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Company Product Date Issued by Unilever Vaseline Intensive Rescue Fall 20071 Karyn Lewis Rochester institute of Techology Copywriting & Visualization Creative Brief Introduction Unilever recently launched an entire range of Vaseline body care products designed specially for dry skin, targeting the $71 milion dry skin treatment sector. Stil keeping its moderately therapeutic, unisex image, the new products were built on ‘expertise and knowledge of the skincare market to make Vaseline Intensive Rescue into more of a “skin health’ brand and to help distinguish it from private label competition, The new campaign is designed to drive the average Weight of purchase by encouraging consumers to trade up and buy several specialized products from across the range according to their personal skin concems, The range includes Moisture Locking Lotion, Relief and Repair Balm, Hydrating Foot Cream, and Soothing Hand Cream. Vaseline. Koy Fact Vaseline Intnsive Rescue producs premate the proper envionment dry skin noods to repair iso ‘Advertising Problom Make consumers aware that Vaseine Inlnsive Rescue products are clinical proven to provide oth instant eet and long lasting moisture to consumer wih vor ty skin within fie days ‘Advertsing Objective Persuade women tat Vasln rly cares about the heath of ho skin Target Consumer Real, hard-working, precteal women ages 2455 with modest incomes seeking both quality and valu in he produ they bu. Women that are in ‘une wih their heath and wel-being, thy ae wives and mothers who put family fet, preferring basic products from brands they tt that her individual needs instead of xr products with shallow promises and high price tgs Competition Indosty comprises management units primarily involved in the ‘manufacture of cosmetic and toilet preparation products, Key products ince cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, lations/ereams and haircare products. Fished products re sold vie varius rela oes including supermarkets, depariment stores, specsly cosmetics. stores and pharmacies. Movernent foward preventive and high-technology products ih high perfomance features and products targeted to specie needs ‘The key competitors in the industry ince Colgate Poliolve and Unilever Top products of competion inca Jergens Ulta Healing Loon, Lubriderm Advance therapy Loon, Eucein Orginal Lotion, Nivea Rich Lotion, and E45 Rich Lotion Key Consumer Benefit ‘The brand new omulaton tiles moisture reserves in skin instant, then fils in the gaps found in dry, damaged skin to lock moisture in al 4ay-—improving dry skin's visual appearance better than ts competion ‘Support ‘Unique patented formu infuses dry akin wih intense moisturzers and sinks in within seconds. The power effectiveness of Intensive Rescue range of products can be found in its unique balance of key Ingrodiens—specteally huectants and cesuives. Humectants, bind ‘and lock individual water molecules tothe aki, while cclusives fil the void of ot gids and provide a physical bare o prevent futher water loss. Giyerin insanly roleves dryness symptoms, occusives help stom moisture loss, its hypoallergenic and untgranced, and includes 25% more moisturizer thon Vaseline Advancod Healing Lotion,