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Julius Caesar – Preparation to Write

Directions: You have just completed watching a movie about the most famous Roman – Julius Caesar.
Thursday and Friday you will be writing an essay on Julius Caesar in Language Arts class.

You should have noticed that the film was divided into 3 parts:

 Caesar’s desire for power

 Caesar working to gain power
 Caesar’s end

You may have noticed that much of the non fiction you read is organized in the same way – a beginning, a
middle and an end.

Below is a number of sentences with a word left out. To help you prepare to write the essay in Ms. Young’s
class complete the sentence with a word. Do not make the mistake that these sentences are your essay. You
need to fill in the details when you write your essay.

The Beginning:
Julius Caesar lived in ____________________ before __________ was born.

Julius Caesar was a member of the P_______________ class of Roman citizens

Julius Caesar wanted to become _____________________ of Rome
Julius Caesar made an alliance with _____________ and _________________ to win the election

The Middle
Julius Caesar was elected to the position of ___________________.

As counsul Julius Caesar was sent as a Roman General to ______________________.

When in Gaul Caesar defeated the G____________ and expanded the Roman __________.

Caesar returned to Rome with his _____________ and defeated ___________ in a battle.

The End

Caesar made himself __________________ for life.

The Senators did not like Caesar because ________________________________

The Senators _____________________ Julius Caesar.