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1. During a jump ball to start the game, jumper A–1 taps the ball which is touched
by a non-jumper. Jumper A–1 then catches the ball. Official rules this a violation.
Is the official correct?

2. Team B is charged with a technical foul prior to the game. Coach of team A
request that A–6 replace designated starter A–1 to attempt the free throws. Official
allows A–6 to enter the game. Is the official correct?

3. A–1, closely guarded in the frontcourt, dribbles the ball for 4 seconds then holds
the ball. Official starts a new count. Is the official correct?

4. A–6 legally enters the playing court to replace A–5. As A–5 is leaving the court,
A–5 is assessed a technical foul. Official rules A–5 is bench personnel and charges
an indirect technical foul to the coach. Is the official correct?

5. Following a time-out, team A , entitled to a throw-in, continues to huddle.

Official calls a technical foul on team A for delay of game. Is the official correct?

6. Three substitutes from team A are beckoned into the game. Captain of team B
request a defensive match up. Official doe not grant the request. Is the official

7. After made basket Team B inbounds ball, but no one touches the throw in and
the ball goes out of bounds at the opposite end of court. The official awards the
ball to Team A at the spot where the ball went out of bounds. Is the official correct?

8. During a jump ball to start the game, A–1’s tap is simultaneously deflected out
of bounds by A–2 and B–2. Official has the original jumpers re-jump to resume
play. Is the official correct?

9. Thrower-in A–1 places the ball through the plane of the boundary line. Defender
B–1 slaps the ball out of A–1’s hands. Official charges B–1 with a technical foul. Is
the official correct?

10. Team control begins when the ball is at the disposal of the team entitled to the
throw-in. Is this correct?
1. No—Rule 6 Section 3 Art 7c
2. Yes—Rule 3 Section 2 Art 2a
3. Yes—Rule 9 Section 10 Art 1a
4. Yes—Rule 4 Section 34 Art 3; Rule 4 Section 19 Art 5e
5. No—Rule 4 Section 37; Rule 7 Section 5 Art 1a
6. No—Rule 3 Section 3 Art 1e
7. No—Rule 9 Section 2 Art 2
8. No—Rule 6 Section 4 Note; Rule 7 Section 3 Art 2
9. No—Rule 7 Section 6 Art 3; Rule 9 Section 2 Art 11 Note
10.No—Rule 4 Section 12 Art 1&6