The little boy in the story gave his food to Jesus and Jesus used it to bless thousands of people

! What can you give that can bless others? Create a basket of blessings to share with someone. You might include a card, a simple dessert, a craft activity, a Bible verse, and a book or magazine. You can create this for a family, a child or an adult. You can leave the “Basket of Blessings” as a surprise or give it to someone directly. Remember to pray and ask God to bless what you have given!

Jesus and His disciples were tired. They needed a quiet place to rest, so they got into a boat and pushed off from shore. A crowd followed the boat. Over 5,000 people had come to see Jesus. Jesus wanted to help the people, so He climbed out of the boat and began to bless and heal them. Later that day, the disciples told Jesus the people needed to go home and eat dinner. Jesus said they could feed the people. He asked people to share their food. One little boy gave Jesus five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus turned that food into enough to feed everyone who was there—and they had leftovers, too! - John 6:1-15


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