Implementation of Frequency Hopping Transceiver on FPGA In this world of emerging technology analog communication has gone too old

to be used now. World is moving towards digital communication techniques to have cost effective, more reliable and effective communication. Now even simple digital c ommunication cannot suffice the needs of the people because of different jamming techniques developed. With the rise of Electronic Warfare, people are working a nd especially top researchers of the world are working hard to find new ways to have effective communication in a jamming environment. Out of those such techniq ues, Frequency Hopping is one of the technique to avoid jamming. In frequency ho pping the transmitter transmits the information on several different frequencies in a random order. These frequencies can be upto 5000 frequencies per second. A n algorithm is developed at the receiver end to tell the receiver about the hopp ing sequence ( the sequence in which the transmitter is changing its frequencies ). In my post, i will first discuss the designing of first the hopping transmit ter and then the receiver. The platform for development of the frequency hopping transceiver should consist of a DSP Processing Module where the transmitter and receiver would be programm ed and then a digital conversion module for conversion of signals into analog d omain while transmitting and then to digital domain again on reception for digi tal processing. Of course, an RF Module would also be required for signal up con version and subsequently down conversion during reception. The Platform i have u tilized for developing the hopping transceiver was Lyrtech's Software Defined R adio Development Kit. And the programming platform was Matlab (Simulink) and Xil inx's System Generator for DSP. I recommend you should use the same for developm ent of hopping transceiver because it was pretty easy to develop. In my coming p osts I would be presenting the design of the transmitter meanwhile i recommend y ou to study about the basic design of a frequency hopping transceiver. Present your ideas in the comments section and i would tell you about the flaws in your design to help you correct them.

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