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Retailing and Wholesaling


special services. location. sales people. fairness in dealings) 4/15/12 .Introduction to Retailing  Definition Characteristics: 1) Small order size 2) Wide variety of customers 3) Impulse buying 4) Availability and visibility Factors affecting choice of retailer: (price.

Types of Retailers 4/15/12 .

Non store retailers 4/15/12 .

6 trillion Retailers dictate terms (Quantity discounts. new technologies like VMD and EDI. New development in IT Retailer’s own brands/private labels  Manufacturer’s response to growing retail sell shelf. introduce new product & sizes) 4/15/12 . slotting allowances) strength (Own outlet.Global Retailing Scene Global retail business worth US $6. display space.

only 4-7% of total retail Organized retail – clothing. food. consumer durable & books 4/15/12 .Retail scene in India  Retail Industry – 7% employment of adults Organized retail.

financial aspects The Service (location.Role of the Retailer Merchandising (Merchandise planning. category management. layout. Merchandise strategy. service needs. variety & assortment. working hours. ambience etc) The Format used (Based on long term strategy) 4/15/12 The Communication Process used . customer convenience.

use of IT. customer delight) 4/15/12 .Retail Strategies Positioning Strategy (Product range & value add) Product Differentiation Strategy (Products that store deal in) Operational Superiority (Optimum inventory. create stickiness.

Franchising Types of Franchise operations: 1) wholesale sponsored voluntary chains 2) retailer sponsored co-operative chains 3) manufacturer sponsored franchising 4) service company sponsored franchising How does the system work Benefits to franchisors 4/15/12 .

Electronic retailing or E-Tailing Benefits of Electronic retailing Unlimited Assortment No geographical boundaries No time restrictions Competitive prices Challenges in Electronic 4/15/12 .

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