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Renaissance Videos

"Exploring the Renaissance" -- 1 minute

1. When and where did the Renaissance begin?

2. What does the "Renaissance" mean?

3. From what earlier civilizations did the European Renaissance find much of its new knowledge?

"A Cultural Reawakening" -- 5 minutes

4. What did the European's rediscover that started the Renaissance?

5. Medieval thinkers focused on theology (religion), but Renaissance thinkers did not. On what did the
Renaissance thinkers focus?

6. What was "humanism?"

7. What country was the birthplace of the Renaissance?

8. Why was Leonardo da Vinci faintness?

9. Who wanted to reform (improve) the Catholic Church?

10. Why do you think Martin Luther translated the Bible from Latin to German?

11. What 2 new interests came out of the Renaissance?

"The Movable Type Printing Press" -- 1 minute

12. Until the 14th century how were books printed?

13. What do the printing press to for four new ideas?