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Ancient Greece

A More Advanced
Ancient Greece
The Big Idea
Greeks spread their culture through
o Colonization,
o Trade,
o Conquest,
Main Ideas
• Rise of the city-state and the creation of colonies.
• Golden Age of Greece =advances in government,
art, and philosophy.
• Alexander the Great = Greek culture into new areas
Main Idea 1:
Early Greek culture saw the rise of the
city-state and the creation of colonies.
• City-states = a city and all the surrounding lands.
• Usually built around a hill called the acropolis
that held a fortress, temples, and other public
• Most people thought of themselves as residents of
a city-state, not as Greeks.

Colonies • Greeks established colonies around the Black and

Mediterranean seas.
• Trade between cities and colonies helped keep
Greek culture strong all over Europe.
Golden Age Achievements
Science Philosophy Literature
• Greeks wanted to
learn how the • Created stories
• Philosophers about great
human body tried to
works. heroes and
figure out adventures,
• Made advances in how people poems about
many fields: could be love and
friendship, and
–Medicine happy. fables meant to
• Socrates, teach lessons
Plato, and • Created drama,
–Math Aristotle . or plays, as a
form of popular
–Astronomy entertainment
–Other sciences
Sparta vs. Athens
Sparta Athens
• Rule by few • Rule by all
• Strong Army • Strong navy
• Fit or Die • Art/Beauty
Main Idea 3:
Alexander the Great formed a
huge empire and spread Greek
culture into new areas.
Alexander the Great conquered Greece in the 330s BC.

From Greece, he set out to create an empire. At its height,

the empire stretched from Greece to India and included all of
Central Asia and Egypt.

Alexander worked to spread Greek culture. As a result, a

new culture formed that blended Greek and other cultures.
Historians call this culture Hellenistic, or Greek-like.