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Graphic Exercises:


Page 329 Map

1. What is the purpose of this map?

2. Question number 1 on map

3. How long did the 1st Crusade last?

4. How many miles was it from Constantinople to The Holy Land?

Page 330 -Gothic Architecture

5. Why were the towers so high?

Page 331 -- Feudal Relationships

6. What did the feudal lord provide the Knights?

7. If Lord James went to war with Lord Diamond what would Lord James knight Sir Rasheen
have to do?

Page 332 & 333

8. Explain how the Manor was self sufficient?

9. Answer the two questions on "Analyzing Visuals."

Page 334
10. How many demands were made on King John in the Magna Carta?

11. If Sir Damien accused Sir Spencer of stealing his pencil but had no proof, and would
King Wyde require Sir Spencer to be tried for theft?

Page 335
12. Why is Joan of Arc and interesting character in history?