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Stop Blocks clamped to

Guide Rail to limit travel

length of Router Trolley to
set mortise length
Adjustment Slots
Attach Guide Rail
parallel to the Fixed


Apply Clamp Here

Fixed Support –
Parallel to Guide
Rail Adjustable Support
See the mortising shuttle drawings sheets 1 & 2
1. Make the Shuttle Top from scrap plywood, MDF or Masonite. It should be long enough
for the router to travel the length of the mortise. The width of the shuttle top should be
wide enough to fully support the router when in use.
2. Cut out a hole for the router cutter the width of the work piece edge and long enough to
cover the length of the mortise.
3. Attach a 16-inch length of 1/8” x 1” x 1” angle aluminum parallel to the cutout.
4. Temporarily sandwich the support blocks across the workpiece or a scrap of the same
5. Fasten the top to the support pieces using screws or nails and position the top such that
the support blocks are aligned with the inside edge of the cutout and exactly parallel to
the guide rail (1 x 1 angle aluminum).
6. The second support block can be attached using carriage bolts in slots cut into the Shuttle
Top as shown in the colored sketch above. We find it easier to permanently attach the second support block set at the thickness of the workpiece. You
want the shuttle to remain wobble free and perfectly square to the workpiece.

Using the Shuttle

1. Clamp or support the workpiece with the edge that will be machined positioned vertically
2. Mark the location of the mortise on the edge of the workpiece. Place the shuttle over the workpiece and centered over the mortise location.
3. Clamp across the two support blocks to ensure that the shuttle does not wobble or move when being used.
4. Place the router trolley on the shuttle and position the mortising bit centered between the mortise marks with the edge of the cutter just to uching the end
of the mortise. Clamp a stop blocks on the guide rail at the starting and ending position of the trolley travel distance defining the length of the mortise.
Make a series of shallow cuts progressing deeper into the workpiece until the desired depth of cut is obtained.
Mortising Shuttle

¼” Masonite top needed stiffners Shuttle strattles work piece Positioned over mortise location

Set router at end points of mortise Place blocks on rail to limit travel Finished Mortise

Routing Multiple Tenons Duplicate Tenons Snug Fit Finished Joint