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Learning objective: Upon the completion of this exercise the student will be able to:

1) List the process of democratic decision-making

2) Determine what constitutes a majority
3) Identify the differences between nondemocratic government & democratic government
Overview: 5 choices regarding the seating arrangement for the rest of the week will be discussed and voted
Seating choices based on:
1) Lottery pick
2) Competition
3) Agreement between students
4) Election of committee
5) Teacher’s choice
Students will be divided into groups to determine what each category means & present to the class with
either reasons why or why not it should be adopted. Students will be allowed one minute to give reasons.
Three minutes will be given to each group to plan a support or rebuttal of one proposal. This would be
followed by secret ballot. The proposal that wins will be adopted for 2 days.

Homework: Students will write a three paragraph essay for homework explaining democracy; using the
class example to illustrate; compare democracy to teacher dictatorship.