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BEVERAGES WINES, SAKE & CHAMPAGNE Please see our Wine Menu Cocktails – The Basics

Enjoy your favorite well drink Bourbon Gin Vodka Rum Scotch with.... Soda Sprite Tonic Coke Squirt Diet Coke Orange Juice Cranberry Juice 4.50

On Tap: Bridgeport India Pale Ale Pint 4.00 Pitcher 12.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 3.50 3.50 3.00 3.25 Tsing Tao (Mainland China, 22 oz Bottle) Beer Chang (Thailand, 22 oz Bottle) Taj Mahal (India, 22 oz Bottle) Harbin (Mainland China, 22 oz Bottle) Singha (Thailand) Tiger Beer (Singapore) Pabst Blue Ribbon (USA) Haake Beck (Non-alcoholic beer from Germany)

Non Alcoholic Beverages
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barqs Root Beer, Squirt & Ginger Ale one can only 5.50 Milk (2%) Vanilla Soy Milk Orange or Cranberry Juice Shirley Temple sm 2.00 sm 2.00 sm 2.00 sm 2.00 lg lg lg lg 2.25 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75

Cocktails – Top Shelf
Call your pleasure

Barbancourt Rum Makers Mark Wild Turkey Jack Daniels Bombay Blue Sapphire Gin Absolut Vodka Absolut Citron Jose Cuervo Glen Livet Top of the line Scotch 8.00

Hot Tea

Monday thru Thursday 11:30 am-9 pm Friday & Saturday 11:30 am-10 pm Sunday 11:30 am-9 pm stickersasiancafe.com

Loose leaf, individual pots Chinese Black Pu erh Tea (Bo-lay cha) Chinese White Tea (when available) JasmineTea Green Tea Tazo Assorted Herbal Teas (Ask your Server) 5.00 6.50 5.95 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75

Well Gin or Vodka Bombay Blue Sapphire, Tanqueray, Absolut Vodka, or Absolut Citron Midori Sour

Iced Teas and Coffee (no refills)
Oregon Iced Chai ..(Black tea, honey, vanilla, clove) Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee Thai Iced Tea Paradise Iced Tea (one refill) Tropical fruit blend, unsweetened Ginger Peach Longevity Tea From Republic of Tea, Bottle Glaceau Vitamin Water Dragon Fruit, Fruit Punch, Bluberry Pomegranite 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.50 3.00 3.00

Join us for our Double Happy hour special!!!

Half Dozen Potstickers $2.50 Everyday 4:00 - 5:30 PM

Monday thru Thursday 11:30 am-9 pm Friday & Saturday 11:30 am-10 pm Sunday 11:30 am-9 pm (503) 239-8739 6808 S.E. Milwaukie Ave. stickersasiancafe.com

We only split the bill 2X per table, thanks.

Food for Kids

Alex & Charlene Murrell and the great staff at Stickers bring you a few of the dishes, snacks and street foods of Asia; we make each of our intensely flavored dishes from scratch, using the freshest ingredients, and without the use of msg. Our cooking and flavoring oils are exclusively canola and sesame.

Y = spicy dish
Lunch Specials:

= vegetarian or vegan option

KI D’S CH IC KE Wok Fried ChickN ON RICE sauce over rice en breast cubes. with mild, soy-based (Also available with Tofu) 4.50 KI D’S NOOD LES Yakisoba Nood of soy sauce (Alles with BBQ Pork Shreds an so available pla da in or with Tofu) dash 4.50 WHITE RICE and CUCU M Sliced cucumb BER Plate simple (Also er and a small side of rice, pla available with plain noodles) in and 3.00

12 & Under On

ly, Adults + $2

BEIJING BLACK BEAN CHICKEN OR TOFU Wok seared chicken or tofu with red pepper, onion, garlic and chinese black beans 9.95 KUNG PAO (Gong Pao Ji Ding) A favorite from Sichuan: Stir-fried water chestnuts, ginger, garlic slices, chilis, and peanuts. Served with a side of rice. Shrimp 11.95 Chicken or Vegetarian version with Tofu 9.95 HONG KONG FRIED RICE Fresh, made to order– Wok fried chinese style. With Chicken, Tofu, BBQ Pork or shrimp 8.95 Combination of Chicken, Tofu, BBQ Pork & Shrimp 9.95 GARLIC SPINACH From southern China: Fresh green spinach is lightly flash-fried in a wok with sliced garlic, served w/ rice 7.95 With Tofu or Chicken 8.95 With Shrimp 9.95 BABY BOK CHOI Lightly wok-fried Shanghai Baby Bok Choi, tossed with garlic and garnished with oyster sauce 7.95 With Tofu or Chicken 8.95 With Shrimp 9.95 SHANGHAI BEANSPROUTS A traditional stir-fried vegetable, flash-fried in the wok to retain crispness. Simple , delicious and healthy 7.95 With Tofu or Chicken 8.95 With Shrimp 9.95

KASHMIRI LAMB KEBOBS Ground Lamb Kebobs, seasoned with Indian spices. Served with curry sauce, raita, Major Grey’s Chutney and rice 9.95 THAI MASAMAN COCONUT CURRY An authentic blend of Thai spices and rich coconut milk with potatoes, carrots, onions and peanuts. Served with rice Shrimp 9.95 Chicken or Tofu 8.95 TANDOORI STYLE CHICKEN Skewered chicken marinated in Indian spices: cumin, coriander, tumeric, garlic, ginger, lemon and yogurt, then grilled. Served with rice, tamarind chutney and raita 10.95 SICHUAN CHOW MEIN (Sichuan Chau Mian) A spicy version of China’s mainstay: Chicken or shrimp with garlic, sliced ginger, and Sichuan sauce over steamed/pan-fried noodles. Shrimp 10.95 Chicken or Tofu 9.95 Mixed Vegetable 8.95 PHAD THAI One of Thailand’s most famous dishes, South Thailand version; thin rice stick noodles flavored with a rosy blend of Thai sauces, ground peanuts, beansprouts, onion, lime & cilantro. Charbroiled Shrimp & Chicken 10.95 Charbroiled Shrimp 9.95 Chicken 8.95 Wok fried Tofu (egg or no egg/vegan) 8.95 BANGKOK TANGY SESAME NOODLE Freshly blanched yakisoba noodle topped with savory peanut sauce and slivered cucumber, carrots, green onion, sesame seeds and crushed peanuts. Charbroiled Chicken or Tofu 8.95 Shrimp 9.95 Plain, without Chicken or Tofu 7.95 SICHUAN WOK-FRIED NOODLES Yaki noodles tossed in a wok with spinach, onion, spicy Sichuan sauce, and your choice of veg tofu or chicken With Shrimp or BBQ pork THAI SOUP NOODLES Thai rice stick noodles in rich chicken broth with baby bok choi, and sprouts With sliced Chicken or Shrimp




Served till 3 pm.

POTSTICKER Savory, shallow-fried dumplings. Once a tradition of Southern China, these are now a favorite snack around the world. Vegetable, Chicken, or Pork Half Dozen 3.95 Dozen 6.95 Shrimp Half Dozen 4.95 Dozen 7.95 JIAOZI (Pronounced Jowd-zah) The most popular festival food in China, a lighter dumpling similar to the potsticker. Vegetable, Chicken, or Pork Half Dozen 3.95 Dozen 6.95 Shrimp Half Dozen 4.95 Dozen 7.95 DUMPLINGS IN HOT OIL A favorite snack in the Sichuan region of China: 6 Dumplings lightly tossed in a fiery blend of canola and sesame oils, spiced with chili flakes, Chinese sweet vinegar & garlic. Vegetable, Chicken, or Pork 4.95 Shrimp 5.95 DUMPLINGS IN PEANUT SAUCE From the sensual south of China, 6 Dumplings rolled in a silky peanut sauce, topped with green onion and cilantro. Vegetable, Chicken, or Pork 4.95 Shrimp 5.95 CHINESE SCALLION CAKES Flat cake lightly fried with scallions & dipping sauce 5.95

SATAY COM BINATION BANGKOK CHICKEN y, Rice, Coconut 6.95 2 skewers of Chicken SataThai Salad Peanut dipping sauce and BINATION AY COM PENANG SHR IMP SAT y, Rice and Coconut 6.95 2 skewers of Shrimp Sata Thai Salad ut dipping sauce and Pean BINATION KEBOB CUR RY COMCurry Sauce and 6.95 Lamb Kebob, Rice and Salad Thai ATION AD COM BIN SOU P AND THAI SAL Sour Soup and 6.95 Classic Wonton or Hot and d Thai Sala ATION POTSTIC KER COM BIN rs dipping sauce and 6.95 6 Pork or Veggie Potsticke d Thai Sala ATION VEG ETARIAN COM BIN uan Sauce over rice and 6.95 Stir-fried veggies with Sich d Thai Sala





SOUTH CHINA STYLE BARBEQUE PORK Tenderloin marinated in a sweet, Five Spice sauce and roasted Canton Style; served with sesame seeds, Chinese hot mustard and sweet red sauce 6.95 POPPODAMS Delicately crisp Indian style chip seasoned with Indian spices, flashroasted on the grill. Served with raita and chutney 3.00 MAJOR GREY’S CHUTNEY The British name for this famous sweet and tangy preserve– great with curries and poppodams 3.00 RAITA Yogurt, chopped cucumber and fresh roasted cumin make up this refreshing accompaniment for curry and poppodams 2.75 RICE White Jasmine scented rice fromThailand 1.50



HOT AND SOUR WON TON SOUP A Hong Kong version of a Chinese classic. Plump pork and shrimp dumplings in a tangy broth, laced with wine, shredded ginger and fresh napa cabbage. Veg Version on Request (made w/ veggie dumplings) Single Serving, 3 dumplings Large bowl, 6 dumplings 3.95 6.95

8.95 9.95


INDIAN LAMB ROTI Flat bread lightly fried with lamb with Indian spices. Served with tamarind & lentil curry sauce 8.95

7.95 8.95

CLASSIC WON TON SOUP Pork & ShrimpWontons in a rich chicken broth w/ baby bok choi and BBQ pork. Garnished with shredded ginger. Single Serving Large bowl, 6 dumplings 3.95 6.95

KOREAN BBQ BEEF (BULGOGI) Sliced tri-tip marinated in soy, scallions and sesame, served with our kimchi and dipping sauce 11.95 PENANG SHRIMP SATAY Plump jumbo shrimps marinated in a mild blend of coconut milk and sweet chili sauce 9.95 BANGKOK CHICKEN SATAY From Thailand, sliced chicken breast marinated in a special blend of spices and herbs. Served w/ cocunut peanut sauce 8.95 PANANG HALIBUT 8 oz filet charbroiled & served over a spicy Thai coconut curry sauce and jasmine rice 16.95

CHINESE SOUP NOODLES Steamed noodles in rich chicken broth with baby bok choi, onion and slivered ginger 7.95 With sliced BBQ Pork 8.95 SPICY STREET NOODLES Yakisoba noodles with an intense blend of oyster sauce and chili oil, garnished w/ green onions, cilantro & sesame seeds 6.95 With shredded BBQ pork 7.95


PEANUT SAUCE (Not Vegetarian) Our Chinese-style blend, seasoned with wine, oyster and bean sauce and ginger. Great with rice and dumplings 2.00 COCONUT/PEANUT SAUCE (Not Vegetarian) Thai recipe, rich and smooth, excellent with rice and satays 2.00



THAI SALAD (Yum Thai) Shredded cabbage and vegetables w/ basil, cilantro and chopped peanuts served with a tangy thai dressing. Veg Version on Request (no fish sauce in dressing) Large Small SHRIMP THAI SALAD Freshly cooked and chilled shrimps over our Large Thai Salad--served witha tangy thai dressing 7.50 4.95

PI OY’S SPECIAL THAI ICE CREAM with toasted coconut and fried bananas HAND MADE TOASTED COCONUT ICE CREAM 3 scoops 4.00 CHINESE CHOCOLATE TORTE with Cardamom Cream Nothing Chinese about this except the name... An extremely dense, moist truffle cake with lightly whipped cardamom cream 4.00 GREEN TEA ICE CREAM 3 scoops 3.50




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