Literature review

This dissertation work is based on the studies conducted by various authors mentioned below. Most relevant literature reviewed are: Amarjit gill, Nahum Biger and Neil Mathur 2010 “Business and economic journal” the of working capital management is considered as the management of current asset and current liabilities and financing these current asset. It has an impact on profitability and liquidity of any concern. Anup Choudhary and Md Muntasir Amin 2007 “BRAC University journal” the impact of working capital policies on profitablity is proved to be very significant and the ratios related to working capital can explain the differences between the firms. A business should be cautious in formulating the working capital policies. Eero Lukkari 2011 “Lappeenranta university of technology” study of working capital management using bibliometric methods. Common measures for working capital are number of day’s inventories means how many days it takes to turn over the entire inventory. Or number of days account receivable and payable tells how long in average it takes to get payment. B.A. Ranjith Appuhani 2008 “International management review” working capital management attracts less attention from management than capital budget and capital and capital structure in financial management course of ordinary business. Working capital deals with the profitablity and risk of the company. Its inefficiency always results in over investment in working capital and reduces the profitablity of the business. Based on the issue mentioned above the following as such in regardence with working capital management various literature works have been carried out. But so far no study has been undertaken in the field of working capital management of Salaskar industry. Keeping this in mind, an exploration study has been conducted at salaskar industry.

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