"Take these broken wings, you've got to learn to fly, learn to lift and love so free and when we hear the voices sing the book of love will open up and let us in..." From the song: Broken wings Performed by: Mr. Mister There are many people in this vast world who have come from a history of set backs, disappointments, heartache, unhealthy relationships, loss, bereavement etc... These people have survived the myriads of trials that have been placed before them from the day of their birth. They have had lessons from which they would either break or grow from. They have lost their way on many occasions. They have seeked solace in things that only dull their senses. They have felt alone, isolated and 'different'. These very people are the ones of today who are feeling 'the shift' more than any other individual. They have realised that their entire life has not been a mistake or a huge burden but instead a preparation for "that which is yet to come..." They have gone through journey's of pain, forgiveness and healing. They have seen things and learnt many new wonders in their world and their lives. They have come to realise that they are not alone and never were at any time during their lifetime alone. They 'know' that everything is connected. These people are the ones who strive for a balance to their inner being, their soul. They have come to learn that they are and have been controlled by their ego's which in turn allowed others to have control of their lives. They were left to feel unworthy of many things and at one point in their life they utterly and totally believed it. These people are the ones who are 'gifted' in so many different ways but were at odds with these gifts as they were afraid. Afraid of what others would think of them, afraid of themselves, afraid of what was 'unknown' to them. Many of these people have come to learn that their body does, in fact, function differently to 'the norm' of medical and human expectations. They may manifest many things that if they were to go to a doctor they would probably be diagnosed with many things and then referred to a 'specialist'. I am not saying that everyone has been misdiagnosed quite the contrary. What I am saying is that there are individuals who may be displaying symptoms of a known medical condition but could in fact be going through a transition in their development. Many people are feeling the various symptoms of ascension at varying degrees. Some of them are a

smooth transition until the individual comes up against blockages as the ascension process brings up many situations from the person's lifetime to heal from and let go. It can be a daunting process for the individual as some of these impressions from their life experiences can be quite painful and very difficult for them to acknowledge. This is a healing journey for them and many people get outside help in the form of a therapist or some other guidance. The biggest obstacle that a person faces in their healing journey is themselves. People can easily forgive others but find forgiving themselves a very difficult task. To heal you must forgive and from there the pieces of the lesson can be learnt then the whole 'saga' can be released as it no longer is at the same vibrational level that you are. It does not serve the purpose of helping them any longer. They have felt at various points of their lives that they are spiraling out of control. That things - outside occurrences- are totally beyond them and just 'accept' that what is happening is their 'fate', their 'destiny', is 'out of their hands'. In a way this is true for it is their 'fate'. They were the ones who, before they even came known to this world, decided and agreed upon what their life lessons will be. They 'choose' this life with the trials and tribulations, with the heartache and despair. It isn't until they have come to terms with the fact that this life that they are experiencing was their choice. That they can heal and learn from. Now this is the part that becomes even more difficult for them. They cannot understand, and at times refuse to understand, why someone would put themselves through so much pain, anger and hurt. But you see, for them to develop to their full potential, for them to raise their vibrational field, for them to come into full alignment, they must go through all these trials and tests. They are after all having a 'human experience'. Some of these people have such a hard time coming to terms with their lives that they withdraw and isolate themselves. They do this so that they cannot feel the pain of what has already passed before them. They cannot and will not see that they must look within if they are to heal. They build up a wall so no one can ever penetrate it and then they wonder 'why' they feel so alone and isolated. By withdrawing they have 'stopped' the pain but they have replaced it with a new one. Which in turn slows down the whole process of learning from their life experiences and then moving onto the next one. Some have done this so well that their development has come to a complete stand still. This is so unfortunate for them, if they were to just take a small step towards their future and have total faith and trust within themselves they would see that the world is not as they currently perceive it to be. Many people are feeling the effects that is being influenced by Mother Earth. This is because they are operating at a higher level. They feel things that, at times, can cause them great distress. They 'know' things but have never learnt them from a book. They are 'talented' or 'gifted' in oh so many ways. They are continuing on their journeys, on their paths. Ultimately everyone going through this ascension, this healing process, will end up in the one place. They will reach a point where Mother Earth and themselves are at total equilibrium. They will have returned to the 'ways of the land' but still embrace the 'new technologies' that will be available. They will all be one, balanced and harmonious and all in

resonation with each other. They will be complete, whole. There are many people who have discovered that their way of life is not in harmony with their vibrations. They have discovered that there are many factors that are contributing to them feeling 'unbalanced'. They will learn to listen to their body more as they are 'told' what to put into their 'Earthly Temple' and what not to put in it. They will come to view themselves as something unique, something that is quite capable of feeling a tremendous love that is available to everyone. Children, many children, have been coming into the world over the years whose vibrational fields are not equal to the current fields. They are operating at higher levels and it is causing all sorts of troubles for their little bodies. They are being diagnosed with a variety of medical problems and then filled up on medications that create an unbalancing to their already delicate bodies. They are known as Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Star Children. They have been coming into the world for many, many years but are now increasing in numbers as Mother Earth continues in her own journey. Add to this the 'technologies' that take them away from Mother Earth and you will see that their bodies are becoming toxic from everything around them. They are then fed foods that are not natural and have low energy fields and the cycles continues and escalates. As everyone begins to rise past their ego's and starts their journey towards a balanced life of harmony and peace within themselves and Mother Earth, they will come to feel the beauty that is in them, around them and part of them. They will see and feel that they are worthy of so many things. They will know that their journey from here on in will only add to the wonderment that is called 'life' on this planet. Their broken wings will mend. They will learn to fly to new heights and experience the pure joy, the pure bliss of unconditional love. They will allow others to come into their life and share their journey with them. They will accept love and give love without the fear of judgment or ridicule. They will soar above their self limitations and know that they can be in total control of their lives. They will understand that they are creators. They will continue to learn and teach so that others, who are only beginning to open their eyes, will see what lays before them.... and what a beautiful journey it will be. © Tania Collier April 2007

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