RELATIONS VESSELS OF MEDIASTINUM ARTERIES Arch of aorta Anterior [5] -left phrenic nerve -trunk left vagus -left superior

intercostal veins -left lung & pleura -thymus gland Oesophagus Posterior [7] -trachea -trachobronchial LN -deep cardiac plexus -Lt recurrent laryngeal -oesophagus -thoracic duct -vertebral column Thoracic vertebrae Superior [2] -branches of arch -Lt brachiocephalic V Inferior [5] -bifurcation pulmonary trunk -Lt main bronchus -ligamentum arteriosum -superf. Cardiac plexus -Lt recurrent laryngeal

Descending aorta

Brachiocephalic trunk (artery)

Pulmonary trunk

Azygos Vein

[5] -sternohyoid -sternothyroid -remains thymus -Lt brachiocephalic V [separated from Lt 2nd intercostal cart.] -Lt lung & plura -Pericardium [3] -Rt pleura -oesophagus -root of Rt lung

[3] -trachea -right pleura -right vagus [2] -Ascending aorta -Lt coronary A [3] -Bodies lower thoracic vertebrae -Ant. Longitudinal ligament -Rt post. Intercostal A

[Right] -thoracic duct -azygos vein [3] -Rt brachiocephalic V -Upper part SVC -Right pleura [Right] -Rt auricle -Rt coronary A -Ascending aorta [Right] -Rt greater splanchnic nerve -Rt lung &pleura

[Left] -Lt lung & pleura [3] -remains thymus -origin of Lt CCA -trachea [Left] -Lt auricle -Lt coronary A [Left] -Thoracic duct -aorta -oesophagus -trachea -Rt vagus

*ini note simplify sbb 5 vessels ni je yg ada relations yg agk ssh utk kita remember and learn by heart

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