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CONFESSING means to agree with God that we are not perfect. There are
things in our lives that are wrong, and that we want Christ to forgive us as we
turn away from sins.
To SURRENDER means to allow Christ to be the final authority in our lives
and to live in order to please Him and not ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we
have to be perfect, but that we will try our best to please Christ.
“For the wages of sin is death, but
the gift of God is eternal life
In Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Confession Surrender

Lord God
Wages Gift
Sin God
Death Eternal Life

Confess your sin to God and

Surrender you life to Him.
“Dear Lord, I confess that I have
sinned and don’t deserve to be with
You in heaven. I believe that Jesus
died to pay the price of my sins.
Please forgive me, come into my
heart, be the Lord of my life and help
me to live for You from now on. In
Jesus name, I pray, Amen.”