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The Med ia M aker The Media M anager

Melis sa
Ma guire

The Med ia P rofessor

Unde rstanding M edi a Studies Academ ic

Th e Me dia Ma ker

Me dia Pr actic es: D esign

Me dia Pra ctic es: In teractive

Pr oducers C ra ft
The Medi a Manager

Medi a Economi cs

Medi a C orporat e R esponsibi lity

& the Law

Medi a M anagement & Leadershi p

WN SR R adi o Lab
The Med ia Pro fessor

Medi a Li teracy

Audi ence Res ear ch

Cont ent Anal ysi s

Soci al M edi a: Content

Com municati ons

& Cul ture

Televi sion & Ideas