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Latihan Soal Simple dan Past Tense

25 Votes Latihan Simple Present Tense dan Simple Past Tense. 1. My friend guitar everyday. a. plays b. play c. playing 2. Toni . to swim and he to swimming pool everyweek. a. like go b. likes goes c. liked went 3. Wulan and Tetra fried chicken every week. a. cooking b. cook c. cooks 4. Did Tian and Arie the song together? a. sang b. sings c. sing 5. Do you .the grass in the garden everyweek? a. cuts b. cut c. cutting Answer : 1. a 2. b 3. b 4. c 5. b
1. Tomorrow he .. go to campuss by car a. Will c. is b. Would d. are Answer : a. will (simple future tense)

2. All students of gunadarma university semester 6, . Writing scientific research A. Is c. was b. Are d. have Answer : c. was (past continous tense)

3. 2 days ago I .. scientific research a. Were borrowed c. was borrowed b. Were borrow d. will borrow Answer : c. was borrow (simple past tense) 4. He wouldnt hiss notebook, because his bag full a. Borrow, was c. borrow, is b. Was, bring d. borrow, were Answer : a. borrow, was (past perfect tense) 5. The students are . By the professor a. Being, teach c. was, teach b. Being tought d. was, tought Answer : b. being, tought (present continous) 6. He has . The room a. Clean c. cleaned b. Clear d. cleans Answer : c. cleaned (present perfect) 7. The secretary . The mail every morning a. Open c. opened b. Opens d. close Answer : b. opens (simple present tense) 8. A test has been by HRD a. Give c. given b. Gave d. gived Answer : c. given (present perfect) 9. The truck is being . By three man now a. Loading c. loaded b. Load d. lot Answer : a. loading (present continous) 10. Someone .. service my computer next week a. Would c. is b. Will d. are Answer : c. will (simple future tense) 11. Mr. postman the mail 2 days ago a. Deliver c. delivers b. Delivery d. delivered Answer : d. delivered (simple past tense) 12 . famous artis paint Rossa picture? a. Are c. were b. Will d. was Answer : b. will (simple future tense) 13 You. Him in that lobby yesterday a. see c. saw b. soon d. came Answer : c. saw (simple past tense) 14. why you . Late Dani? a. Come .c. out b. Came d. into Answer : b. came (simple past tense) 15. My parents are .. business trip now a. Have c. having b. Had d. has Answer : c. having (present continous tense) Essay 1. Doni had steal dinas car

1234 Answer : 3. stolen (past perfect tense) 2. William shakespare has write many short stories 1234 Answer : 4. written (present perfect tense) 3. My friends and I had gone to Bali 1234 Answer : 2. have (present perfect tense) 4. My sister had be studying English for three month 1234 Answer : 2. has been (present perfect continuous tense) 5. The students have be done the test since 11 oclock 1234 Answer : 3. Been doing (present perfect continuous tense) 6. Rendy close the window five minutes ago 1234 Answer : 2. closed (simple past tense) 7. I were studying at my friends house 1234 Answer : 2. was (past continuous tense) 8. When I was walking to school, I meet Dian sastro 1234 Answer : 4. met (past continuous tense) 9. Didnt make noise, please! The baby is sleeping 1234 Answer : 1. Dont (simple present tense) 10. Tomy would be fourteen years old next year 1234 Answer : 2. will (simple future tense)

1.My older brother .his military service since he was twenty years old. A. gave B. gives C. will give D. has given E. will have given 2. Because of the heavy rain, the city . for more than ten days. A. flooded B. is flooded C. has been flooding D. is flooding E. was flooded 3.Waterwhenever it is heated. A. will evaporate B. evaporate C. evaporated D. can evaporate E. to be evaporate

4.Where are the Tony? He . in the garden. A. play B. is playing C. have played D. have been playing E. played 5.I . the Kartini road when it began to rain. A. am walking down B. was walking down C. have walked down D. would walk down E. have been walking 6. The lesson before I came in the class. A. began B. has begun C. is beginning D. have begun D. had begun 7. Tina always . his work before dark. A. finished B. finish C. finishes D. have finished E. has finished 8. .. the door before she left her house? A. Had she closed B. Did she close C. Was she closing D. Has she closed E. Had she been closed 9. My older brother in Jakarta for nine years before he moved to Denpasar- Bali. A. has lived B. had lived C. has been living D. was living E. would live 10. By this time next week he his holiday in Jakarta A. will spend B. is spending C. was spending D. spent E. will have spent 11. I want to see you tomorrow. What at nine oclock tomorrow. A. would you do B. have you done C. are you going to do D. will you be doing E. will you do 12. Jack in that office for over a year next December. A. will work B. has worked

C. has been working D. will have been