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Crusades/Black Death Project Proposal -11/13/2008 Page 1 of 1

Overview: This is a joint project between LA and SS. The students will be allowed to chose either topic –
Crusades or Black Death. The students will then have to write 1 paragraph based on the criteria listed below.
The Social Studies part of this project will be based on accuracy and completeness of the essay; the
Language Arts will be based on writing mechanics.

Learning Objectives: Upon the completion of this task the student will be able to do the following
1. Write an accurate, complete, grammatically correct 1 paragraph essay.
2. Place the event in a historical time sequence
3. Draw a map of the 1st Crusades Route/transmission of the Black Death

3. State the purpose of the Crusade
4. Explain the result of the 1st Crusade
5. Place the Crusades in a time perspective (Historical Era)
6. Explain the effects of the Crusade had on Europe

Black Death:
7. Describe the Black Death
8. Explain how the Black Death was transmitted
9. Explain the remedies used to try to end the Black Death
10. State the effect of the Black Death had on Europe

Satan Triumphant: The Black Death
Europe’s Bubonic Plaque (United Streaming)
Crusades to the Middle East (United Streaming)
Media Center Research – Book and Internet

Paragraph 1
What was it
Where was it
What happened
When was it
Paragraph 2
What was the effect it had

12/02/08 – Assignment/PowerPoint/Readings(SS)
12/03/08 – Discussion/Movies (SS)/Note Organization (SS)
12/04/08 – Media Center Research
12/05 – 12/09/08 – Rough Draft (LA)
12/10 – 12/11/08 – Final Draft (SS – Computer Lab?)