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Airtel Minimization of Forecast vs Actual Cash Flow Deviation

Airtel Minimization of Forecast vs Actual Cash Flow Deviation

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Published by Rakhi Sharma

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Published by: Rakhi Sharma on Apr 16, 2012
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Bharti Airtel Limited a major player in the telecom sector has reached a substantial mark of
100 million subscribers on 15th

May 2009. To increase its market share continuously Airtel
invest its daily earning for short term. who target to collect the cash from Pre-paid, Post paid
and roaming .On the basis of this cash collection Airtel President Office (APO), invest the
Daily cash collection for short term, this is done by the Banks for Airtel.

I observed that there is a big difference in between forecast Vs Actual cash collection. In

this recession Period every enterprise is focusing to maximize the profit . Hence there should
be minimum Deviation between the Forecast and Actual cash collection. . The project will
focus on finding the various reasons and there solutions for this Deviation.

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