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ANT FORM D [OMB Number: 3235-0075 Notlcaof Exempt U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission —_|Esies Oacber31, 2008 Offering of Securtios Washington, DC20549 Estimated average burden (See instructions beginning on page 5} hous per response: 00 {ntenvonal misstatements or missions of fot constitute federal criminal vications. See 18USC. 1001. tom 4. tssuer’s Idont ‘Neme oftsuer [RAPIO FIRE MARKETING, INC. Jusedciion ofincorporation/Organtaton Entity Type fete on) | @ Corporation ) © tented Parmer |) uted tity coroany = 4 © Genera Pannerhie \eorotncrportonOrgnzton © Bata terone aco eacaare © obersenty pertevensago @ inten neva appa ° Overntsnterinicer _] O fitmoreshon one ssver i fing thi note, check hs box ["] and Kent adafona ser by etaching Rems 1end2 Continuation Paget.) ‘tem 2, Principal Place of Business and Contact Information “Street Adaress 1 ‘Street Address 2 2585 Pio Pico Or PROCESSED oy Seatac siete’ nc 08 | carat fe Fras Fanaa item. Releted Persons THOMSON REUTERS on me aaa See re a ‘Street Address ¥ ‘Sweet Address 2 ETT [2585 Pio Pico Or ‘Section S sect aerac on & fies Nov 182008 Rlatorahipsh: x] Executive Offer [gj Oreor [[] Promoter CanteationofRespance i Necesary) kang eof: hdestyadétonl elated persons by cheng ts bor (3 and atoching tem 3 Continuation Pages) tem 4. Industry Group _ (Select one) ‘O Aaricuture © Business Services © comm Banking and Financial Services Energy 8 wren QO Gormerst toting CBee ves Leta © temorce Ofna met ising © coumuing © " © treme sang © ernment Q Rotating © Paden Ft © oss © Resaurants icing 5. ao seo ans : Y (aectmcee ements sO Surbem Q conosres © edie to Seng, Q eeconmreatons © Prarecgsitind iS iuetaee © otrerTernoeny Oieeesen Orewa armscins Travel °° cas : © Pharmacenats . lageveocd Ccrooryandsibemespercanany © Dirt Gan i woes Sonar Oi Oi” CO) Manufacturing Tort ove serees O oxer toting enc eres Real estate © Obert ©. commerce © otter SECIS72 (0308) Fomb 7 FORM D US. Securities and Exchange Commission Washington, 0C 20549 tems, tssuerSize _(Selectone) Revenue Range tor Isuer not spaciying “hepa” ‘Agoropate Net Asset Value Range {or lasuer cor Father investment fundin tem 4aboved specifying "hedge" ot “other Investment” fund in OR mm sabowe © Noreverues © Nodggregite Net set Vale © s1-st909000 © #-85000800 © $100001-$5200000 © $5000001-525000000 © $8000001-525 900000 © $25000001-$50000000 © $25,000,001 - $100,000,000 © $50,000,001 - $190,000,000 © oversi0o00n¢00 © oversions00000 © oxtinetoDisdse © dedine to Duce © Net Aootabe © noxsepecatie Item 6, Federal and Exdusions Claimed _(Select all that Tnvertent Company At Seton 36) 1D) Ate soatrtn fron. om) 1 Section 37040) Section 349) Cy Ruesoxexn Section 3012) Section e:10) By Rule soamyxiy C) Section afen3) Ey Section 319011) {] Rue soarccin 1 Section 3048) aor) OMe Section 3015) Section 310103) Section (216) oe 0 sere 1 secon {om 7. Type of Flin @Newnotce— ORO Amendment Date of ist Sate in this Offering: [450/08] OR FastSaleYettooccur tem 8, Duration of Offering Does the issurintend this ofeing toast more than one yeai? —[] Yes fx] No ftem9, Type(s) of Securities Offered _ (Selectallthat apply) El Eauity {Cy Pooled investment Fund interests CO pate Gi TenaneinCommon Securities C] Mineral Property Secuties yr arater tert Ace oe mena Sty tobe Aequted Upon ser of Option, Wanant or Other Fight to Acquire Secuity tem 10. Business Combination Transaction 1s this offering being made in connection wih a business combination [] Yes [x] No TMansacton such asa merger, acquisition o exchange offer? Clrtication of Response if Necessary) FORM D US. Securities and Exchange Commission shington 062540 Minimum invostnentaocapiod fom any ousieiavesior§ [5009 Item 12. Sales Compensation — Recipient CRO Number 1 Nocro Number (Ussoiated Broker o Dealer [None ‘Peso Breer Deer CRON Ty noceo number ‘eect dares sire Adare? iy TaieProvnceCounty ‘Bow Cade ‘States of Staton] AllStates Oa Ga Oa Gar Oca Ooo Oo Doe Oo Qe Oo Ow Oo On ON Oa Or Ow Gu Om Omo Om Om Gen Gms mo Gat One Gav Cys Gm xm Cy Onc Qno Clow Cox Cor Cea Gea Os Os Ow On Ou Ow Ow Ow Ow Om Ow Cer {ide ediional persons Beng paid compensation by checking this box [] and attaching tem 12 Continuation Pagel) tem 43. Offering and Sales Amounts {6) Tota! fering Amount Siso00, OR CO indetnive {) Total Amount Sold ${s000 {c) Total Remaining to be Sold {Sera a} em) Mu OR 7 indefite Caricaion of Response Necesan) ltom 14, Investors ‘Check this box] secures nthe offering have been or may be sod to persons who do nat quay as accediedinvestors and enter the ‘numberof sue Ron-accredited investors who a¥endy have invested theofening: he often: Enterthetotal number of avestors who already have aves tom 15. Sales Commissions and Finders’ Fees Expenses Provide separately the amounts of sales commissions and finders fees expenses, fany. fan amount i ot known, provide an estimate and check the box next to the amour. ‘Seles Commissions § O esate Finders Foes $ 1 estimate Clrtieation of Response it Hees) Fon 3