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Scenario 0 1 2 3 4 5 Scale 0.1 Scale 0.1/0.001 Height of Building 10m (Square City) 90m 50m 50m 50m 50m 5 9 0.09 Width of Building / Width of Street 3H (30m) / 1H(10m) 0.2H (18m) / 0.1H (9m) 0.4H (20m) / 0.2H (10m) 0.4H (20m) / 0.2H (10m) 0.4H (20m) / 0.2H (10m) 0.4H (20m) / 0.2H (10m) 0.2H (1m) / 0.1H (0.5m) 0.2H (1.8m) / 0.1H (0.09m) 0.2H (0.018m) / 0.1H (0.009m) Top Profile Flat Flat Flat 45 30 ~63 Flat Flat


Velocity Magnitude Report

Normalized Velocity vs x/H

Velocity Magnitude vs z-position at cross junction of main street

Velocity Magnitude vs z-position at Leading Edge of Building

Velocity Magnitude vs Z-position from roof-top of buildings

Velocity Vectors at various locations

Velocity Magnitude Contours

Velocity Magnitude Contours

Case 1 Roof Top Readings

Case 2 Roof Top Readings

Case 3 Roof Top Readings

Case 4 Roof Top Readings

Case 5 Roof Top Readings