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Fire Service 20 questions

1. When applying for the Fire Service, are there any specific qualities you look for before selecting? 2. How do the fitness tests determine whether a person can deal with the humidity of a fire? 3. Do applicants have to have a good deal of strength before application or can they have the chance to build? 4. Fire fighters have to work night times sometimes, how do they prepare themselves for the work? 5. How do fire fighters keep mentally strong before, during and after a shift? How do they get into that mind set? 6. When challenged with a serious situation, how do the officers work out a plan quickly with the team and perform it well, is there already 7. What was the toughest situation you have ever experienced and how did you manage to keep composed and positive? 8. If you could create an advert to provide advice and a way to prevent fires, what would the advert contain? Opinions? 9. Do you think (in your opinion) that the Fire service funding should be cut by the government? 10. If the recruitment decreased drastically and not many people were applying, do you think that the fire service would drop the standards required to join slightly? 11. When working for the Fire Service, do you have life insurance? If yes, do you pay for it with your earnings, or is it covered by the job (Government) 12. Part time officers, do they carry beepers when at work to let them known when they are required? 13. If there are 10 positions available to become a fire fighter, and there were 15 very good applicants, how would you decide who to pick? 14. I want to join the Fire Service, how should I start training and what should I do? 15. I have seen a certain exercise you can do to train, what is Calisthenics? 16. Do fire fighters have to drink and eat a lot to deal with the demands of the job? 17. Do fire fighters receive further allowances? 18. Is there any height or weight restrictions to join the Fire Service? 19. Can disabled people still join the Fire service? If so, what jobs can they do? 20. Is there any specific health conditions which would prevent me from joining the Fire service?