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SMV 895Management Research Methods Assignment 1 Marks: 20 1.

Suggest at least three different types of research that might be appropriate in the situation given below. You are the administrative assistant for a division chief in a large holding company that owns several hotels and theme parks. You and the division chief have just come from the CEOs office, where you were informed that the guest complaints related to housekeeping and employee attitude are increasing. Your on-site managers have mentioned some tension among the workers but have not considered it unusual. The CEO and your division chief instruct you to investigate.

As a first option I will recommend to do exploratory research first because it is designed to provide different possible set ideas, clarify relevant issues and also explains uncovered variables associated with the problem. And define alternatives for solving problem efficiently. As a second option I will recommend to do descriptive research because it explains and provides further insight in to research problem by explaining different variables associated with problem. Descriptive research also helps in defining, predicting, profiling and examining associative relationships of the different issues related to the situation. So that with help of this information we can able give flexible solution. As a third option I will recommend to do applied research or casual research because it provides information on potential cause and effect relationship. It also estimates the possible outcome for the corresponding action. So that we will able to know, which action will solve the problem effectively?
2. Propose one or more hypotheses for each of the following variable pairs, specifying which is the IV and which is the DV. Then develop the basic

hypothesis to include at least one moderating variable or intervening (mediating) variable: a. The index of consumer confidence and business cycle b. Level of worker output and closeness of worker supervision (closely observed vs little or no supervision)

a) The index of consumer confidence and the business cycle: The index of consumer confidence is direct variable while the business cycle is indirect variable. By conducting survey over the consumers we can easily find the consumer confidence level. If consumer confidence level increases then business cycle also improves. b) Level of worker output and closeness of worker supervision: The worker output is direct variable while the worker supervision is indirect variable. The worker output lowers as a result of closeness of worker supervision particularly during layoff crisis period.