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Bulldogs! - Galileo Games - FATE Edition - Core Rulebook

Bulldogs! - Galileo Games - FATE Edition - Core Rulebook

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Published by Jose Sanchez

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Published by: Jose Sanchez on Apr 15, 2012
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  • introduction
  • Bulldogs! Overview
  • Setting Basics
  • [thE FrOntiEr ZOnE]
  • the Frontier Zone
  • the Empires
  • [SOmE OthEr pLACES OF nOtE]
  • Some Other places of note
  • [OrGAniZAtiOnS AnD COrpOrAtiOnS]
  • Organizations and Corporations
  • [OthEr SnAGS]
  • Other Snags
  • FAtE Basics
  • those Fudge Dice
  • rolling the Dice
  • Alien Species
  • [ArSUBArAnS]
  • [thE BUiLDinG BLOCKS OF An ALiEn]
  • the Building Blocks of an Alien
  • hacragorkans
  • Saldrallans
  • [tEtSUAShAnS]
  • tetsuashans
  • [UrSEminitES]
  • Urseminites
  • Creating your Own Species
  • Crew Creation
  • power Level
  • [SpECiES]
  • [invOKinG ASpECtS]
  • [USinG ASpECtS]
  • Using Aspects
  • invoking Aspects
  • Compelling Aspects
  • [EnCOUntErinG OthEr ASpECtS]
  • Encountering Other Aspects
  • [piCKinG ChArACtEr ASpECtS]
  • picking Character Aspects
  • Using Shifts
  • [tAKinG ACtiOn]
  • taking Action
  • Running Conficts
  • [ExpLOSiOnS]
  • [OthEr COmmOn SitUAtiOnS]
  • Other Common Situations
  • Advancement
  • milestones & Characters
  • [ALErtnESS]
  • [AthLEtiCS]
  • Engineering
  • intimidation
  • investigation
  • [mEDiCinE]
  • Sleight of hand
  • [SUrvivAL]
  • What Stunts Do
  • Creating Stunts
  • Sample Stunts
  • Starting Gear
  • [LiFEStyLE mAintEnAnCE]
  • Lifestyle maintenance
  • [pErSOnAL DEFEnSE]
  • personal Defense
  • [pErSOnAL itEmS]
  • personal items
  • [mAKinG thinGS]
  • the Anatomy of a Ship
  • vehicle Creation
  • Ship maintenance
  • [ShipS in pLAy]
  • Ships in play
  • Ship Conficts
  • [rEpAirinG DAmAGE tO ShipS]
  • repairing Damage to Ships
  • [SAmpLE vEhiCLES]
  • Sample vehicles
  • running the Game
  • Basic Gm techniques
  • Confict Design
  • Keeping it Exciting
  • [ADvEntUrE DESiGn]
  • Adventure Design
  • Other Campaign Setups

• GEAR •


Once you’ve gotten a basic explosive put together, you
can add improvements just like with other weapons.
Tese improvements follow the same rules as for other

Aspect: You can add an aspect to an explosive. Tis
aspect can be invoked or compelled like any aspect.
Tis improvement may be taken more than once.
Concealable: Some explosives are smaller than normal,
or designed to be assembled on-site, or made to
look non-threatening. You gain a +2 bonus to any
Deceit rolls made to hide this weapon.
Emp: Unusual and specialized, but no less potentially
dangerous than other explosives, an EMP explosive
disables any electronics within the blast radius—
including personal shields, but not including robot
characters—until they can be repaired. Against
robot characters, these explosives deal Damage: 4.
However, EMPs deal no damage against organic
Fuse: Rather than detonating on impact, the explosive
detonates after a short, medium, or long period of
time (page 77, Doing Tings chapter).
non-Lethal: Tis explosive, though it deals stress
normally, can’t be used to kill someone. Whenever
someone gets a consequence or is taken out as a result
of an attack from this explosive, its non-lethality
must be taken into account. Tis improvement has
a Cost +0.
persistent Effect: Whether it’s incendiary charges
or grenades that snap-freeze their targets, some
explosives are designed to do interesting things;
this improvement allows you to apply an aspect to a
target each time you successfully attack it. Choose
an aspect when you choose this improvement, and
once you’ve applied the aspect to a target, it lasts
until the end of your next turn. When you apply
this aspect to someone, you or one of your allies can
tag it once for free. Cost +2.
powerful: Te weapon is simply more damaging than
others of its kind and gains Damage: +1. Tis
improvement may be taken more than once.
recharge and reuse: Most energy-based explosives
release their charge when detonated, but this
doesn’t damage the device itself. If recovered, the
explosive can be ftted with a new energy charge
and used again.
remote Detonator: Once you’ve thrown the grenade
or set the charge, you can use a small device to
detonate it remotely, reducing the risk to yourself
and others.

Specialized: Some explosives are really good against
armor, while others are extremely efective against
synthetic targets, such as robots. When you choose
this improvement, the explosive gains Damage: +2
or Accuracy: +2 under specifc circumstances or
against specifc targets. Te GM is the fnal arbiter
of what circumstances or targets are too general or
too specifc; in general, you should get the beneft
of the specialization at least a couple of times per
session, but probably not much more than that.
Tis improvement may be taken more than once,
but not for the same circumstance.
tamper-proof: Usually used on charges, this
improvement makes it very difcult to disarm the
explosive. Complexity: +3. Tis improvement may
be taken more than once.

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