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Geography Lesson Rationale

Geography Lesson Rationale

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Published by: Matt Baker on Apr 15, 2012
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Standard Five | Instructional Delivery The competent teacher differentiates instruction by using a variety of strategies that support critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and continuous growth and learning. This teacher understands that the classroom is a dynamic environment requiring ongoing modification of instruction to enhance learning for each student.
This lesson plan was chosen to represent standard five because it clearly demonstrates a planned lesson which is very differentiated and provokes thoughtful creativity in students. This artifact is an appropriate representation of this standard because it incorporates a variety of teaching strategies that cater to diverse students who learn differently. These strategies include a standard lecture, a video, a class discussion, and a game that allows the students to think more creatively. This lesson also showcases differentiation by utilizing a team teaching approach. This allows for educators with different methods to have chances to get through to as many students as possible. This lesson plan is a result of my growth as an educator that has taken place throughout my college education as it incorporates material from various courses that I have taken, and it incorporates this material in a logical and thought provoking manner.

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