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Journals Through History: Ancient Rome: The Eternal City

Video Guide Questions

Introduction: Julius's Life in the Roman Empire (00:51)

1. What do you think it would be like to Emperor of Rome? Write 3 to 5 sentences

The Land of Emperors (01:12)

2. Why was Rome so great?

3. What is the “1st step in meeting the responsibility” of ruling Rome?

The Aeneid (01:56)

4. What was the Aeneid?

5. Who were the combatants (2 enemies) that fought in the battle of Troy?

6 Explain how the Greeks beat the Trojans?

Foundations of Rome (00:55)

7. How was Roman society similar to American society?

The Early Roman Kings (01:20)

8. What is a “census?”

9. What is the purpose of the census?

10. Why did the Romans finally rebel and throw out the kings?

The Senate and the People of Rome (01:55)

11. Who were the Senators (Patricians or Plebeians) of Rome?

12. There were 2 groups of people in Rome: Patricians and Plebeians. Which one were the common people?

13. Instead of a king who did the Roman people chose to lead the Roman country?

14. The Patricians and Plebeians disagreed about the rights of the Plebeians engaged in a “Struggle of
Orders.” Explain how the Plebeians “won” the “Struggle of Orders?”
The Twelve Tables of Law (00:48)
15. Explain what the “Twelve Tables of Law” was?

16. Explain why the “Twelve Tables of Law” were important to the Plebeians?

The Story of Tiberius Gracchus (01:36)

17. Why was Tiberius Gracchus killed?

Julius Caesar (01:44)

18. Why did the Senators dislike Caesar?

19. Why did the people like Caesar?

20. Why did the Senators want to kill Caesar?