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= mie Our Life with Mr Gurdjieff ‘Thomas de Hartmann (1885-1956) was born in the Ukraine and was already an acclaimed composer in St Petersburg before he tet Gurdjieff in December 1916. In 1906 he had married Olga Arkadievna’ de Shumacher, who became Gurdjieff’s secretary during the crucial years when the Gurdjieff / de Hartmann music was composed and Gurdjieff began his awn major writings. De Hartmann had neatly finished the Russian draft of his book about the years spent wich Gurdjieff when he died unexpectedly. Olga prepared an abridged translation of it and completed his work with an ‘memoirs of Olga de Hartmann, ‘Thomas C. Daly has had over forty years of experience in the production of documentary films for che National Film Board of Canada, where he was an Executive Producer during the Board's most celebrated and creative years. Already familiar with the books of Ouspensky from the age of ten, he then became drawn to Guedjieff’s writings. He met che de Hartmanns in rsx and it was in his parents’ apartment in Torna that the first Canadian group took shape. When ‘Thomas de Hartmann died, Olga de Hartmann developed the Gurdjieff Foundation of Canada in Montreal, and on her ‘death, left Thomas C. Daly to continue her work chere. Georgi Ivanovich Gurdjieff, 1917 Our Life with Mr Gurdjieff THOMAS AND OLGA DE HARTMANN Definitive Edition Substantially enlarged from unpublished material in the original Russian manuscripts of Thomas de Hartmann, and further expanded from memoirs of Olga de Hartmann Edited by T. C. Daly and T. A. G. Daly ARKANA PENGUIN BOOKS ARKANA abled by the Pegi Grup engin Books Ld 7 Weigh Lane, London er, England engin Books USA Ic 375 Hudhon Ses, New Yor, New Yor cot USA Penguin Books Australia Led, Ringwood, Victoria Australia Contents Penguin Books Canada Ld 0 Alor Avene, Toso, Onto, canada May 82 eng Books (2) Lid, 8-190 Waa Rox Ackland ro) New enon Penguin Books Lid, Registered Ofces: Harmondeworth, Middlesex, England Fit published by Cooper Square Publisher, ne 96 Published in Penguin Books 1972 Copyright © Olga de Hartmann, 1964 [New edition, revised and enlarged from memoirs of Oka de Hartmann, ‘published by Harper 8 Row, Publishers 1985 Foreword vii ‘Copyright © Thomas C. Daly, 1983 Editors’ Notes xii “The definveciion ist publked by Penguin Books 1992 rys7es0864s On Gurdjieff xv Copyright © ThomatC. Daly and Thomas A.G. Dal, 192 On Thomas de Hartmann xxi ‘All ies reserved (On Olga de Hartmann xxvii “The mora sight ofthe authors has ben aseted Dedications sxxxii Prine in England by Clays Lad ees ple Introduction x Except in the Unie Sates of Amis this bok is od subject tothe condition that it shall not, by way of tade or ater been, etersbur ‘resol hired out, o otherwise culated withow the publishers 1 Se Petersburg 5 ‘prior conten in any form of binding or cover the than that in vwhich its pblsed and withoua smi condition inclading this condition being imposed onthe subsequent purchaser 11 Essentuki: First Expedition x7 m Typhoid 29 1v Back in Essentuki 39 v Forming the Institute 51 vt The Work Deepens 58 vat Facing the Public 67 ‘vin Preparing to Move On 76 1x Second Expedition 84 x In the Mountains 94

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