The survey equipments that required for this practical listed as below; Survey Implements that used in this Project No. Instruments Unit(s) Specification Total Station is widely used in any surveying works. Electronic Total 1. Station Brand: TOPCON 1 Compared to theodolite and level, it could give the reading of horizontal and vertical angle as well as of the distance measurement.


Tripod Brand: Topcon


It used as a stand for Total Station, Level and Prism.


Used as a target of fore and back station.


Target Prism must be installing on tripod. The


Prism Reflectors Brand: Topcon

prism is used to return the 2 transmitted beam to the instrument to allow a distance to be determined by time of flight or phase comparison.

Fiber Tape 1 30 m - Used to take the distance every station Must more than 30m for every station 3 - The function as a reflection of the target between total stations. Spray 1 Use to mark the station with colour to easy recognize. Put together with pole. 5. . Lot of traverse that measure and draw on this book as a reference 8.4. Mini prism - Level used to establish a horizontal plane at each 6. - All the data that get as bearing and distance that 7. Field Book Work 1 - write on field work book. Level 1 point where they are set up and consist of a telescope and compensator.

Chopper 2 - Use to make picket . Nail 4 - Used to mark as the station. Hammer 1 - Used to peg the station.9. - It should be driven vertically into the soil and 10. Piket 4 - the top should be clearly visible. - Used to mark the station and are generally made of wood. It a are used when certain points on the field required more permanent marking. 12. 11.

- Staff uses to show the readings on level instrument. 14. Downloading cable 1 Downloading cable is use for transferring data from total station. Rover and base 2 - RTK to maximize productivity and eliminate the need for postprocessing 15. - Leveling staffs is equivalent of a long ruler and it 13. Staff 2 enables distances to be measured vertically from the horizontal plane established by a level to points where height is required - To get L1/L2 reading from satellite. .

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