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The Association of Charted Certified Accountants

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Registration Number: 0799213
Name: Fuh Timothy Ambe Fatele
Mr Fuh Timothy Ambe Fatele
C/O Mr Ambe Martin Fatele Examination session: December 2008
P.O Box 1661 Douala 25-NOV-2008
Date issued:

*0799213* *I825/01*
*0799213* *I825/01*



01-DEC-08 I825 01 10:00 3 hours 0057 F6 UK Taxation
02-DEC-08 I825 01 10:00 3 hours 0100 F4 ENG Corporate and Business Law

Paper designations: ENG = English

Notes: All examinations with a duration of three hours will include an additional 15 minutes reading and planning time - starting from the time stated above.
You are opted into the ACCA/Oxford Brookes degree partnership.


I825 Buea
Hall 1
Regional School of Post and

Notes: If an examination paper(s) attempt is suspended, cancelled or otherwise nullified (at any stage, whether before or after the examination sitting itself) ACCA will
waive the fee for your next attempt at that paper(s). Due to the nature and complexity of operating professional examinations, ACCA reserves the right not to reschedule
any examination or offer any further compensation.


I declare that I have read and understood the examination regulations, instructions and notes set out in this docket
Candidate's signature: Date:

Candidate's full name Fuh Timothy Ambe Fatele

A candidate will be liable to such penalties as the ACCA may determine for failure to comply with the following examination

1 Each candidate is required to comply in all to use them to gain an unfair advantage in the misconduct and to exclude him from the
respects with any instructions issued by the exam. In any subsequent disciplinary examination hall.
Registrar before an examination session or proceedings, it shall be for you to prove that you 7 A candidate may not engage in any other
by the Examination Supervisor and/or his did not intend to use the materials to gain an unprofessional conduct designed to assist him
invigilating staff during an examination. unfair advantage in the exam. in his examination attempt.
2 A candidate may not attempt to deceive the 4 A candidate may not assist, or attempt to assist, 8 A candidate may not remove either his script
Registrar or the Examination Supervisor by or obtain, or attempt to obtain, assistance by booklet, candidate registration sheet or his
giving false or misleading information. improper means from any other person. question paper from the Examination Hall. All
3 You are not allowed to take to your exam 5 Each candidate is required to adhere at all times scripts and Candidate Registration Sheets
desk, possess, use or intend to use while at to the "Examination Guidelines". remain the property of ACCA.
that desk, any books, notes or other 6 The Examination Supervisor's rulings must be 9 Once the exam has started, you are not
materials except those authorised by the complied with by each candidate. Supervisors allowed to leave the exam hall permanently
Registrar. are obliged to report any case of irregularity or until the end of the session and then only
If you are found to have taken to your desk, improper conduct to the Registrar. The when instructed by the Supervisor.
or possessed while at that desk, Supervisor is empowered to discontinue the
unauthorised materials which are relevant examination of a candidate suspected of
to the syllabus being examined, it will be
assumed that you intended
Before the Examinations
If you are required to leave the hall for a short period It is in your direct interest to show your rough
You may only sit the paper(s) chosen by you and at any time, you will be escorted by an Invigilator. workings for each question in the script booklet.
shown on this document. You may take to your desk: This will help the marker accurately assess your
You may only sit at the examination centre shown - rulers, pens, pencils and an eraser or correction fluid performance in the examination. It is also
on this document. - A slide-rule, logarithm tables, geometrical recommended that you label each question clearly
instruments and charting templates within your script booklet and start each question on
You should retain this document and take it with
- A noiseless, cordless pocket calculator which may be a new page.
you to the examination centre where:
- it will ensure your entry to the examination programmable but which may not have a printout or Please stop writing as soon as the Supervisor ends
- it will be used to verify your identity during the graphic/word display facility in any language. the examination. Please do not then leave your
examination Mobile phones or pagers should be switched off at all desk until the Supervisor permits you to do so.
- it will be retained by the centre supervisor after times in the examination hall and are NOT permitted After the Examination
your last examination in the session. to be taken to your desk under any circumstances. Please submit your completed script booklet,
You must not make any additional markings on this Please leave all bags and briefcases at a point indicated candidate registration sheet, question paper and
document. by the Supervisor. This includes mobile phones and any unused stationery to the invigilator/Supervisor
In addition to this document, you should also take pagers. ACCA cannot accept responsibility for the theft at the end of the examination. No item of stationery
your Student Registration Card to the examination or loss of, or damage to, any items left in the should be removed from the examination hall.
centre. examination hall, therefore you are advised not to bring Your examination result will be sent to you
any items of value to the centre. approximately 10 weeks after your examination(s).
If you have lost your Student Registration Card,
please write to ACCA Customer Services to Before the examination begins please complete the The date for despatch of results is given in Student
request a new one as soon as possible (enclosing following details on your Candidate Registration Sheet Accountant.
one passport-size photograph and a cheque/bank in black pen and on the front of your script booklet The names of all ACCA affiliates will be published in
draft to the value of £10 sterling.) (please note that your name should not appear on the UK national press following each examination
your script booklet): session. If you are a potential affiliate and you do
In the absence of either of the above please take
- Your student registration number not wish your name to be published, please inform
another official means of photographic identity,
- Your desk number Customer Services by either 1 July (for the June
such as your passport, driving licence, national
- Your examination centre/hall code number session) or 1 January (for the December session).
identity card, to the examination centre. If you are
- Your examination paper name and number
unable to prove your identity your examination Your worked examination script(s) and candidate
script may not be marked. - (Where appropriate) your examination paper law/tax
variant code or your examination paper IAS/stream code registration sheet(s) remain(s) the property of
Please pay close attention to the Supervisor's - (At the end of the examination) please also indicate the ACCA and will not be returned to you.
announcement at the beginning of each question numbers which you have attempted during the Your examination entry fees are not refundable or
examination. This will include important information examination. transferable.
relating to safety within the examination hall. NOTE TO CANDIDATES SITTING IN GHANA
Please also ensure that you know where the fire Please also ensure that you include these details on any
exits are. continuation sheet which may be given to you during You are requested by the West African
the examination and note that no extra time is allowed Examinations Council to produce your identification
Each desk in the examination hall is numbered; for this at the end of the examination. card or passport in addition to your ACCA
please ensure that you are sitting at the correct documentation at the examination centres in Accra,
desk by referring to the desk number shown on this Please ensure that you have been given the correct
examination paper by comparing the front cover of Kumasi and Takoradi. Failure to do so will result in
document. If you are taking more than one paper, you not being allowed into the examination hall.
please note that your desk number may vary from your examination paper with the paper designation
paper to paper and if you do not sit at the correct code on this document. NOTE TO CANDIDATES SITTING AT SPECIAL
desk your script may be rendered invalid. Please do not smoke in the examination hall. EXAMINATION CENTRES
ACCA does not implement a dress code for its If you are sitting at a designated Special Centre,
examinations. However, please dress for your please pay all invigilation and accommodation fees
During the Examination directly to the local Supervisor before the date of
examination(s) in a manner which will not cause
Please ensure that you arrive on time for your offence to your fellow candidates. the examination. If you are unable to sit the
examination(s) as you will not be given extra time if examination for which you have entered, please
you are late. Before, during and after your examination(s), please do
advise the local Supervisor in good time and pay
not behave in a manner which will distract your fellow
All three hour exams include 15 minutes of reading whatever cancellation fees may be appropriate.
candidates. Inappropriate behaviour will be reported to
and planning time, starting at the time stated on this ACCA by the Supervisor.
docket. During reading and planning time, you may
annotate your question paper but cannot open your Please do not open your question paper or start
writing in your script booklet until you are instructed to Please contact ACCA with any enquiries
answer booklet.
do so by the Supervisor. regarding the information provided on this
The Supervisor will not allow you to enter the Examination Attendance Docket.
examination hall after the first hour of the ACCA
examination. 2 Central Quay, 89 Hydepark Street
You are not permitted to leave the hall permanently Glasgow G3 8BW
until the end of the session. Tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000 Fax: +44 (0)141 582 2222