~'i(HH: I~,.e- Id t'~ t n:iL t ( OmJ1'l ~J III ~rn ~i~d f'o.1.17l:o:;rr1 s:h;~ I'll' .,'e h thl" ~~ltn{!'wr' J] i ~ari.HIl F 0 t'H~ ~ .LHJ !11..1 l ~lH' J Lift: F.(.'I H':C' l H!l "''I':~:ol.:l1~ hXJ11 ('onil.~c' fl~ only '[he- emilim:.nl .llg,-rm .. \\'hlch fill lrl I;'hr '::~Hnc." S.[IrLl('itil.l.:r~ll pl.;JI('cs l ~'Jr:.:w:-;~ int!o~c.:JIJ tJ f ., d.L~~ ":JH"I n)l".. t:'[L.1 ~ '1111::' U'Stl n.1 I~hera I a'I;:;1r;,;1;ilH W :'\I ohe i:'. ;l I1Wr;illis[LC ULlI:(.:'['~·~ I'\olt('" rd.:ui\·ilC':;' 1'\,11;isrn, .I'l·'l.hl,,:LIII:; it to ;J s{:(oll>l..I~ll'\· (!chu of [h(' COmJ1'llllliq E.... h~')'w how~:""(':r, t"Hf1 Y(HJ c;-'I,'en CC~ri'lr;u(' (:omm~misln., IIth.1t rh..,,·,;}ncJ ;It'n-..;n1pt .. Ijba;Hiou~ wil h tht.:' raJi..: .. , EVil uf Na:ti::.u1? u ~ ~n corW"1O:;i w thi:~ di<;.mj~';:;~ll.Wrf" :-.;hnuld fIlly (:011 L"rL'd [. :"'<.Ink,' 50 CrC'~Hi'~ll poim; r'l.::o.. ;\.I.:tL:-.m ....... in f;J('1..a i·C'~t.;1 ion to thc C()ll'iIrrml1d~l: ti1rt'at; it Ill€'re~v ~'s H'P I;lu·d rh e c I;:~:;'!i<;t mp,~ k 'L',I i d) [b L.::o.:r .. );k h('-r'I:""~t·I.~ t; :~.ll:'i. ;mJ .J ":'rlII'~ - r b~ rLlH F A pro b kn1 ~I t''''. hi l'f'Y't_: 'I:cr, ill t'h 1:--;..., l"lrf'J'f'.1 1 (', wh K b i'io hy 110 l[~tI."ruI!> ;"I S mTliTllr:X:UH ;1';' it .1 ppL·.lt'~.\Y"lf.! .m· d~:~.ljl1g hn't: ~v]dl di!;.pla..:ot.:mem: I\·,:,·r~.:.:h;f'/"'!l1~.~1 in t b~ :i-n.'ll(1i:-m ~(,Il.::e- ot the' trrrn; :-.J~17i~m dl<;phrn o::b ...... o;.ri'llJE.biC' {In to r~l('i~lj
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the philosopher 01 l.cnm'r- h.i~n'1II"'.:1i1mornenr, ~lh r rhc 1930!o he [LJ 1"11 i,:~J i 111 c,) ihc u.k' al So[ :l..hm~~ phi iosop I I 0:: Ii 'who. ror rh;.H \"~I'y 1I"(";;l~Ofj, j n o..:llHtr., ... Hl ikr-du t ~ nn i~-;"L:'d thC' true gre~Hw,!-!:o'l-; nt Still inisrn.

Lenin as a ~.ixtcncr of Schubert
rh conrinuiev berwcen .ll.!lIln .1jlld ~L.illl~l~r~1 like (~) dwell ~m I {'fl.m\ alkgc-d insensu 1'0'11"'. t~l rhe uurversnl [iurnun ·dInH.:-mi .... : nor oJll~' dul hi,; J'I(:r.... n eivc all ~(M.:iAI I.:'V(~rHs rbe1.Ju ~II[he n :1.. n·I'..... !('"o.; n f The ch:::s ~[I'LI1l.gl~·, nt '-Il"i ~llg,"l Sf rb ern" ~ b{" 'W;}":. ~'dSJi.J.. :l"; ;"] · in P'I.·t:,.!.)t.J, inscnsiuve' w ..III.! hum.an ~uf('t:nll~ il.).f real l!l~ll'i/Rh~;;ds. In order hJ :~~l'i w(·r th i~ ("ri I;"i,;;i srn, le [ uS recall some d("(;lD b. 0 t 1110:.:tl! i Iy 1if(' of Lenin :l n..l t the Hol,.JLt'"'o.·lb in I~' L 7 d'lld rhe tollowiTIj:.!; YI?lIr''-., \...hld~. an their 1,-'t!"r~' · [['ivul!t!', I"C'H·,~I ~hl·jL dl"taJl ...iJ..· [rrnn '! hoi: Stalinist 'I~JiJit,.'nkl!1mr~r, . \,\'lh·U., Wi the even ing. or 2.4 Octoh('[ J 91 ", I1.'mlirl ld hi' tJ.u k i' ~h[! SIIlulilY lnsrirure [4,) ':":-Ortjl~HHo!:" rhe rcvolm 14..111.<111'\' [;~kr'f:i v ~r, he rook a t"!';;H'rII :1n 0:.1, n ...b;(1 rh('" c~ndllu!'iI.::-':" d thrreW,l" unv• ~l~·I'I.[,jli~· uninu 011 ill the [U'~""Jb .t'" ~7 "':eIHr,J;' ~h..H J:;w. In rhe . ~;\~.:'Ii"~ afr~·f the U(TOr..f'i' ke v olutjnrr. ..l.cnm mnsrlv . druvc ;1,.r(~~]mJ ;11 ~l ,,:..1[", ',"lIi'tl~(m]~' hi~Iairhiul driver ~nd lh)u)"gu.ud. !l:.~iJ: a couple ~)( tll"11('~ rhev wert:' :;;11.[1'1 ,It, <;tnrr('".d by rhe prilrcc ::1111.';:', arrested lthol.·
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gical di~il'1tr¥..r~Hi(Hl. [hey ~W.[ collapse. Apart lrom the :::;tlbll!~k InasH:rpll''':': '·111 Pr.Li~ ut Communism" ri~ho:;" S i ~l1!pli['s r~ which is the mo~l, J] lt [(.I' a..:cnrnp] i!>h - ) > the rb ird key <;(in ~ i~ T hot, M ur./Jt';t is "The ~~f)11Jg [1 f ~h f' P:wch ;,Hh.l t he: (,~ j\Hl ", wluch hf'~i n ~ wid,



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poor: :t!:mo,TI 1"; ra L1 ered me runuing .1I1d :o..l~: [hi ...O;:.Jr~ll~)! Thinl~'i r u~t I eo emj'(t~("d, .mel with all l1le:;I'"~! A II J:. t" u II uf LI,;,~ l, YI,.,H run to rhc mastc) ... \X'I u!o:: \Il~ -\.....~I;. hcc:;o:ing. ~1 i\iI\l ~'oll come back. and lriuLIJph.~I1!ly ~h41W _J"i wh at vou V:.il.iilotd t()( LI~; A :-.m.! 1.1 patch, OK. EhL~ l~ f~ie 1"!o;1t('n. nnr
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h....!II.Joi;! II JiJ not reCOi<!:III i ~.L! .l ~~IHlI)~ once. ~11er \'1~LlIIl;K [i :-.....hno~ i 11 1hit I r !.ubl.ll"il!>, rhey ",.'("1"(' ('\ en t·ubbo::d {IF r:111,.".'1r and tlll..:i]' gUll'; hy b.. dirs po::>iJl~ ( m a~ IJolIl:t". 1 h.~n compelled ro walk W I"hc:' 1i1(,.H(,q' pohee (:I":H~on.\'Vhen Lenin \""~ls ·hot (ll~ 30 Au.C,USL 191 S. [hi:1. H~;:~.lrred whsle he ...... 1:.tlkin~ til a couple .. <1:-;' ot Wf:lJ[IL'U i.·ompI.1Inl1ltt 111rronr ()f ;] fflctnry he had iLl~t 'i/l<;itl·d~ rhc hlr('di1"~g I.'l.·ji.il~~,:t ... dq~'~ll b~' Gil W d"h:: l-- r~~!~,IIIi.m ....... .. hl~h n~) 'l.k),-~rul~ WtTl' rrli.~sem; ::;'0' hi -; " .. ift" -" .'1o::ic7,hd:l K:n.lp~,ki! yil, ~lJ.K-..~t·.q("d t h,..:u ~l.l'l:lLt!m I:('! ~h uJ d HHl 'l.iI1i.U W ~ht' rl t'.:tr'L·.:;t griH.i..'r'.. ~h op t.f.q" .~ I~·mon.. . Th>f' ~r~LJh I.u·,d m (':11 in ['be K t 1:1[.1[]I 1..:.t..fltl1·,r,"J ill I 918 \'J;:) s b ut,l.;. ..d ~r;.dt ~luJJiJ~t" :-.lll.J dlill \ 1;;1',oI.'t ,1. b I... !You p. : S.O rrHlch lOr' rhL' rrit'ilq~,("o; ..-.f [he 'wm{,,'lkJJlf~lr~r! lO::llIll':, :,.t. LIIIl.[l·rcr;., Ii h:' hi l: 111)k~·111~ {.m ICal 0.; p;l:ranO[~l"::: I·c~,!.(:~ .It 1 i >.;;t".'ni ng 11]11 j,.... Bl'4:r11on' II'":,. .~!1I}'l.,"'$-i()II~ ~td I iJ".' fi ['!-it ~t,:uh·d [1.J I. f\', LI ~c d.L im~ .... ~'h.;n ,J JJ ~ 1'('\ nfmif I L1.lr'Y r,mTl 01;" a ~ '(Ha rn ~et h lIrl"ielt glH' ".. y [0 !i Llcb s~r'L·i rn C'l"lIii';", r:1
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That l~ the l.ernrust auswvr [~~the ;Hn()II~ P;:~':i8.:~g'(' rrorn [he Jill n,..._luct' on to the Grrmdn~s.L mn nuscripr, in which _\"iaJ":"l poirus ULU Iwv. L'[hL! hffindl~' lies 'lOT in Llndeil',,:mi1idi~lJ~ rh;;itt r.he (~~~k ar :... flnd ~Tj..:- ,"1"(' hound ~lr with certain fUfll":'. of :)[)o;.l\t 1 d i.,' vdo 1.,)HlCU t. The d i ff1ullt ~ 1:Srh at [hl:!'~ :-'('111 ,J I flHJ u ... ;'ij rristic pIL,.'LS:liH.· ,md rh.i t in ;J ce ['(.'1 Lit res pect they ";{HI ur .~~ .1 rm I'm iHl d ,'L) I.Hl unanamahle model. "<,~ '1 his linHt!r'.:ll <'IPI'(,o1l i<:. roored in !to.; VHy LJl',:,;do~L'l·.-1 {Illild I CHI(;I f cnubl i[~~ ~1!1-n .Lb~rT;] L; I. f run~ I ur ._~~~ et t! ~~ u k~,~i,t'oI!..I .k . ro~ irk.;')J .;;ui'l':.r!;'I 1.1~ mill by rak ing re+u (~/: Jr_ r1 c •. u n I vc I'o;.~~j (L.'HHrll Of1:l ~ C sn tent. So, i.~r Irnsn ...~'lMHing some kUHJ 1,)1 tr{Llh-,cJ~olo~J(;~] i J.1I1!L;j~n hcrrraae. rhe UJ1 L""CT~ 1I1 J rt ra ct i on of H nuier .-c'1 i (;<0; 011 rhc Li n l \'('! !',.dl7.tn~ ~l"~ tun: ol,) r ;tleology_ Dc.:M:S da i<; mean rhar eve t'~' P~L~.llo:,!tll.,., uni versa I, rel l: renee ~'( hu m.11 ur'l, I,~, ~ by ,denll iri~)~l. if I("[) I t1f.;i ';1 I? Wh.'II t ~ b~l'1L~ I .en ~ ( 11'" ;:1 prC';'!: I s ,;1(fl,J mJ ~:<;t pu r ri'-~~i,,-~" foL'
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During (1," ami-apartheid Ut":IFlnlhlt,Hiufi in rhc ()l~~SOLltb Atr:'iL"]i' \ v hit :1 rr(_).-.p of 'I,I;,'I.iL~ policem ,n were dl',pem",irrg and p'-'Nlllr1r~ .",Iack d('mo~srra tors. a po' Ice:IH.HL '"r'a run n iIl~ a f~ r a black 1 t: ady, ,I, ru b bC'1 '[ I' uucheon III his hand. U I1ol!X]ic:,,-'[!..:J I~·, rhe hi d)' ~'IJ.~I, 0]\(:' of he F ~hoc.': ~ .uuomu ti c;llly OOCYl ng h I~ HgnLJd mol 111 ers", tnt" r~ !~r:m;l n pick l'd II P' ! he ~h.( ie and g.l v e it, n II to IH"r; ,~t di i:o. 1 no men r (hq' l;x(:h~m~r.::J 1'!.laJlI.:'l:s, a nJ b~)t h b.:.:t.:.L'1 nc .1 W;1'['(: o t the 'i L'l.' Ll i ty [)f t he~'~ s i ~1J;~ rion - :;r! ft l.' r ~Ui": h ;.\ ~C'S'l:run' rd pol irene ,,-0:; a her ha ndmg 11(' ~h e losr shoe ;]'IlIJ W;~ I r i 111J,t f~):r her to IJ 1J1 H back on, i:r was r 5i111 ply ~n'I o::-.:o.ihlc for t he: poti!;(·IJHlll. 'to conri nuc tn run n t~er t h!.:' Iu d Y" :r n d p ro hit hr-r wirh rhe rrunchcon: Suo ~ free polircly l1o~,klmr_ ro her, he turned round a.11d ;,,!.. alked ,H\'aV". _ 'fhc mot.jj(l of rhis 5WirT L'i IW,t rhur the po 1i,,:t'm.u:r :o.ur..:i tlt:'~lly d iscovercd .Ill!, imuire gf'lf)d Jl{,<;;~ - WI(,:' ~!E'e '~Ol d.::"8l,i n ~ here ... 11 .L ..:~ s,t.: ot na tural ~(:'~Id! ,e~, p rcva iI in I:!: over J','_LI:-.r LUL.:'Olu:t;l(,J i ~IT tn,llng 11g~ t~it [hI'.: corHr,;]rr ~ i 11 :l~ I pm b~1 i[)' ~hc pc'"! ir,:i["m~L 11's ps)'..- h{:d ogi c.-'J! bit Lj,~:Hl'~'(: w:l!=i rba r. Qf ;In Y r~thl,;'r r::'r '\L '\X'h.n Iri u mphr.::d ~H! r;1 ~~ \,I,Iol'l si III pi Y hi s •• !'i,~l pe.-fi..~<lll" 1:.1.) ~Il ing in pu li~':;llt;::-;S._ ' , _ \'(/ hr:n ~he: polic{"m::ll11l ",~IrL,tc:hcJ ou[' his kU1 d In m-d(·. !n ~)~ S~ 'r he I~l{ly h,er :.;IH_~, hi::; ge-:;mr "',va' Illlm: Th~n a L"IWfm:nt o~ phy~!c.:'i.1 1",.,!,)fH;)~;:'Tht.': WbLH:pol iLt:'!l mil a.nd .tI1l7 G lo,~k 1:'lJ,y ]i~C'r:',j)lJ~' ~i\,',(' i!1 two ('11fcTL!II'[ ~l~' iu Y111hn II'; ... 1 f m l.l ...eJ'.::Os Wl rn '11 n rOSSoI hlln y 01 d j,lfe..:::r ('om nmn K:l nUTL: ft)l' e;:r.;: h or ih l' m. t h<; b~~r'I'lef w]n;:n .sotp.... i,l~I;:J thr.; r,r,,'u LHLi... ..:T:::or..;~ wa'S ~1[J~p';:I-'lJC'Jtut' a hriC'f Ll10mL,:II'I', U 4 .wJ it i,!" ~~S as ~f Lij Ili;lnd t n,ml .111orhc r, ~rrcr;'-:l~, mll y('~ 'ie fr:.,dtcd ~n~o r h!l.·b.r n ~di Il.U}, r(:.;11 lir..". I11 ~~,-d,1,,"1I' ,[{:r I''''~ 11dor m (l1l:S m;;r g;(: InUI1H! 111: 'l.1,f chL.: 'S Ll:-:'JJ'r.:'H')I~)" uf srml~lil b~rri-r:r:" iliLlJo J Hium't.' ::mb~i'~lmi,~1 :1l:hi{'vC'[Ht:nr; bow('v~r. "innwLh ~J1~ mOil'e ~s 11{'("{J~·d - li ~f', fot C}(;1 mp Ie. ~Il t' :-:.h II~R f:! f 01'!;sc nil? lokr_. ..,H

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Yugoslavia. In rhrs ~-:-;~,,~,tilt· S Hired ob ... ern- jokC'.;; funcnoned nor :II=" ;"! c 1) f c xclud iJ1i:.... tll,r,;: (,,,~h~rs who Wt7[';;,," I H)t "III", bu r as [h L' mt:oi1 o f thci r Ib .1~lj-rUfl'W 1, nf esra hI~ h i ug ~'LHi ir1i lTII:;t I :;;ym r.oJ i I.: P3Ct. Indi ;Hl-S (Nat i ve A rn c riL.;I! U:'.!o~ smoke the pro ',.',,-,thol ;,d J.':oi IJ~'u f peace, wh rle Wr;:, t'n,HT1 rhe more p ri rniti ve r~;.1II:=;'] s, have ~'O (:':'{(.'h:1.I'Hr::' obsccn i rics. T CJ' t: :,·t;~ C'! h~~!-.h act ual solidariry, ~h~ ... .urd experi nee l,f hl~h culture ~' 11(11 enough - "'' ' {! have 1[0 excil:rmgc with h ... tbc Other [llc t.·IHI~<Lrr<I:o.:,.ifi¥. idiosvncrasy o.j: ObSL.:C'llr;; cnjoyrncru. 1l1lrmg, my mdit'=lry "('rvm"t'~ I became ',.'('i') friL'lHl~~' wirh nn Albanion ::.oMler. It !;S .1 \~'e[]·kl'cn ..r1 ti,l.,;t that A~billfllan~ are 'ICIr~' .ensinve 1[1 sexual ' insults , ... ic hider ru 'I,hci T or.; Inscsr f.;Jr rni 1~( r.lH.:nl bcrs (m ot her, sisrc n.; I 1,,'!,t H. in ,h [act acccpred by ,In}' Albanian lncnd when w,~,I(·ft rhc :=;~lp,f'rn(,MI game of P~) 1in.ness and ['~:-;p~~' beh i L1J. ,UI,t,[ ~ rL.:{'n':>l.l t!:'h;i1urb-rf \[1,' i rh f.C)rI U ;:3 li zed in 5·U It.::,. I he tl~:;;,rrn D'!.'I:.' wn .. m:l de br rhe A lb:lI~ LaJl,: nn{' morn ing, i 11:o.[t.:;H3 n f dk IJ~ [l,]d ., HL.: I n! ", h r gl'r;:'("h'-J rnr ~""rh ., I '1'1 screw you r IT! orhe l ": ~ kllf"\V I i th,'t,t fh;~ W;l5. :lJl .offer to \Vhi~h 1 had [,1..1 ITspmh] .:r ppropr iatcly, 50 I S.!1.I'Pf1'~~4.I back: "erG ahead, ~,'fHJ'n' welcome - aIT r I've hlil:o;;hc:d wirh Four sister!" This C'XdUJ1~i: :S00l' [o:,,~ I h openly 0 bsce n e or i!'i..H 1ir; -baracter. and bees me h srrn ,",I! 7('(1; a he r Oftl~' ;] en U p lc Q t' weeks ~ rhe I,' ....0 of I L:<; no ~ongt' I:' botht"H.,d wirh the whole senrence- IH rn~,:morning, when ""',,,.i-;J.V.' l'::ich orhel', he I~'I::;'~' ! nr;r.ddr;:xl :,_l :!i ~~ iJ " ~int hi:"! ", c'[) 'Lt"h~ch I s.im p])r ".:.: 11d(.~J .. S.E~I,r:[' ~ ntl :,.po 'l'h i" 'l' ){,1m r Ie r 'Ie:;'li I 'i. till" ,d;jlT1~~{'r::; r;::lIf~~K h. .:1. ::;,[ i~H~'g~':: t Iw nhW(:ll c ~f)J Id;'(ti~Y ;~I] Wc) ofu'!1 1::m{,i~~.L':!:i [hi;: ,(.':.-';Pl'U;j(' l}( <'i thiird I,.,.l!r:'[~' Irl thi~ case. Ir. Involves .tt 'n!1;']lf"-hrr,nding soli.;lLril.~ :1~ rh~' {'Xf'f'rl"oC' of ,JJ,.'t):I1!H:JI,_C;1!ll "',~.L' jm;1~jlh;" I d1L: n;\cr:-:.c ...r.:::rsi(~n~ young \\'(H~,an ~rt"C mg her rui ~f}t~ ....... ~rll <:;(T{"\~,' vonI' ;,1, -t1h 1m'; h.1 r1 d r'~ wb id-m LhI.." fl;lIl;n d r...::;)p()m.l~; ., G ~J ~Lh..;.lLi - :,1fit,,·£, r"'l: ri L'l L~hed "0 \~' h )-i;"~H huh e I'! " ? I I~erh:'1 p:.. t h I Ii i:" wh y rile re Lmo'I"is:IHp b""'t"Wf (' 11 ,~n..-gu~11 [l(' ~ l:LI1 J ~i ry d u Pl'~ ..,:1.1' i k(!:,. 1L:o:. ~3'" ~o ":H,~,;:H:l J.;) lOlI:o.": i1.; [ho:;- f"H,;! tlHU:, , ..' idli h ..... r ~ I:=O;[LT''..; .:!J-:.pr-,()",;", I, ,;l{'q LIr:J ill'::: ~l:1d .Uri .." ffair w j d. hL'iI" h.-n t b~'r- in-til "",,'i So s.o lJ I ~h~"';'iI(':~bit ber.:.a LhE" II: JI:'l~' ut"'~s dw fl'VCP'::ji I (-:.t rh e d.I':;~~C l iVI-,)tro. u s.:; i,~ n lo,l;1C II f ""·Onll' Jl ~li '!J bit_·r..[}j of t.: :ro:(,:-h.~11gC boC'(\ ....~Lr:r mefl - ir~ t h i~ ,a~l'. it \";;1 _s, I h~ m'411i who :'o:C'r'.'ed ~::l rhe ()br~tt n' o{'~'dl':lJlll~S'b~[W0Cll wmn~'n, ' fhr.:re is "~LiIothn problem h(,:'rt:~ Lhat ~Jf pO'i,~,'t''fand <1lIThoTl1Y: the ,t:xampJc of JIJ1 " ol,!i.cC!1>e ritll41 I 'h' i.h the A Ih, m'i i1 [1 S'r)1d j,e t' w.;.,rk:;. 01 i l y bc..""lu:sr t h'C'[c W;,h ,I W.r:)UPPO~L''l~ ll.:qu;~Jlry her\c ,f'er~ rl1r.:' iJnd d1e Afh~l]lJ;~rl - vn; W('n: hoth ltmlill ~ ~oId i c 1'::... J' tId I bli:L:H .1l1 !J lfic;t-"r, j ~ ... ll,IJ h';'l'li'e br..:-.r:n I[ I LI.;Jl Wo fl:"k r In ,r - p";'H,'tL'-~ Iy n mh i n ka fr Ie - ~ r rhc.· A I han ;.1 n r,.., m ~1e h:i~ fi:rsE' move. .I f. ~ LJ k bo WI'..!~'-I:! r, t! w AI bim i"lJL h ~1... a J'iO ]W~~l .~n IIJHi.,,:-rf. t.he' si n la ['Lon wm lid h~w' 1 b-e('n C'vt:'n r;n (~n' ~1ob~(T ne; 1.1i s gr::-~t1Lrt' W()I! IrJ 11;1 \i{' IX'l:ll ;lll on t: r 0 f. j';.:r I:oiL! oh:"u~lll! ~oIHj~~ri~y 11l<1skmg rhe tilh:lt'rI):H11-I; pmVl'r n:JMiOI1~ ~ a p.u.:1i.1ig;mmic ":~l s(, L1( Lhe pO~;1I1W ... lt'fH·' r.:Jo.PL'~'''': i~(_, f ~Hl'rVC r_ Thr;,' t LllJi rtun L'll fig Ui"'C (j f u
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In (he ua ~Jm~ t iol,; ., 'IT(·rm::l rh (lot I I ,~'rt,(,,!11~erl' when d; l: ~~Id.'i~r~'l rit~"'Seemed Im)mi!.."l)'t.iH'jJ~'[0 l:-l,; ~h.1Ut:'fi:':Il.]; Wh';H .;,;uukJ Ik 1n(}IT' "llanJI';I,I" ~b.llin to rake








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~hi~ lillLr ~'IIhlthis event, huvc liJllL'i: W run stirute the rrua II)" 311 \\1(",;,[(, rn I on me-y" mTO- rhe- 'TH('1"!()! n f I:h f ("I) re

why lISI,,; the \\-7 ,~H'[,:'Ld: .b jLbLifiL11 ion ~ Arc rhere not rnu...h J1ml t:" Il:(:rtl! I[! .btr'l:K;i.:il;$ gU~Il~ on all the t i ri Lt· nrcu in d r h c '!i"'of) r IJ? Second, '!,vb;~ i!i /U!U' ;:t hm.lt rh is. i dca? H~~ Ilot a-J, c r 0.". IX"tH reachmz LlC.1Il Amencau ;;.I!ri~11IIIrJ \VnrkJ American mlhr;1on' 8.J I ics t he pra C1 ice 0 f lUI l U1ft:' (1.1'[' ~ I,t:~:.-L.:,k~!j:-In'(}("ri:s~ ha~ pre V ..ti 1,(:Jifor years, I F Vl'T] A t.m [) crshowirz'« ~i h.eT~ll .1,'11'. urncnr, c i rc'"·d hy A lrer, is; s LLSfl'LL:"lnU ~: ....l'rn IHH HI fa "r'01.) L! r of wn,mt", b'ut ir' vou're ;.!:uiu~ to ha ...I.: H. {[ ..JIiOlIU ~l.un.1 'IJ ell o have (I Ur'::' ~LP1""E'"[J'" al." The- 11l"!dcrlY~11Ig k:lgic since 1,-';,i.! j,:rl:: d{)ill~ it' ill "Hl~'
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Heg~l(:'s<l,', there i~ au Ilnd(']"]y~llIg idL·~lljt)· of (lu;~~ opposircs. That i~ [0 , ::llY· '\VIJllin rhi;-. Jom::1 i11, corrupt ion i"'i rhe ultimate horizon, .md rhe onlv L ho icc I~ til(" one J':o1..:t ... , ·l·o!.:"!1 WIClr'fll1.({:" U i [11inor eo rrupnon [1n J a d irecr iJliW~~~i':lln oI")·n.i'J.aLJ:l';,n'l :~~:jl;inq 'COi-r.'uptiOOJ1, ",~·hj~.:ll milicidcs wirh the higl:~t'~!. corruption. Wbat Lac.m, on II.'ht> !"."t1J1Han'. ('.~ lled the "act" is precisely an Imf'rV~IHIOTI ... ·.:hii{'h brll.".lks. out of t],i ... vicious cycle tJI minor corruption al1lil,i rig,uLH ,~s the suprerm, corruption. o rhen~ ~'i: an :ilil~!lite g.lp berwcen religious F.:H~.~rir..:i~~ f~lIId~lmClH.;;Llti~m~1 aml .hl I enric revolutionsrv inrerven... non, :~Idl'rlugh rh f'r' ~)'[h seem 'to s hare .111.-[1111.. u III pm III LS.tH~ ',," radical dl ~I.l0'1LI.~r~ rh is ~ P Lj()!;.;~ n o r e~Jw:nn onlv t h e ...;p{.' i OrO I] ncnl di mensron, bue a ISD I h(' i film" nen ~ ~tn I.... rure of till,·· u, [; 'h L' f[] nda rnl:.i It.:I! r ts t act b d.o 11t:'fo I' rhe hl~.Otbt":r; In ir, I;·ht· subject !r)"'lT!.Imen[;·~I'I.f.r\; himself fo,1'"hc 01her: while r
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[ul oulv wirhin rhe idealist S,lJblr..:.t; undo Subseunce: \VC

1'l-I15 Other; Oil rhc contrary, i't 1 nrerve rhc , r..:ry . J LHLOIL:z.'~ti\.~Il",:Yljlt rhr big Other. Thi .... ifference 'IS rhe dIHc"F<:'nce between d K~H1J:l11L1 -!".1tk; S~lJe is 11 r :cli[JlI1Iy rhe truth of Kant, thu Sacleian perverse fJ.t·J~ i n~m t: me rges, r;:a I-'R'T, when rh e ra d iC:3! K:1 n i~i~ dill. i.ll S.[~I I I LT is
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Soul'" - al1d. In

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Fig/~t C '~dr ~LQ ~~~~ ... "Hl ex ~ruord i n ;:1rYachrcv-rne rrt lor H oll yw~).oJ, !,;.!jLkl~s. this deadlock head-on, Th. fill'll\; insomniac hero (;"upt'd}l~ pbyt'd hy f:JW.;1uJ Nortonl fnUow!> f,~!'j lOL't(Jr" ad v ice- arul, in mt.it!f to discover .. h;u rrue suffering i"i, ioiw..; tl ;-O;UNH1rf .!:i.J'nup tor "'·..... -tHno.; ()j' ~·r;:'".,,[ktJ 1;.'1.- canccr.t'' ~ II ~:-.n(lL~J.i scovcrs, however. h U..",'"xu ~h 1 rart i.u: ol I0 ~'Cfor- (me'\. nt'mgh bou r
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1 !~~.! I.!";!..I. .....1: '1 h.;.; m;;:'IL;Ij-':Ii,:I!"' ~ J!;~k wh( iI J ~.~)' .. \...·kl [~ h li .~. 111(.' id!:'.i ni i~f.'i.r;: .• I ~.l .... t h IJU1 nil h.:hjll~. ~~11 10 k i I Lg ;;J r the rna II.l,i!;a; \ ·1 i r WUl1J house rh t: 1'....[ ;l r rh« ~.~. rnrllt:: ... to r;;~ ("[1 d . t rl1Y ;Ul11 and '~b I i"I ;" resh hI. IHI-! ~1 t ~If· hl' L·i:"a,.:kvd n 11 LI
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work in g, rhc na rratl1 r d~!'n"" ~ ~lI1n <el f aruu 11K"nt" ~11:] \, oHin·, h~::J[HII~ III m ~ I t t n blcodv before sc -11!"i!v !--r:1ff :31"ri.1{Q i.B rrum ll-~ hi.. .;rnn;1ff". !i!.t:'1Ibos , '[he Il;lIfr~lt'or Tim:;. (Ln.1.;;t" t;n bi.,ns:eif rhe I...)'i.".' :=!g.~rC",,:..;ivL~~· ~o\";;~m.i'o.; im_ Arrerh "'fI.'arc.h" d1~ IUff"'I.H.lr 111U~[!""il~ <li '. (.m..r..:-O~.·{"r;··I~o[ :ioOnH.: II" ·.l:-.on. 1 ~hou~hL f III Y n rst !1~~ht "!;',·it h T )'Il': r; " Th i~ nl's( li~ht" nct"woC'r-rl t h~.'n:H'r';l1"Or' ;Hl d T ykr. \...hKn mkt·s ph~{:l'" In i~ p.l:l'kmg 1m om"li"k a h.1r. I;; w:;:w.,:h~·d h)" 11\'(..'" yulm~ ·


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s.pt.'.J..I-.:.(!'r~ 011 ~(JP ()f ~11I':: .,;.lift i[](urmnl dl.L:il'I hy .... h(loLHI!I~ \~'hat tn{' ll1lJli1=!: b~d ...."In.:: ludc:J_ ( _ Th.a. r !... rhot~·di 11 r'('ll";r l"cfw.;:cn rile AlI Ili glA 8.1"1 f 11 to m~)d 1,.' rn Jlcnn fl-{"ra,Il.C d pf.'Iftiatll:cl'lt oj' l1:'Ltiml.ll ,lS5'1.':mbJy; iLl [be AltJLJJL!!:..; the 'nlijn~ ~l~iIlCidt·~._W,I,~ rh E' big () ['nel' ~ [he :i;, Il bb{)1 i.:: ~)rd (' r I'~wh Lko· 1111 moderr1l demt)o::r'l~,:y, t~ (' [Ill ng
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polirics is reduced to ., dlC_";1tr~ or apJcM.vi(,:'<L·$, 1"0 ;'! P;l5.:i.lilr, ph(,114 merion ~"h ich will d i~i:ip:pr;~r , ..' it h rhe a H i va 1 0 l' t he J.:.'vdo I~I.!J Cumrn UJUst lor technocratic] society 'irl v.'hi,L'k, as Engel<; put ]1:, ~11L: "admirusrranon of pen p lc" '!IV i II va n i:..;11n t he "ad]"[, i I) ti:l.[f,ti[ i on (If t h'i ~lj ~.f" ","I!! 'i ' The .. pol i t K:;_~'. critique 0 f ~tH"X I:...m (the d;~i Ill! I ~l;,:LiI. -if ~. ttL; r'l.:'d lICC' pol i(;('~ ] [u a ...fo rrna ~". expression O'f s(lI'I, e un dcrl~' i J1J~ h i ~,"",'aHIe" <ocmecon ornic rrn css, vou lose the npcT'm(:,llot. fwd c ruingcncv (:O!l~f.L'IL' I e of [be: pollti.(~1 fi(.·'d proper} should rhereforc hL; MI,]~~ lemcnted by It!i obverse: the field of l:('(Jjhlrny i-s, JJ!J as. r"lJiy fonn~ ~rrOOLl('II')k ro pnliti ...,_- {lip, 1t;'I.·el of The form · of rhe I,;CCtI:H.tmy (of th,,-~ econera ~' a . , Lhe Jo;:ce rm inm ~ form t"f [hoi.:: MH.iJ! U is w i1.·u Ii'reach ..po Ii tical rost-\'l;,'li 1');;; Sil s" m i ss ~~'hcn ij.!-I!(:Y rI;,.;JlI ce rh e C'!L'OIl OnlY tn ()11 e n t several posmve :J.(}C·I~ I :;p here», ~n I).J J I Ul!I, l ho:.' r()~~I f En L~ nO~J... o in ~ pLi rc .... ilic!. ". rad i~~lI., ."1 LJt (I nomo us \'V i rh ['('g;l rr I I:n h] :,,[[]1','~ :,u.;_ icry • II poi ecoaonty, ~~:tre, even Pa rry, u~ hl:tl Dp POSItLOL1 between Ktolng nn d F venr lhi.., 1:'1 where badiou rt'11:'1.1ins. .. idealist". From the IlMtCT~oi!l,l~t stundpornr, an F.. 'VL:.Ill c me rge s ~OI,.H Qf 11mlV~l.:te·~V it hi 11 ] <; peci fie comtL·H:LII. iU[~ of Be i 11~ ,' The t:P;:KC 0 an E"cm i:-. rhe nunimal "empty" distance h-rween [\ hC:lIlg:~" the- "orhcr" di~m:li.!:l.[mi wbLL.:I. !>hbll,,;~ thruugh this g.;'l~-' I.... So! len i n til(' ulnrnare pol irica I ";H;1 egrsr ~flo\ll~~ In m J \ ...·;l)f he se parared from Lenm the .. tech I ~()~r~u" d ream i,rtf!; a bout '[he sc i I;! !'In fit: rcn rg;! u lxa t ion u( i p.I'odu(''[ i 011. Tn(· r;n.:a1.I'iO::~.., 0 (-Ll.:'rli ~1 i~ t 11.1t jjlldlOugh h L' bc ked c'h c pn'lopcr .(once-rn.l ill ~ rpOil r ;L'I. ~~~ :r.rl !'h iI~k '[he-";'t: t'Wt} 1!!:''vcC I~ tu)3.!;!'1~!'r'. ht' \V8.:-:. a '11,,1:.11 n: of h the Uf:<:rl;;'nc}, of (.kul~!-;:';0 .111it11.pus-siblr- rl']' T11,.!..,:t;:';:.,.uy t.Jl:.k.' ~(I \X1h.n wt: .. ue d{'.;.l hlll,g , i h I,ere i:i :. r}O(he-r V'l!'J'SLon n < rl"J~· I.f1.C;~ rlltl.lll '~II n 'y a P;:;I':;; Jt' :r. pp.urt ~: If. tm 1.;lt:an,. thl.."fC- i~ IHDl·j\l[it.d rd.~ti~m:,.hq")_ 'thor-II .. fOf :\LuxiL []



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r <ll'i{i I\, from a n ·'111d lJ~! n.~ l " ro a ...posr-mdu trial" 0 rder, in whlL.:h I ~") ...·t· ~ln' ':PC'.1t(",Jh wld.1 marker and ownership no longer pb~' "' u thlo" k,f"Y rr-le: Wn.r'H .1h~)~~1dw nJ-n·j<l'"!lI<:. all-pervasive tact rhar ,Ill' warke-r is stiil lserc? FiJ'~ r, ·"ol.:t!.l [L.I'.11 ....~P' [a b srn ,....... kl>l.:~I'l- 011 market: r]g ex pet' ie 11C'f'S, rh)t nb.1Lo,C1 h.~!\.tn rc I~" Oil ~I 0;:00111 pkx 1U<11'1:I'i.d In fT.1 structure \, r food. ma'ChIllIl;';IV. t:'fC'_)~ !'-.r·t'(~'HL t'''\perie-I ...... I fwm...;c.:hC'~ ';;TlII h~\ ('" rn he' sold, :Hld rhus m':Hkc~:.d ,t''..:; - rhcrc .rrc Jh' ple '!.dlll our« them I ill. the ~'.I.16C ur >:.::tlll~~lri~h[s br, nd 011 fli.In'IL·S. (."1"0;.:.1. ~n. instead or clainung rh.u IH.lrkct ;1"od O;'Vfll:'fShip 11.) IOI'lg_cl' pl~3~ th(" !key role, we -hould, rather rtr,l.!,til· 11.~1t the chaeacu-r nt ownership
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thousand (hM,H::o., .md 110 m.Utt;r IL~~V" nUll]' l~ntcri<1] 11,0es J. hurn, J will still owe "0 ! .~ thou ..;;un~ dulbr.. the Jt.!bL I~ mscr ihcd smm·"",'lw['C' 'in virtual dig.i'ml"-:;r:hT •.. l)(';;~'" snme Ii!: f')F not [fit'
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rl y 19S (l ~, t( srrnu I.t.ri n,g eh c i r rr~ ~i~'(,.·t~l t! LJ Lg 'I,he" (; f) R uuo u .I.. i.lld O~' rnu S i licon V,II ley of rht Eastern Ell ropen I~ \..fl~j.a IIsl' bloc, we L~ un ut Ci )ki rhe w same LlU pression of <1 uugicomic .g.t p bL~t"''''·~C]i ~'nrH~ r.it! ';':"(11HIl.!'!U ~ wb i[.:: dH.·Y .~ \1I,'oI.'n' '~lIlly :1WLlT{: rhar d.igi~:;di"MlmJ: W;l~ ihe ..v,l) o~ rhe hnm'f', they approached it IH rerrns of rllt' old :S{l':;~~ll~~I' lowe of 1.lI,du'iul,;l i,ld.IIEIIHf1;, their very word s betrayed the tacr (h ;':I,t t'h.L'), J ul rmt U~~ dersraud ,,,'b;~! VII j S rl·~ll y goi ng on, the socia I con seq ucn ce~ 0 r "h}!,ll:.! b~.~ n. ~ ~H.I :! 10 ~'1·l'V'('j[ doc So capira lism n..:.~II}" p rw ..i(~.;,: t'hc .. n.s t m;M I" f raeuc 0 Frcl a~]tlH:-:' ~ of [~r(lJu.ction for the d~~~t'.ll \Hli,,;~~r~': I..:: f+~("rt" ~iflt ;d'i-(~. 111 rhe W'o.'ld ~'h~e \l{icb • .::L1l explosive potential for .;_JPI[~I.~~'I'II i!~df,~ [:.:; fmn, 11'11::' 1t::''!-;OlL ~}f rhc ~\·ii(,:r'l'mft !l1'nl'1l0Tm~y rn~i!;dy d~~· I~mlll.,t om,:: lll"'~(!;lLJ figIHi,i\~ ut rlus rnenopo Iy through t he sta t I;' ;;"lip:;t '~;;L 1 LLS (tf'~l1I("mhf: r rh f: co i II~I' -ordered p split ling-up of the ;\ Iicrosofr Corpor ation J, W()U ld !t not be IU~ )!!"l' ... ]U~L"',i,\ l;:.;;imply ~n nCUimI(llr;::(" it, Hl:jilkln.!t ,it fn.:t,j)l ~"Lcct,:~..;;ib],::.'?!~·':";~) '[[Jd:ll~', I, ;HH rhus h~lil pt't!d t u' P:IL'I':;rpIinh~ J.~ n i ~1":- v.~.:I]-kl"IiOW [; dO~,l.1l .• S(M.: I~ lm~ Ili - I,!],.,_'.u: i.'H~.;.::.!I,· .. t i,r::q~ + rhl;: pm'Wi;: I." t)'F the: :-;,~,-],["It:\"; .... _ 'S'l.K~:L 1!~11,l= fn·r. nco..: ~s 1,0 !be 111H: rJle[ + lire- iN WR~7" :;;f wie'i:;:' C llw .;;ecr ~[~dto h_, l"fIelH i~ L ~ LL":i a I. ,~i 'I!l..:c It :;.peCl'~i e:<: &

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i'lt!::;3n:-. :M.L'I;H-.Hrl,L·c~! - this i,~ where '\.vt' s.b(1.~l:d rMt~. m,;~re p=t r .;li,Li() X {"If \f;;"t Ii Jl m-q" '':;1;)ciery= a [;~~ n~[' oG':fiip;t.'11 i'i sm _ v,,'hi, h is ;:!I " •.'1.1 ~t:o ~o..: i,L,t y , J ~beu Lll, p n I ~..;. pk~ t",l:1.H Iit.;L rian, Wmtholll r !tt. reef h u('"r;l r C11~("8 J d i'} ons - "rnut LI re " S,1:;lI'1 1':-';~J1i i~ ;l C" hssless socl !..!It)' 3JLtiL"iJ~fUI;.-d. isi m j I L proe.:("i:-:'l".1~ dt.:ti nul h H' r.trch le."l ~ w-o u p:-. uop J'U ~i"! f:m,kJatltm, t~C':hlfllic:al ineell i1 be' IKe the :Hll~~' "L This :nn,r.:;m:st b.~r I,! ~'II;:Jl fo r :St.Ji I i n ism, ~h>l;c..u~_"_k Man:i,"~ l norton f) t th e (I ass srrllr,:,glt- 'i:.; n~) kmger ;l ,k([1 I;1J1!: to d !£'.,.;c-d b.:: ,i [50 hil!i'm reI..)"


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from ~ht., Ian" 1910£ onwards, f.t1~ key

milt by prnp!!,:"rl;"y, bur by direct ;ln1,':!i;S iQ pa"'II",IU priv i k:~~.'.J teri ~J ,i~nd n~tu m I ... ndrtions o'f ~i !'J18 I '4:l k (~·uuJ L L' c... 111'~~_lId; I,ri~)]1, h['.1 lr h';;:J re, fr(:~:dom .of 'ITa vel ~ CdL111:::;I.t ion )," And ·U[] p(Lrha r"" rh e ~J[[ i m ~~ tj'r);l'!l" 4) f hi'~ror~ re w~ll be t hat, i ~:I r as Lend Il~s yi;!.;irllil s L';':{"J1:u<1,1 bank ~o..:i,a]I'i-rll ~ L,:'Hl hi,:: properly rl';;tJ uuly rctrospecrlvely, rro,m todays \VoJ'kl \:(i,i,d L' Wi' " th~~S n~,'nt t l11li~ lTII pw\!idil.Ld the 6 ['~If: model nf .", d i dcv l·1 oped "post- Prope [,I·Y·' .:;,0C n:·ry, of r b~L true ...'I.HI,.' (";;I p~t;!J ism" .i t1 wluch I the' ru ling da"'.:.~ w d I, iH..~ de fi rill..'L] ~,~. d irect ~1,.".~CSS w the ~i1:. [,o,rm.uj""H'i:;i l, :fIIdm i rnsrru Ti ve Jill eans n~ ~{'t-:::I ;'1~ pOVo't'T all d I.:Cl:rtt:rO~, :111d to orher materia I ,UI,J :~O;;_a I prill i k ge.. rb L.: Pt) i Il! \;,,'I] I '1)0 11·I,ng't!'r b~- to own com pa ll.i:t:S.. b!!.ll'i:: i : S~')Ci;11


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In '.'-\ Ct)rHrlhLltl(~n to ~hl: C.nfiL~U(· (If H £.~,..rs. Phdu~oph~ !")f Ri. hL_. .l\,L"r'.~ Jeploy:-> ~:;(tm "dli~,}!. hkl' TIl~ log!!_'" nt' h(·Y,l mnl1Y= ~l[ [hc'" L;lnn~v(!I')I rrn"llmioH:'Lry ~·mhu~i;.L:-'ih, .1 ·'~lr'Iivol.:'r~<-,l da~!> ~ 1;,.'11H.!r~c~. tllai t:'>; ;'UrIlOl; parrl ... :u[al' das$ i111pn o,;('~ i r"'f"II .t5: '1mn'oI"'lI"<; ~ I+ ;tJld [ben'hy ('ngc Il(~e '''' ,;1.;')hal c:n.G'h ~JS i a:j.m~ ~[ncr
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Ion, \.\,h H_ h \,'1,; ou ld or :Jl l he q~l::!1 o I 'L he ..... )rku I!!, dd.s~. ~ sh, rrer i r~srhc ir ~ Ii C' fill ~ bou rgt':'{1j So" d c rnocra n c insri ru rions, Alo 11:2:riles .. Ii ues, eve n Lid II de Le fOH, whom n (I 1,) IiI!!' 'C.tL 11 .lCClJ ~e of !..' CUI.n~miI.l.L::'l s~'mpa~ II ~t·~; I·!:.:'I.:~~ n LI~ made ;!J, cruc i.d ptii.ll i.ll h LS .\m'''i~'{"1 'L'lJ Fra n .... FLl rer: rod ~ y' ~ Iihe r,;tI COil sen su ~ i~ the ['~~11lr ot ;1 h ~1 n d red ;11 nd ti rrv ·ol"yea 1:'-:' u-l L::-fl[l S'[ \('i,1( ~B kel ~,' ::.r~u~l. .. nd pm-I.'-:'U f'l:' tJ P")Jl (he .s ra t c: u lll": (.I'L' P(,1 1;1)t'C't.[ demands whlt:'h "'\'l.!n:,' di~rill~~!:.!J by Itl cra!s with horror ~. IUIHI"ht!d > ear-, a~o - eve n les"j..I·)' r f v.rt need proot ~ \I;'(~ :--.houl d sim pi)' 100' ;"J r E-tIL~li:-.r uf the Jt;'m'~iKh.. n lh~ ~nd uf the CW'WJ'~I.'H~( ~\J;:mrL'sl(;!: :lpJiLL Iton two or rh ree ()I " he-in (\....L'i(J~., t)t cou rsc, ,~we rbe cruera l o nes I; ;111 the nmh l.'I·:" ;1re 1 [U dav p~:jJ r (}f t he (:011 ~n '"LH ~.u It'as~ rhc -LJ b.i,IHL:1.::.r';UI91 ~ \V e IL"I. : SI.LT~ r n con ~'m'LI:S): uni 'n;:I~;11 k:iltoC,hi S("~ Free ed (1'1.'.'U.i,u11~ LLni' ~''I.'r':'';,') I b L,:dl ~O;_'~LtL: "Li'l.J cue fni the elderl f~ J limirarion on child [;tbOLlL." ~I~ short, II)d:ay\ ~,bou f\:!,1.:{)1Z-. d1.:,lllt,...r;I!L:V b. t I~t" tL::;:'; ul l i'l u[ of I~bo::[",;~~:;;.!ll \. i ut r i l1:,.i L Jo:::\;:: I~II'II ~ . III enr bur 0 ~ [.IH~ prol etnn ;li1 clas..:: srruggl e. lr L:-.rue thar, ![OJ~lY; i[ IS she radical po uhst I{l~llt \.... t lucb u:-.u;llly ~r~;;Ik'j. the (5.[ port'v ill i li n j:; E i bera JI.:'In U'l'f~nj~, .... 1,Ji1~l· ~ L1:"; ~I ~1 1I;1 1.1) m.iki ng .1I.,:ccpr U d a h I{- h itlu rtf) cxclu dcd ideas Oht" rx:j. rri ,'II Illo.::finl.:'iH'IOn of F;1."::cism, rh f' need [I J constrain ,j bsrra ...r ci rizen sh ip on ground, ul ethnic id uuh)" e n.. J, ! hH\,'t"\ I!.! [', the hege It) 0 n i c Jibe r~11 dem oc r~1('~'is: lJ'S iug rh i s. ['.~('( ro r..1:.l.ck1.l1;~ I [be I.(.! Il i r,lJicais: .. Wr: h ~)LIfd n '[ p 1<Iiy w~rh fi n.:~ a~] i n~ [ill' ilew R 1~ln i..;.r 0[1 ~Ia.ll,~H, 1: we ..nQlIld i11 ':io~'S~ III (pre dt;m .;;v(' r on (he ckmo":l\'lTi (' 0;.'011 SoC'ns.lI :tn y (rLr::i'l..'j~.i s ~l of It" 'i.',iltnn~ly or tlm"irrmgl}" tHdro;; The .-.;J;f"W Klgnr!''' -I his. 10;;. rhe I{ey lme ,cd ~~~p,*ratil,)n:W!; slwuld r~j('-"'::l thl~ bl.nl.k.I.II.j"il. rakLH~ [h'l' ri~k ~j Ji~[(Ji.'biu~ tllr:: I iill;' r,11 o. m~(_'mlli:;', c: "'en 1iI r to qm·~t i on i n g rh("',:ur 11(~i(i()['~o.f dc·m ..:(.1.(}, , The II~tir~I"tt· Dr! ",'(:'T tQ the' .ritictSITI .:hm raJI..:<11 LI.' 'r pr<~ro:'J-i'lI~ ,1 re utopi::IJl1 ~hnuld t~~l'" ht:: 'rilm) to,d ),. [hI; [[lIe l!ll:Opi.l Lt; [be- bdiotJ Llul the ptL~:-,;e Il~ II h~Ar':~I-di' I'll m,;:r;~ n-i(; t.:!1 p i f';11i..r ('~1~-;;(' n"''ll ~ >1,::\ n W ~ ()fI mddl !}1[(-I r. ,.... HhmH r,;.ir.l LL;-Id t.:'h~~ Il~t:. \'!l'L: ..11'(: t hadofe 1 bJoCl 'i;'." i.tb [,hI: old '68 :slog;:m ., Su ",',un& n"aJ~-s.tt·3, dl"1~i.c1rid_ 113 1',!m{ms$,,J',I{,!"': m or,dCf '[0 lx .._t me ...e "II'S(", \VC m l~S~ f !"'f)JJ:-';I~k-r bl't;:~klll", (_m~ut l~H,;:con::.HainL>; of l,.vhilt ~lp~H.'<lr!';·ro:s~'ihk-" ~Of. a<;


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have- I n happen twice: :-..f~PQ~e[)11 hod EO 105-1.: E '>'(I,;c' ! ::tiP•. ~ also IHH.J to win rhe election El-vi'O; for ti!!R ;'H'''" re f'I f rh L' fHI I ';;011 seq u ('nc'l.:~ 0 f rh i::r; ("'.::'I1~; the ruSt time: can beit seems rh,u f.kdu~cOl1i






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the "exrcrnal" c.:-n{"m}" the n!'!;inll' ~[)t :'I mC:';:;':lJ.;!,: "J out Lt:r.. t":ill~lt·~·from those whom these ~\... «irkcrs' and 1'~8~~iHS' :"t~H~"i" evoked ~~ their (~v.;lj .... ()t,."iLll h<l"l', This vcrv fan, I.I~ I'C'-; al ~t) d~! J1rmst r~tot"!i. ~n.....ilt: ",.. k ers" r("~'(1I~' lack cd ;1ny ~1I hsta nt i ill )WI..! I h t . 'ur socia ILS:! cornm UfTrJII,,'n in ;1]1 ';;1":;C"~. once d,,~' rrmvcmc nt ('~ pi Clod cd, i t ~iI,·.l'" I"~ . ,m()u~,h]); h ~:~nl(_)IU£.t:J b~' l he ~l,(I m.l.ud ...bou r~';"IJ is" id •• lug v I(:"0 Iineal .o t rl~I..!J(~~h, !)ri vnte p rope r~}") nari [lin.')~ .<;oH~n;'igrlty, rrc. J, I'lus frlY~~("nOtl::io workmg d;;ll"':;';whn.;;o::' revolunonarv thrust is. repcnredlv L hwan~d by [["C:;tr,;herolJs uanonalist and/or li bera l poliricia us i~ fe-r if,~) ()J the :'>mm.' of the rcrna in in~ Trn~",k)'i :-01;-', 1;"1, esc :l ... I ]-I hl( cr lill'" nf roda ~r'", -tu,~ i'vtu'XiS,l'li - the singular point of disavowal which enables them [0 sustain their overall intcrprctarion of rhc stare of things, Their Icnshisr Jixuriou 011. , he old Marxisr-Lcninist frarnewor . 1'<; exact OPf1f)">'itc ot rhc t..-."hi()lub'le till' t,.d~ ahmH "I~""N paradigrns", about Iw'o\' wr should I.t',l.'o''l:" behind old .... zorn hi I!-COIll(,;" 'pt!'o; '" like '''''0 r 1: iTli!~ d~s .., ~~ <;;n nn - the r"NO C om pic rncnrarv li!d wa ys 0 t avoi d iB~ rhe df.:Jrt tu 1hili k t 11,;,:-~ l'W which L:--..'nn;rl}:!.lIl~ (4 xla v, The ~ fLI!"~ t h i 1l,H;!n do hC'1"C I~ W 'L:anCol~ t'b i!-. d i ~~1 ..... I hy fu Uy a d m itt i rlb eb ~H rh is l 1 vo ·~~ "aurheneic" .. ,orbing d:'I,SS; $lrJir~Y df)VS not (',\"jM,..!:IJJ And if we add m this " pns Irion Io ur further lJH ~!S,. ''''1.: !;l:t:t (3 pre [l ~ clea r picture of the ~~HJ P J:"t:"J i(,jI!ment cd' roday \. !.I..!tt: t f.u: ~~o;.:t;""'rt':l11<1.:('(~f C ulru I~.ill \Vi;l r.;; (fc m in ~-.:t, g,t y, ,11U i" Ir,a,eb.r, ele., rm.. ldcul~llr;ll;""I' u .,tru!-";,glt's) ;::)~ tnc.' domm'l.llt [CHam or c n1J11~('i p.HO,L'y . ol,i riC's.! !hl' r~~ ,;,h:: 11 ':i i\:c- s~", Il";C 0 ( prO(l'!,."{ ing tht· ~'LL i'1..' , ("rdy ~ II me-nr<:;of (he \t,reHare \r:1[. ~ lhil'" IJ;LlVL' ~wlld in r;:~·h(''--<"ornn'"!lmi<.;m ~ih(' ide .... tll.H ~hr.: ne w mC"!.Ha at!.: Ji ~;:......:!1Y i.:.r'l;;'! ~1L~ ~;~md i [i Or]S f'U[ L~ 11rV.' <jj U t ht'"mK t ,onmmullfi ry I; .;jJ n d ~final ~y rh!? Th'ird ,'il;'1 y .. GJ r i,tul;lIt i em L~$d f. tr-t' U 5.. i U 5 [ hop!..' rh L'I C rhr.' IP'r-t~rnt ami ~~~oha~i7.anOll III tt'l' L' nlO:;;11 \'!i i II ~ rod UI.:r.:- a 11 r.:-~'V J i mcn· t rH s.io[) by, finally~ '1Jg...1.in ('(joEl 'ci: i'lig or" o..:;lp,i~,:di~m lJC"ithL.'F ."'... 1 ~o]u'(iol.1 nor <l~ flTU: f~ t th (' riif) b Ilcms, bll":;H t1~e- pro bIf'lil i't "d f. Th~" refct:It, nct: [Q Lt'ni L1 sholLi ld ~f\'t! ;,l ~ t hI;! ~igll i fi"'~r u f the c."Hon toO b rl'JJ k th(" ~·i,r;iOI/,H r;:if";].!; o~ ~h('sc Llise f)pmjtJH . TJu:.: tir'it dung 'rn dn i", to i.cM'll to() dcr..:odr.: thr.: wa'~ tllr.: bas.ic rl)ll~it:al ~onUj r Cot"l!lllHf''';' 1'0 funniol1 8" tl1l' <';C(f('T .. poi I1t' of felc.' r~'~(;t· of eve L"I So('o:,: nn ill!g1 r "',~ pt)lL~.K';.'I.]" ,:1.11 ~,;L~()11 isms, L~.,t 'us rake' J(rzysZ'tO- Kiol?~~m "Ski\ l)U .... ... ,'ogur. ;1 .. [!riil,'~ .::nmpi.:,:110~1'" f('!lr it'" ,~poJ i~io:;,tJ" ~taJl!,,::r;:: Lh'!: '1r::.t dl mng '[h.u . Hm kt:':.. d a(~ ~'i~"Vr;-r wlm i~ ,J""<1fl' 0 f ~ I:~l(. hi"tormC;l1 ·irnlm ..~~m(('~ in which Dt,>cl:io ... lJul!' W.I!i !iholl: i!i. the t'nt.i~l ah ..."rKr of ,1,'11Yrdt"J:l:m:e w polincs; ;;)lrhmJ~h {h~ ~el"ut:~ w;;llS ",ILO~ Irl ~Ill" Inost ( 'lLurhu It,:'rlt pi;: riod ~A PQst- \'1(,'0 rlJ \V ~lf n P'u I..~h hh1~JJ"")' p,he ~,I.;I[L! ~j f ~,~IH~rgol.'I1o;,;y i ill ~~u~~d {~4:n-l~r;1j.., r'l7t-i<d .. i'~ CO~IP d ·.etlH ~11 ord e I' '! 0 ~ u d" :s(] Ild~,n't!· h} I J,
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