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'i~ I~
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- ~or. ?







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Xy:.P ..,)





LIFE Keyes

HAve you eveJ:.:~ronclereQ wh)! some young people seem t~ ~~spond to the Lord .• o readily whi l e .ot hars ' who receive the same b Le s s I ng s .... and hear the same messages have' diff,culty resFonding at· all? I believe that part of the answer can be found in the principle of praise. There is a direct relationship between what a person allows to be in his heart and wha t comes oul; of. hi,~ mQl,lt1)~.; In ';: '. • Luke 6:45 Jesus :!iaid, "for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh." un the other hand, the words that a person spea ks ·:<t:irect ly inf luence the attitude of his heart. Psalm 40:3 gives us some great insight into the kind of songs that God wants us to sing: "And He hath put a new song in my mouth even pr'a Ls e unto our 'God." where is the song to be? In my mouth. Whenever we open our mouths to' praise' God, it opens our hearts to Him. Have you ever noticed that people who are unwilling to open their mouths and' join in the congregational singing don't get much out of the churc h servicei-.. The reason is that unwillingness to prai-;;e~ God closes the h«art to any message that God may want to give that person's heart. If down i'n your heart you, really want";' to serve God, but -f Lnd yourself being.! , constantly drawn to the wotld~' check .trou see what kind 'of songs dmtrol-youi.:h,' '1': thoughts. I-Ihat do you sing 'w'hin' you'x:.eh' alone? .-1hat· do 'you sing B''t ,hdnie? :,wli&:ei does your mi-nd' wander when it is _i:dl'e.?:::,s If you want your heart to be open:·tfo'·t.tml will of God, learn to sing "songs .t'ha t,·;:, 'I praise Him. '(Psalm 69:30)"'" ,":i', ''',;''d:
" ; ." f ,;. ':: ~..

When, the props ar~ gone, what will You do? II Tim. 4: 16 says "At my first defense, no man stood with me, but all men forsook me; I pray God that it not be laid to t he t r ic ha rge ,!' .t. Paul is writing che se words from the' prison where he 'is to soon die. He thinks back in his life about standing for the Lora, and h~w he had to do it alone' many times. Many teenagers today are great "Christians", but many times I wonder if they would stand for God if the props -were gone. ,What if you had to move off where there was no Christian school •••• would you still carry your Bdb Le-j;o pub-lie school? \-1hat if there wa'5 no good fundamenta 1 church to a ttend, would you still stand for God? 'I/hat if you didn't have Chr Ls -: tian pa'r ent s , would you stand for God '.,. Alone? A sold-out teenager is one who does what is right, even if no one else is doing it. It's so easy just to be "cold" spiritually, just like all "your friends" and row, row, r ov- your' boat, gently DOWN the stream. May God give us some young. manra nd t women who will: go a gaLns t; the" gra in, buck the 'ti.de~ .: and go U'P the 'streamlcf life~";ever' ho Idfbg high the,·banneli",'Of, the .cross •• Andrew' Jackson' onee i se-t d, ~'You and" God make l a majol';tt~f\in any g rvem s t tua .. t t on ;". When ,llhee"Pl'op!i are 8 one what: :'. will y'Ou'ido'~': ·J','.'-'<I', '),'j ", ;,' ' .. ...:~ ; J l·oJ j ;'. 1,1J.! o z I;!.· 'J,' i , .' .







Br o






from Bro. Charlie.

The Brook Hollow Bible Institute, which began its first classes in Sept. of 1975 is another ministry of the Br~ok Hollow Baptist Church. It is a three-four year course of intensified Bible study offering a TH G OR BB diploma. It's primary purpose is for the training. of God-called preachers who desire to be their very b~st. in their ministry. However, you do not have to be a preacher to a t t erid , Many of BHCS graduates should seriously consider and earnestly pray about furthering their education in this college level course of study. No person is truly educated until they know the Word of God. No learning will help you in life as the learning of the Bible. Our Founder and President is Rev. Clyde H. Box, and our Vice President is Rev. Charlie E. Jones, and the Academic Dean is Rev. James Ford'. If you are interested in BHBI; a complete catalog is available t o=you , Please contact the Dean.

Psalm 23: Ib "I shall riot wantl" A small child once quoted Psalms 23: 1 as follows "The Lord is my shepherd and He is all I want." N_ow the wording was wrong but the thought was right .. David is saying "I am satisfied." He was not satisfied with himself but 'he was satisfied with the Lord. If you are looking for satis. faction fr.om life. look to the Lord. He and'He alone can completely satis~ fy. If ..ou put your confidence in men, Y government, intuition of yourself, you will be disappointed. 'Trust Him, put your life .in His hands and you "shall not want." ******** ******u ******JHH(*~.~~~* 1t"*~~* ~UH~* Si-'OilT3 _--U;~ILLUST'1A'rsD. •



t\ sl-0rts banquet was held Sept. 15 in the BhCS lunchroem for all ath letic participants and their parents. The purpose of the banquet was to acquaint the parents and students with the schools sports program. ;\ large assembly was welcomed by f oot ba ll captain, l':::TCR JuhlliSul,. Uinner was served family-style' with a cand,lelight setting. RUS:'ELL JO~ES. then introduced the football team and added a touch of humor by cracking a couple of Jokes about the boys. Oheerleaders entertained by performing a skit, Casey's Coffins, aided by RUSSELL BATCtiELGR and NIKE WEST. The evening was enhanced by several personal testimonies and an enjoyable selection of "',/eare nora Than Conauerors" performeil by RUSSELL BATCHELUR, LISA FL_TChER, DEBBIE FORD, and NELINDA \vLST. BRu. BOX added a serious moment; by emphasizing the importance of a Christian school. The bancuet was completed "ith the s Lng t og of the

Th~ ~iehty BHCS Lions are doinC it ogain,J They have now played three eO::Jesin this years' season, and have had three very i:nprassiITO wins. The .fitst '[a:,1eIas'against South Caapus , ~ Baine the first gxne, all the players were very nervous, but ready to gol The Lions won by the score of 44 to 10. The second ga~e which was played at Kiest Park welco~ed the cheering of BHCS Jr ./Sr. Hieb students. :11th their inspiration, the Lions went on to sto:np ,lineral .fells 32 to O. Tuesddy brought hot ~lenther and another victory fer·the Lions, as they left another tea;.) scoreless. BHCS \-lipedthe Duncanville Christian Academy Patriots out with a score of 40 to O. r The tea~ is really looking eood this year and hopes to ~ake this year one of cOT-plete victory, Keep cheering for the. Lions}


CF THE LIONS byEditor, John Clayburn

sc hoo l t s sor.g ,


CHEI!:llY ~ The first game for the girls volle)ball team was Friday~ Let us go to b-iggeT and better things. The gym class would like to extend' their a~ologies for losing the game. We will do our best to win a Ll other games. -.ve know we can win, ' because we have the power to ·whoop anybody. lie a Iso go to Brook Hollow Christian School; how we can lose? Please support your team. \JE. ~EED YUU.


fro~ Tnn"JJyBox

This y0ar, as you knov by now, we have .six cheerleaders. Our eoal is to be THE BEST. so ie practice is very interesting. Angela Kinsey, our 8th grader, never see~s to be quite with .it during practice - by·the way. she's the one who forgot her nane at the Pep Rally. Denise Smith, our Fresh:18n, comes ready to sleep - and' of course, our four juniors. i ;ifell, ·they try their hardest. !~e really wor-k our hardest during our practice ti:ne sO.we can lead our T.roJlS on to VICTORY!!

Dear Alayne: There is this guy in my class who has a folder with a banana split in it, what should I do? Signed, Hungry Dear Hungry : 11hy don't you get a hall pass and trot down to the Dairy Queen and have a banana split. Dear Adell: I forgot your name. What. do yoa· do when you ask your- iather f.Ol!' 15¢ and he' says ask your mother and you ask henand she says ask your fa1iher?, Sincerely,
L.p.. .
De an

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT m, west. Auguet, 23, 1960, what. a day t.ha twas. A dark haired, dank complected boy b.unced on the. scene. It..as a hard life w !nom the very s.tart. He.was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clayburn. He accepted Christ at Bill Rice Ranch in July of '75. He atarted Brook Hollow Christian Schuols when he was in the Tenth Grade. ']heyear was a struggle at first but he succeeded ~ passing. An impossibility you say, but remember with God not m'iDg is impossible. John is now the president of the Sen, ior Glass and tries his bes t+ rt to be the editor of the newspaper. He plans to go to Pensacola Christian College. He would like to study art. An extra for you girls, he is single tall, dark and ••• ? ???????????????????????????????????1????
MYS TERY STUDENT 1. f:).e:tc1e,r .... _

L.p.: Ask your grandparents, they will always give you money.

Dear Alayne; I a.a wadly in love ~rith 2 guys but the only p~oblem is one is older and one is younger t.han me. Oh what can I do? Helpless and in Love Dear Helpless: Go after 'the good-looking one.

If you were to address a priest, To him, what would you call? Whatever it might be, Her's has the best vision of all. This week's mystery student comes from the Junior High Class. All are still eligible to win. If 'you know the answer please come to no one but Lisa Flet'cher. So last weeks winner was: Junior Boys The answer was' r : JERRY HOLLAND ?????????1????????????????????????????? From the Lab •••Sandra Curtis In the human cell, as in every living thing, there are five requirements for life. If these five processes are not functioning, the organism is dead. The processes are as folJ,ows: growth" nutri-" tion, excretion, respiration, and reproduction. Jm individual Christian life must also evidence these five f'unct.Lons be the to living vessel God desires. we are commanded to -row more like the Savior each day. (II Pet. 3:18) Nutrition is essential to the Christian Li.f'e God says repeatedly that His vford ; is our nourishment and strength. Without this food, productive life ceases to exist. Most Christians are on a starva.f.Lon diet. ' 'With nutrition always comes excretion. God makes it clear we are to put off sin and our old ways. (Eph. 4:22) Respiration involves inhaling and exhaling. We need to inhale the breath .f God as He speaks to us. Exhalation is our sweet prayer offered to God. Breathing is dope without thinking and with.ut ceasing. The first of our functions makes the last function, reproduction, a reality. God charges each Christian to reproduce by bringing others to accept this new life in Christ. (Prov. 11:30)

Alayne: I'm, in the 2nd grade. I've got this boyfriend in the fifth grade. Do you think he is to old f.orme? 'llinker Bell

Dear Tinker Bell; Oh No, your father is 12 years older than your mother. Dean Alayne: I have a boyfriend, he· i6' very nuttyand'his name is'Roy, an4 he is very dumb. I don't like him 'very much, do you think I should marry him. Signed, Mary Dear Hary: Go ahead, he is just about your speed.

Dean Alayne: Can you tell me why Sr. High students can't get their lunch orders straight, and why they don't'pick up what they order when little 1st and 2nd graders ,get it right every time. Ny order Is hever there and always' has to be fixed after everyone else is through the line. I get tired of waiting when I placed my order and someone e'ls'e took my aandwich. Hungry!! ! Dear Hungry: The sophmores and juniors quite .bviously are fickle and aren't smart enough t.c get wl:lat they want .r ordered. tut don! t worry lbeut the, Seniora they would never be that dumo ,

ALPBABET CROSSwuRD: Four things that begin with "A" are shown below. To do this puzzle, fill in the empty squares with. the rest of the letters that spell.out the words


.~" \ '-.-' l


SCRAMBLED DESSERTS ••• (unscramble the letters and find some delicious things to eat. 1.
2. 3.


4. 5.


8. 9.


Pleap iep Naanab sitpl Ekaceseehc Han sId slorl Gnid sgnod Lejol Pftaira wriebnos Therebs
Dau s na

(Answers to this puzzle and the others are found upsidp down s0rn",whpre else in this paper)


8. I enjoy every trip I go on. 9 ~ D01l' worry; he worlt be around long. t 10. will I only need a few pieces?

Find the hidden animals in the sentences below:
I. No

one came.t.ateto the party.

2. Bring a pet to show my fiends. 3. A 101lgtime ago a tiny house was

4. 5. 6. 7.

built. No one played on key. Where has my little Waldo gone to now? We must grab at the first thing we see. The Arab bit into his food.


Mr. and 11rs. Hiller and their chd.Ldr-en, Seth and Gretchen, are very happy. But they don't look it, do they? Here's how to ~ake the~ look happy, With your pencil or crayon, draw a big s~ile on each face. See the happy Hiller Fa:lily!


HE·.SEl\IORS·,uli.8hCS.· ...~t.$.r. 'N r;;tp<ll.;s.···tb'EIK GRADI11JDI:FLR YOUR CCNTIl';lJING SUPPORT.':'., YLUR P",RTiCIPA1'lON Il'l TRE SENIOR-SPuNSUREU ACTIVITIES HERE AT -SCHOOr;IS GREATLY· ' APFRECI",l'EU. THE PAl'EK OR'lVE IS GOII~G GRUTI THIS WEEK'S CONTEST IS: TRE GREAT ThlkD GIiADE l'I'i 11 ·G!;AS.S: .."THtli\K YliP ,YEP,YNLJCh lUR' hELPIl'<G IN OUR DRIVE. THE I,EXT CL~TEt>T WILL END ul.'l .QCTUBER .13-. 'PLE.A~E DO NUT BRlhG YGUR PAPERS UNTIL THAT DAY !! (Magazine~, I cata-logs,: t~~epqone,4t:.ectories 'an~ misused office paper is acceptable. Tl!Ai-lKSAG"Il~ l'(,R ALL YOUR,. .SU.PPLRT. The Seniors: Donna, Rhonda; Laurie,' i.i~li~da,. "'~:~ry, Diane,. Lisa, Ron, J.obn, .Pe cer , M.i~e~\. Fernando, sccc t ; See if you am find puzzle in the next Answers paper. the names columnl in the M B FER NAN DOD M V AKBDOATHCEKMDB R B M C S I F DON S N J Y L A I Z R E'T E F 0 Q E DGLYKVDRIHCLAS S L J) L wEI Q RUB Z L J C SOT C A 0 U ANN a P ~ 0 l L R N SAW G H K a PUT R HE T L R.N REV LANRTUHELINDAZ A


.. word;


may be found somewhere???in (If we can figure it outl)

TEAChER ThLK. • Kathryn Lay COrllNG EVENTS•• -----Oct. "I would .like to say it is a privilege to teach in th Brook hollow Schools •. Iry first two years, I t aughc four year Kindergarten and then got promoted to the five'year Kindergarten this year. (I love it.) une of my favorite verses in the Bible is Isaiah 41:9: "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand; -say'ing unto thee, Fear not; I witl he Lp thee." (Next Teacher Mrs. Talk will be from: Pat Smith)

22 - Senior

Car Wash, Corner' of Hampton and Jefferson, 'Mobil Station - 9A.M.-3f.M.


(around the 27th) Halloween Spook House (EI~m~ntary Only) Seniors will the lunch

Kemember every Friday the be selling cupcakes during hour - lOCo Remember newspaper every other is on sale

Friday the ~.25C.


nAVE YOU HEnRD????????????? •• that David Simmons asked his mother if she had Mrs. Chesney when she wos it:l the first grade? .. •• that our 5th grade teacher' signs her HALL P"SSES "Mrs. Ford"? •• that Ricky and Hichelle Ratcliffe have a 'new baby sister, born 9-147 Her name is Edee eia r Le , •• that the teacher who won the spirit stick at the last pep rally tdok the afternoon off, when the Lions played Duncanville, to go shoppinglilli •• that the five year Kindergarten' kids ar e still in "s hcsk" from t he "King Kong" visit? •• that during a recent science drill, hr s , wallace (by a slip of the tongue) said, "1\11 those with your hair ~aised may answer ...... " •• that at the end of a recent Teacher Training Conference 'one of our "graceful" teachers made a 'GRAND EXIT! We'll" not mention any names, but did you -r notice anyone 'limping Las t', week??????
. •.' i


WELL, ThE GONG SHuW WAS i SMASHI,G SUCCESSll THftNKS TO EVERYuNE WHOTO~K P"l{T, AI~DA 'S PECI"L TI1I, 1(S T0 UU~ ·lIPST, . JERRY hOLLAN·D., .Fiist place ''prize went.' the' "d'eser'ving" Teachers 'Ac t and last' . place prize went 'to' the "deserving" RUSSELL &>TChELlJR;

URGANIZATIGN IN THE LIBRARY•• By Diane Shue BhCS hOUSES an organized Library this year, thanks to MRS. JEANENE MORGAN. A member of Brook )Jollo'w, she saw the need and willingly volunteered her services to the sch~ol. The Library is open' for half a day on Tu e sdays and all day Thursdt.ys. It is set up according 'to the Dewey Decimal . "S.rstem, which makes hooks e~sy to find •

;"~,.y.;">p.pf..y.>.t..,f.Jf.'''' ),(),t.¥~-¥~(:"j~4(-i ..,.Jt('',C.''i<¥-¥¥->.,),q:'-\4


'al1puns '01 '6 !HI1J~l1d 'g !oT1ar ~l .!.s8uop-'8ulO '9 !STTo~ 'lSluuQ .~ !a)j~:>asaa'l:> ''7 !salul'lo~q '.( '!:inds sueueq 'Z !''ld ·'''J.dcf-l;,·l ,I : s:j.las~aa par.qml1·.!:>S uo t ] '01 !naq '6"!81d -s !:jlq"e~ .' L !'<a)juop ''7 '!J1?08 ·(.:!adl1 -z: !laUlu:> "1 r I ' ;. i sl 1?UI~U,! uapPlH. '7 3~"d
"10 S3'lZZIld OJ; S1I3ttSNV • r.,

o:jnw aldd"

!:jl1q ·9' !'80p .~

" • r . '. ~

.. :i..:·p.• o",SSO.l;J '''<l'''ldrv


THE ill]!! CLASS. • ·.Lauri.eBennett JUNIOR BIG iiOUTHS,.,-;~-r.-The Juniors proved to have the biggest Nouths in the pep rally held cheerlearders led the separate tri~phant Juniors in Victory yells. The spirit stick was one by them and proved that Juniors are all mouth. ARTISTIC SENIORS-;HH,\·lhile the Juniors were exercising their vocal cords, the Seniors were putting together a wtnning poster. The sign, which covered a who Le classroom, won first place and a crisp $10 bill. The money will go to help out on the Senior trip.



The 4 and 5 year old kindergarten class ·went to the Dallas Zoo Monday,_September ~ 19.· The -children had a great time at the ·zeo, except for 3 of them whom the teachers l"st. \"lhen they arrived back at scheol that day the children were still filled with excitement, while the teachers could hardly walk. T" many Clfthe children it was their first time to ever see some of these strange lo"king animals walking around on four legs to some of them hoping on two. Then Tuesday came and they were all back to their same old selves. We would like to wish a very happy birthday to: Jim Hyatt-September 29 Brian Trull Octeber 10



THE JUNIOR'-HIGH JUNGLE Among the few interesting things that have happened in the freshman class, one has recently occurred in Mrs. Gumm1s Physical Science Class. Much to their pleasure, the freshman have had to make scale models ~f our great s~lar system. Some, lo~king forward to this exciting prospect, . stayed up to all hours of the night, making their project the evening before, like Denise Smith. Among· the Freshmen's academic- subjects is Literature, where they were to write an account of their most embarassing moments. The results proved to be too embarassing t~ disclose iK this article and also to read in front of the class. The social life in the ninth grade seems to flourishing rapidly. It a~pears that most of the girls are in love .rith a Senior boy and his l18IIie .is none other than John Clayburn. T" mention just a few, there are: T.C., S.B., and T.C. Many confusing things happen in the eighth grade. F~r example, when they have to take a quiz which was prepared for thp. seventh grade, when only one person recites their memory verse- 1I"1 Mrs. Curtis Science Class, when Summer Davis always has t~ sit behind Steve Sparkman and Randy Stephenson, when lance Hoss stuttered through "Foorprints on the Sand" and Laui-e l, Perry forgot the title and gould only remember two words, when Lisa Vurt received a coke from .Mr. Box fpr finding a lost book, and last but not least .rha~' this about laurie Haney s and Chance Harvey? . In seventh grade, what it Jeff Hunga.ski, stopped staring at Robin vlallace and she stopped tearing ur hi:'! notes? What if Sean HcGehee was prel'areB for a test? What if, Hrs. Gumm received money for her dem~nstation of bad posture? What if Darrell Tucker stopped saying I ain't,wherels ·it at? and him ann me? What if Jeff Hunga~ki di.rin ' t laugh whi.Le he was reading; in TE'_'Ofl H.i.:'Itol'Y? U,'"r.l11fl:!.1":t1 <ill! you In Im01;B.T. likes I..•T.1

"It s Elementary My Dear Boy" ' r~s. Chesney is the tea~her of class lAo Some funny things''have happened in her class. So far thf year she has had some of her students fall over in their desks, and get books .ut of the wrong side of the desk.¥,lhy she has even had to-pat masking tape on one of her kid's mouth! On the serious side, ~h~ has had one profession of faith by Dena Kitching. We like to_keep tra"k of some of the birthdays-~nd this month on September 27, Tim Little celebrated his birthday. Also, the class project is to be able to read as well as the Junior and Senior High. Funny things are happening in set!ond grade. While Mrs. Box was reading a Math Test a Loud and Johnny Brown 50 proud of himself for kno\'ring the answer, said-it aloud to the class, needless to ~ay ~hey all got it correct. Syrena Santos lites t~ sit Indian style on the floor to remove things from her desk. lanny 1401'1'0.[ got Up to put his . paper on the teachers desk. And t.hen he _. tripped ~verSyrena and it was t~e funDie~t sight to see both of them tumbling over and over in the floor. Lanny got up and replied "She almost tripped me across the Mrs. Box's second grade had a birthday party for Tricia Proct or on September 18, 1977, they celebrate~_.with cupca~es and .punch. The party ended with a ba.r-t.hday )spanking given by l~s. Box. FLASH! "IT'S A PooTER CONTEST" Grades one through six are havi.ng ia poster contest. The p0stel'S are to be about "Harvest Time." They are to be brought to school October 4. The wi~er will be announced Oct.ber 7. Ther.elall be a winner from each class, And the

winners will be taken _0 lunch.with ~rs.
,.cf.fl.c.fl'~*:bh\"j.'~'~'~'~l-,i,'*}\"\.''''''~')~')bhbb\''~·:b ~ ,'..,\- ~ ..)t·~·:~·)t·~ht)l. · ALL THE ERRORS WERE PRINTED ON PIIRPOSEWE TRY TO PRINT SUMETIHNG TO PLE"SE EVERYUNE.

********1.-",-:4,--;1.-,:. ~-:( "-~$'14":-l:-l ':'-:1 :~':01:1-:I-;:;;;(~.~ ;(·~-~·,hh~ ,ht..t' .DE_/IDLINE_ fo .. ue..·g for the next pJ.ition is Monday, occ , 10


PROMPT ••••••••



"Heal the sick. Solace the lonely. Comfort the bereaved. Placate the ripped-off. Console the mugged. Unwind the uptight ••• "

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest nf them all - in my age bracket?"

0' l) ~8,~) -




'M:·-q~! .'·;'II~ ... l~i· [~~ 1/~1 \~I,\,;; ';':~'1( Cj~:_?:!%/'.

~~cJ.;.,.' ,

~l~ l-'~/~l; __








"I don't know••.• 1 started and the more I dusted ••• to dust " it Off'J





" ••• 1 told the chef what you said about the souffle ••• "



\ 8


•. !J':" .~ "i1





.,"1 .... :1



• •

,.:.~ : .....- ..
4' .. ;' .~.


~.: ...

. :').

L •••

ld t.

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