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The group has also holding discussions with five star hotels in New Delhi & New York to set up Health spa. Development of product for mass market Fairever The group has also launched herbal drinks namely Fitness Fiesta Shadrink. The cosmetic product range includes hair care balms, anti-tick hair cleansers, talcum power etc.

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Shahanaz as Entrepreneur

Shahnaz Husain introduced herbal cosmetics to the world. Her creams and lotions have Risk found their way into salons in Responsi different parts of the globe. bility She has 650 salons at 104 Organiz countries. Create a e

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Entrepreneur Qualities of Shahnaz

Innovative Manages

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Business 4/16/12 secrecy

Business Style
Shahnaz Relied

Husain never advertised. only on word-of-mouth publicity to make her product known to her customers. believes that a satisfied customer is the best form of advertisement always have complete faith in 4/16/12 my own abilities and with