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The People – 7 points

There was 3 groups of people in the Middle Ages:

 Lords & Nobles (the wealthy people)

 The peasants/serfs (the common people)
 The Church (Clergy)
The lives of all 3 were very different. Which one would you like to be? How do you think one looked at the
other? This is your task for the unit. Select one of the above and write a 3 paragraph essay:

 1st Paragraph – describe your life as a member of one of the 3 groups above
 2nd Paragraph – describe how your life (as a member of one of the group you chose in Paragraph 1) is
better or worse
 3rd Paragraph – compare your life as a modern day American to a member of the group you chose in
Paragraph 1
Use: & the additional reading from Mr. Wyde
On the Eurasian (Europe and Asia) map draw the routes of the following. Use the colors in parenthesis for
you legend.

Marco Polo (red)

Trade Routes for Venice, Genoese, & Overland (blue)
Black Death (green)
For Marco Polo’s route, read the article “On the Road with Marco Polo” (get a copy from Mr. Wyde) and do
the interactive exercise at: This will help you draw
Marco Polo’s route.
For the trade routes use:
For the Black Death use: