Youth Vision 2012 Vision Statement

The year of divine manifestations; discovering, developing and fully using our talents and potentials so as to allow the Holy Spirit to manifest through us in and out of the church. We want God to manifest through us in the church and also use us to show His love outside to others. Our year’s goal is for us the youths to discover our individual talents, develop and use them to bring maturity to ourselves and multiplication in the youth movement and the entire church. Before the end of the Year 2012 all our youths are expected to have been able to;  Identify their talents and potentials.  Have opportunities to use their talent and potentials.  Are able to take on responsibilities with an assembly group that relates with their talents and potentials.  Have a mentor who is a personal observer of their development and growth.  Are able to relate with and encourage other youths to develop them.  Are always ready and courageous to take on responsibility as need arises.  Are operating in spiritual gifts that are fully functional in the church.  Are youths we can see the fruit of the Spirit produced in them.  Are also developing successfully in other areas of their lives; succeeding in their academics by passing all their exams for all the youths that are in school and being employed for those that not in school.  Have successfully achieved their year’s goals.

Missions Trips. and Outings/Activities. Youth Prayer times and Bible studies/Youth Seminars and youth discussion forums.MISSION STATEMENT How will this be carried out? Through. Outreach. . Games.

optimism. responsibility. diversity. integrity. competency. dignity. flexibility. empathy. quality. security. accuracy. improvement. stewardship. persistence. accomplishment. loyalty. accountability. generosity. respect. innovativeness. challenge. dependability. independence. friendliness. excellence. ambition. individuality. discipline/order.Value Statement Sample Values The following are examples of values that we want all the youths to prayerfully allow the Holy Spirit to imprint in their heart so it can become their life style: Spirituality. enjoyment/fun. learning. equality. wisdom. influence. compassion. credibility. honesty. collaboration. service. dedication. teamwork. courage. . empowerment. efficiency.

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