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Middle Ages (Medieval) Videos

Byzantine Empire (6)

1. The Western Roman Empire collapsed (fell) in 4768 A.D. However, the Eastern Empire lasted for more
than a thousand years more.

2. Why was this considered more than just a continuation of the Roman Empire?

3. What made the Byzantine Empire rich (wealthy)?

4. What weakened the Byzantine Empire?

5. What were the Crusades?

6. In what year did Constantinople fall?

Middle Ages in Europe (5)

7. On what two things did the Lord's strength rely upon?

8. Describe what it was like to live in a castle.

Europe’s Feudal State (5)

9. What did the monarch (king) give to the noble?

10. What di the noble give to the king (monarch)?

11. Starting at the top arrange the following in order:

men at arms -- higher nobles -- Knights -- serfs (peasants) -- lower nobles

12. Why would you say that the peasants were not free?

13. What did the peasant get for working for the Lord?