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Basic Plan

9 Pages 1500+ words PAGE 1 INTRODUCTION Research used- Archers of Ravenwood Pictures- Sketch of Archer, Coloured Drawing of Horn Longbow, Bodkin Arrowhead Description- Why I chose this project, Basic Description PAGE 2 FAMOUS BATTLES Research used- Juliet Barker and Bernard Cornwell- Agincourt/Azincourt respectively, Bernard Cornwell Harlequin Pictures- Painting of Agincourt, Coloured Drawing of the Archers at Crecy, Portrait of Henry V Description- Breakdown of Both Battles, Setting to Both, Use of Longbow in Both PAGE 3 CRAFTING LONGBOWS Research used- Richard Head Longbows Video The Modern Longbow crafting info Pictures- Poor Man Bows Longbow Crafting Picture, Arrow Fletching Photo, Arrow Shaft Woodwork Sketch Description- Statistics for making Longbows, How to make one, Materials, Arrows as well! PAGE 4 THE EVOLUTION OF THE LONGBOW Research used- Richard Head Longbows Arrows Evolution Pictures- Three different comparative pictures of longbow, arrowheads from Richard Head Website Description- How bows changed in manufacture and this affected the bow, different arrowheads breakdown PAGE 5 THE ARCHERS Research used- The Archers of Ravenwood The Yeomanry of Gristslade http://www.yeomanryofgristslade/ Pictures- Thomas of Hookton from Harlequin Sketch, Coloured Drawing of Braziers at Crecy, Yeomanry of Gristslade re-enactment archer battlelines photo Description- Who the archers were (wealth, job, standing), training, physical info., Tactics, Equipment

PAGE 6 HISTORY OF THE LONGBOW Research used- The Margo Student The Military Archives Pictures- Ancient Welsh Archers Drawing , After the Oriflammes Fall by Giles Drayton Description- When the longbow was first used, why, what large uses it has had etc. PAGE 7 THE EFFECT OF THE LONGBOW Research used-The Beckoning Pictures- The Dead by Sir Henry Redmanst, The Nobles Fall by Pierre Bluche Description- Lifetime kills, statistics, campaigns, effect on invasions etc