Peoplesoft HRMS 8.


Overview of Time and Labor
Jiju Cherian Vengal

TRC. Schedules.Time and Labor Process Flow • • • • • • • Set Up Fundamental Tables – HRMS. . Workgroup etc.) Enroll Employees into T&L Provide Security Report Time Process Time (Run TIMEADMIN) Approve Time Load Payable Time from T&L to Payroll. T&L Related Tables (Shift. Installation.

applies RULES to the entries and converts REPORTED TIME to PAYABLE TIME. Salaried employees (Exception Time Reporters) report ELAPSED time like Leave. • Time reported by the employees get entered in the PUNCH and ELAPSED reported time tables – TL_RPTD_PCHTIME and TL_RPTD_ELPTIME respectively. .Report Time • • Hourly employees (Positive Time Reporters) report PUNCH time everyday. Holiday etc. • The TIMEADMIN process reads from the above reported time tables.

Select the appropriate check box for reporting time for a particular employee or a group. • • Click on “Get Employees”. .Steps in Time Reporting • • Select the Reporting Method from the drop down box. Click on the desired Employee name hyperlink to report time.

Points to note while working with RULES • Always COMPILE a rule after any modifications to it. . Clone the required rules with the help of Copy Rules/Copy SQL Object utility. • Ensure that the RULE/SQL Object is added at the right place in the Rule Program/Rule as the order of execution is important. • Never modify a delivered RULE or SQL Object.

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