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Sport Unit 4 'AO4 research - Chris Pile'

Alfie Banks

Name: Chris Pile

Organisation name and description of their aims: Baskervilles - The main aim is with the children and they specialize in offering competitive and noncompetitive gymnastics training.

Job title: Assistant Gymnastics Coach

Main roles/responsibilities of job: Chris coaches his own general class either a 6-8 or 7-10 age group, also assists the other coaches with their class. After the general classes have finished he coaches several boys competition squads with two other members of staff. Also, Chris is in charge of training the junior assistants and demonstrators by running a course, on the sport training and appraisals. Another role he has is to make sure the entire gymnast have sufficient and current BAGA insurance! This is must have by British gymnastic without they shouldn't be doing gymnastic.

Impact / outcomes on youth involved in sport in the area: The impact Chris has on the youth ages 6-10 is he gives them a good idea of the basis of gymnastics and gives them the opportunity to learn skills from such a young age, the children will have above average, strength, flexibility, coordination and motor skills. They can then develop within the organisation for when they are older to compete in competitions.