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South Dakota Products y South Dakota T-Shirts » Playing Cards Stationery y Mugs » Variety of Ceramic Items y Teas » Coffee » Hot Cocoa Mixes y South Dakota Granite Products y Baking & Cooking Supplies » Candles y Bath Supplies TERRY REDLIN & ROSEMARY MELLETTE COLLEC Framed Prints rr Rt Plates & Holders Snowmen * Sculptures PITT Baskets UNLIMITED offers you a unique gift-giving opportunity for your friends, relatives, and special clients. Great gift ideas for any occasion, any age, baby to grandparent. Baskets Unlimited was established in 1987 and is owned and operated by Lorren & Jan Weber since 1995. We are especially proud of our SOUTH DAKOTA gift baskets and gift boxes filled with some of the finest products produced in our State. We will also help you create your very own personalized gift basket or gift box from our many South Dakota Made products. We will continue to promote South Dakota by providing you with a selection of South Dakota Made products from all over our great State. ge Baskets Wit ott “41 We look forward to serving you. Phone or Fax fs BASKETS UNLIMITED 605-225-3599 207 S. Main Street |, SD 57401 2 we Products