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Topic One Topic Two Topic Three

1. Waves Sound Echo
2. Transverse Wave Waves of Propagation Reverberation
3. Longitudinal Wave Reception of Sound Echolocation
4. Mechanical Wave Ear Interference
5. Waves on String Outer Ear Amplitude
6. Sound Waves Middle Ear Constructive Interference
7. Wave Frequency Inner Ear Destructive Interference
8. Amplitude Ear drum Doppler Effect
9. Refraction Ossicles 1842
10. Reflection Tiny hairs Christian Johann Doppler

No. Topic Four Topic Five

1. Music Reflection
2. In Ceremonies Angle of reflection
3. In Work Angle of Incidence
4. In Personal and Social Activities Glazed Paper
5. String Instruments Specular Reflection
6. Wind Instruments Plane Mirror
7. Percussion Instruments Refraction
8. Noise Snell’s law
9. White Noise Principle of Reversibility
10. Overtones Law of Reflection

No. Topic Six Topic Seven Topic Eight Topic Nine

1. Concave Mirror Camera Optical Device Laser
2. Convex Mirror Lens Telescope Ruby Laser
3. Center Ray Diaphragm Telescope Theodore H. Maiman
4. Vertex Ray Shutter Microscope Holos
5. Parallel Ray Electronic Detector Binocular Hologram
6. Focus Ray Pinhole Camera Camera Hologram
7. True Virtual Image Magnifier 1957
8. False Emulsion Angular Size 1959
9. True Negative Angular magnification 1960
10. True Positive Microscopy Ali Jayan
No. Topic Ten Topic Eleven Topic Twelve
1. Charles Morisson Electromagnetic waves Electricity
2. Samuel F.B. Morse Electromagnetic spectrum Elektron
3. Key Spectrum Benjamin Franklin
4. Layer or witch Key Low Frequency Lightning Rod
5. Sounder Very High Frequency Joseph John Thomson
6. Morse Code Microwaves Ernest Rutherford
7. Photofone Infrared James Chadwick
8. June 2, 1875 Infra Ion
9. March 10, 1876 Thermograph Conductors
10. “Mr Watson come Gamma Rays Insulation
here…I want to see

No. Topic Thirteen Topic Fourteen Topic Fifteen Topic Sixteen

1. Electricus True Magnetism Galvanometer
2. Electric Charge False Electromagnet Armature
3. Electric current True Lifting Magnet Couple
4. Electric Field False Straight Current Universal Motors
5. Electric Potential True Hans Christian Orsted Voltage
6. Electromagnetis True Solenoid Rator
7. False True Electromagnet Heike Kamerlingh
8. True False Domains 1911
9. True False False Walther Meissher
10. True False False Alex Muller and
George Bednorz