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EDWARD: SCISSORHANDS: | by t Caroline Thompson story by Caroline Thompson and Tim Burton Revised 2/22/90 Blue Al TITLE SEQUENCE. AL SEVERAL. SNOWFLAKE PAPER WEIGHTS sit on a shelf. They've been shaken and snow swirls inside the plastic bubbles. DISSOLVE FROM ONE PAPER WEIGHT SNOW SCENE, MID-SNOWFALL, TO ANOTHER. -- A LOG CABIN in the woods. Its windows brightly lit. -- A horse-drawn SLEIGH pulled by a pair of blinkered chestnuts. 1 A SNOWMAN. A FROZEN POND, tiny skating figures. -- A MOUNTAIN topped by a GOTHIC MANSION. In the swirling snow, the house with its dark spires almost seems a part of the craggy granite upon which it is perched. AS WE PULL BACK fromthe mountain, through the snowstorm, we realize that this scene is real. TITLES END as we continue to draw back through a WINDOW FRAME and turn with an OLD WOMAN who's been looking out into INT. LITTLE GIRL'S BEDROOM. NIGHT. 1 Outside, it's snowing -- but in here, where the old woman tucks her little GRANDDAUGHTER into bed, it is cozy and warm. Firelight makes the shadows big, the figures dim. OLD WOMAN Snuggle under now. It's cold out there. : GRANDDAUGHTER Why is it snowing, Grandmommy? Where does it come from? OLD WOMAN That's a long story, sweetie pie. GRANDDAUGHTER I want to hear. OLD WOMAN (voice tired) Not tonight... GRANDDAUGHTER Why not? What's wrong? OLD WOMAN ++.Go to sleep. GRANDDAUGHTER I'm not sleepy. Tell me... Please... The old woman sighs and sits on the edge of the bed. OLD WOMAN Well, all right. Let's see... It would have to start with scissors. 7 GRANDDAUGHTER Scissors? OLD WOMAN There are all kinds of scissors. And, once, there was even a man who had scissors instead of hands. GRANDDAUGHTER A man? OLD WOMAN Yes. GRANDDAUGHTER, Hands scissors? OLD WOMAN No. Scissor hands. Do you know the old mansion on top of the mountain? GRANDDAUGHTER It's haunted.