The G20 Seoul Summit has recruited some serious starpower to promote and spread the message.

SHINee, Kara, Girls Generation, 2PM, 2AM, Rainbow, Super Junior, Af ter School, f(x), Secret, BEAST, 4minute, miss A, MBLAQ, 2Wins, G.NA, Son Dambi, Seo In Guk, I.U and Anna all participated in the Summit s theme song, Let s Go. They released the making of the song today and it goes behind the scenes of the recording of the song and many of the idols can be seen interacting with one ano ther. G20 Seoul Summit says, The song shares the messages that by holding each other s ha nds through cooperation, the G20 Seoul Summit would be a successful event. In ad dition, all the profits made from selling the album will be donated to multi-cul tural families in need. A list of idols and which portions they sing can be seen below. 1:05 1:45 0:08 2:13 0:09 0:53 2:04 Park 1:13 0:18 0:21 1:21 0:38 1:36 1:44 1:52 0:46 0:30 2:20 2:35 JongHyun (SHINee) Gyuri (KARA) 0:12 2:28 SeoHyun (SNSD) Junsu (2PM) Chang Min (2AM) Kim Jae Kyung (Rainbow) Lee Sungmin (Super Junior) Kahi (After School) Luna (f(x)) Song Ji Eun (Secret) JunHyung (BEAST) Heo Ga Yoon (4minute) Min (miss A) G.O (MBLAQ) Bumkey (2wins) G.NA Son Dam Bi Seo In Guk 1:39 IU Anna.