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Use a double page. Put the heading ”Henry VIII” and

today’s date.

The left page should have a sub-title “STAR” and the

right page - “MONSTER”. Henry shut
down the
Write out each piece of information, deciding on which monasteries
side the information belongs. and took all
their riches
When you have finished write at least a paragraph called for himself
CONCLUSION in which you must decide whether Henry and his
was a Star or a Monster - or a bit of both. friends

Henry beheaded Anne Boleyn and

Katherine Howard

Henry founded Christ Church College - one of

the most famous in the country.

Henry was a clever scholar.

Henry founded the

English navy and
helped keep
Henry quarrelled with the England safe.
Pope and made himself
Head of the Church of
England. Henry forged a
Henry stopped
union with
foreign interference Wales
with England’s
Henry dealt savagely with an affairs
uprising in the north called the
Pilgrimage of Grace.
Henry made England a strong
and powerful country.

Henry executed men who opposed

him, such as Sir Thomas More.
By Mrs Graham