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a{fj: (216)
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¦elf: (2139)
Ckdakrj eyŒk:
glwRœ K'falsulgkSvlpUA fs'uf\; ark,UR clPlgnuluj rCIgalu ic\fkiddxjH
@cd\frln\; LSf ic\fk[sx BlR‰ t™dgkfj domkfH ckDA rHdk' ic\fk[sx
alYfayjŒ\ LiR wJij[k™; ark,Uwª^jsRy h]UAfs' agncau^\ egaekgk,rlu
YCJd{,\nsr (rlglunsr) QlG[lR dqjukd t'fln\; @uf\ PlG”JdwJijf^jhosmSul
SulzalG±$xjhosmSul Srmlik'fln\; glwG,julu DmIlAzR Sdihsalgkanj[oGalYfSa
agn^jrkakRe\ cauakxxo t'yjŒ\ cGi+fkA fUwjv+\ cIuA .zilrjHijhJrrluj; cI#A
Sal]Yele\fj[kSi%j YCajv+jsh*“jH rJs%lgk wJijfAsdls%#lnk YeSulwrA_
agnamk[kSNlSqu\[kA ark,UR LisRy th*l sd}kelmkdxjHrj™Aœ cI#A CgJgS^lmk
Selhkakxx @cd\fjujHrj™A akd\frlinA; Cl#ikACk’ikalu Qgjm^kSeluj QlA‰ t'
pjiUaY#A PUlrjv+kdqjunA; egaekgk,sRy -sf“jhksalgiuis^ PUlr^jH pGCjv+\
LijmkS^lmkxx .d\fjukASYeaikA iG’j~jv+\ asMl'jhkA flf\egUajh*l^ Lic\Fujsh^nA;
TO PUlrA aSrlalhjrU$sx LdMj ar²jH pjiU.d\fjukA SYeaikA rjyu\[k™; flacAijrl
LiR egaepA Yelej[ukA svu+kA;

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th*l^jSRyukA c^m$jufkasYf; vkgk[^jH rlA dlnk' TO ijCIaYfukA .ziH
CgJgaldk™; .oaj[kflsqukxxujm$& (elflxAœ cflfxAœ a<lfxAœ fhlfxAœ ijfxAœ ckfhAœ
LfhA)œ .ziH~lp$&œ elpYefhAœ sBgjulnjd&œ dlHi`d&œ dlHak}kd&œ fkmd&œ
t'jiusYf; .oaj Lijmks^ Lgs[}ln\; .oaj[kakdxjhkxxujm$& (.oiGShldAœ cIGShldAœ
a<GShldAœ wrShldAœ fSelShldAœ cfUShldA) .ziHrl.jœ srX\œ dqk^\œ akDAœ ekgjd$&œ
fh t'jiuln\; alu Lijmks^ ekXjgjusYf; sspiJdf Lijmks^ TY‘ju$xkA @dlCA
d`kdxkAœ cogUR dlq\vukAœ glYfjedhkd& d•Selxdxkaldk™; glwlSiœ cakYpaijmks^
@alCuikA eGi+f$& th*kdxkA rpjd& gd\fParjdxkasYf; ag$&Sgla$xkA a{z$xkA
ark,UgkA SpiªlgkA Lijmks^ CgJg.lz$xkasYf; Lijmk'h*lsf asMl™Afs'ujh*; TO
ijCIAakqkiR @ pjiUa<jasdl%k rjyŒjgj[k™; LSfYCJd{,\nrjH^s' fl“xkA

cIe\rA dlnk'ul& fsRy cIe\r^jH eSh goe$xk%l[j Lirisr^s' dlnk'Selsh

egal¦lilu YCJd{,\nRfs'uln\ th*ligkSmukA >k’jiUlelg$xjhosm th*lA
Lrk.ij[k'f\; LS˜<A th*lijP rjhrjH~jSRyukA @r‘^jSRyukA Tgj~jmaln\; QgkiR
asMl'jSrukA @YCuj[lsf Lijmks^ eowjv+\ dqjuk'jsh*“jH cI#A efr^jSh[kxx iqj
sfxjuj[kduSYf svu+k'f\;

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co'aSuw wjfd*a: (2219)
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PUlrs^~Mj BlR eyŒkf™dqjŒk; es] PUlrs^jrk fm²A rjH[k'f\ ckDlcd\fjukA
TY‘ju$xjhkxx @dG,nikaln\; t“jhkA >k’jukxx ark,UR TY‘ju$sx wJij[lR
LfUliCUalu Kedgn$xluj alYfA dlnk™; ilc\fi^jH ark,UsRy @iCU$& ixsg
svykflnsh*l; djm™y$lR .oajuk%\; Ld^\ ilukœ fhiu\[lR ssdd&œ @<lg
rJ<lg^jrluj ssd~^jd&œ iqjugjdjsh dJy^knj rlnA ayu\[kilRœ rjcIlGaluj
EhAfgk' i{]$&œ pl<adMlR rpjd&œ zk<dxksm ckg]jffIAœ th*l¨jrkakegj g]j[lrkA
egah]U Yele\fj[kaluj .zilR; ejs' PrilsRye[H ssdrJS}%flukS%l_

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ihjud`kdSxlsm aSrl<galu ekXjgjukAfodj aŒ~}kmk^\$xnjŒ\ @
pjiUgoeA dlns~mk™; ar²kCl#alikAisg KxxjhJgoeA iJ%kAiJ%kA p{CUiH[gj[kd;
.zilsRy Qgiui^jH Lfk egjeoG`aluj ar²jH efjukAisg YC’SdY‘Jdgj[kd; ej'Jm\
asMlgiui^jSh[\ YC’alMj PUlrj[kd; L$jsr @ pjiUgoe^jsh QlSglLACikA ar²jH
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gJfjdsx~Mj eyŒkfglA; PUlrlcr^jhjgk™\ YelnlulaA egjCJhj[kdukA TY‘ju$sx
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rlx^jSh[kA; -qkpIlg$xkamv+\ (d`kd&œ ao[\œ svijœ ilu) @#gilukijsr ekgjd
a’U^jSh[kuG^nA; cIG±c‘GCrikA ckDikalcIpj[lR flf\~gUajh*l^isr“jH cIuA
c<YclgPlgujhosm (@ujgA Tfxkdxkxx flag) .zilrjH caG~j[nA; Cjg²jsRy akdxjhkxx
Y><\agr\YP^jhosm CgJgakSe]jv+\ eky^kdm[nA; akd\fj TS~l& Tijsmsiv+ln\; cIG±ilcA
dlA]j[k'isr“jH ar²ksdl%\ KegjShld$xjHrj™\ K'f$xjSh[k duyj ShldvYd$&
fJgk'fkisg vkMj[y$j LiclrA cl]lf\dlgS^ukA akd\fjSuukA Yelej[k™; Tfln\
akd\fj[kxx g%kalG±$&; TO h]UYele\fj Srmjuir\ fjgjsd .oajujH am$j iSg%fjh*;

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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
glwRœ ark,UR fsRy L#Udlhamk[kSNl& svSu+%sf#lsn™ eyŒkf™ish*l; es]
egaSal]ah*lsf a¨lYz<$& clPj[k'fjrlukA @xkd& .zilsRy$sx eowj[lyk%\;
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stCIgU^jr\ alusu eowj[k™; Liclrj[l^ KOGw\w^jrkSi%j L°jSpiSrukA
Cd\fj[luj gkYpSrukA c\Flralrh>\Pj[luj g%k ijCIalfl[SxukA Srf{fIh>\Pj[luj
Y><\alijSrukA @e^jH rj™xx cAg]n^jrluj u]SrukA c#lrscO.lzU^jrluj
YewlefjSuukA @xkd& eowj[k™; es] Qgk cHekgk,R -sf“jhkA
@Yz<eogn^jrlulhkA Lsh*“jhkAœ Sal]^jrlsn“jhkA Lsh*“jhkAœ @
egaekgk,rlu.zilrjH LfUPjdA .d\fjukxxirlujgj[kA; .zilsRy cH[Fd&
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dkyŒkigk™; .ziHdFdxjH gcayjŒ QgkirjH asMl'jhkA flh\egUA fs'ujh*lflik™;

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T$jsr ar²knG^k' dlgU$& Sd}j}\ egJ]js^#k svu\fk_; egJ]j^\ .ziH.d\frkA
SYeajukaln\; Ckdrlds} egaepAcl]lf\dgjv+ akrjigUrkA; LS˜<A .zilR d{,\nrjH
LfU#A .d\fjukxxulxln\; Ligksm cA.l,nA cIl.lijdalukA .d\fjclY‘alujgk™ t™
eySu%fjh*; -sflgkwJijfaln\ .zilrjH cIuA LG~j[lsf PrUalik'f\_ ag$&
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d{,\nsRy LiflgdFd& Sd&[l^ ark,UR Qgk rluSu[l&}irh*;
LisRysvijd& siykAfkxd& alYfA; .ziHrlaakgkijml^isRy rli\ fixuksm
rlikSelshusYf; .zi¢agnujH dkrj[l^fh Qgk .lgAfs'uln\; .zilsrs^lql^
ssdd& agjv+isRy ssdd&[\ caA; .zilR ij,\nkijsRygoeA pGCj[l^ d`kd&
aujH~Jhj[`kd& Selsh rjGw\wJiA; eknUc\Fh$& c‘GCj[l^ dlhkd& ag$xksm
Sigkd&Selshuln\; .d\fwr$xksm elpSgnk[xjH ak$l^ ark,UR wJiv\Vialn\;
.ziH~lp^jhGv+rsvu\f fkxcJpx$&.d\fjSulsm vk%jHs^l}k cIJdgj[l^irkA

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.ziHSYeag<jfalu wJijfAfs' fjªusYf;

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ra: (2415)
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cofR eyŒk:
@¦Juijw\BlrA fkxkNk' Ckdakrjuksm il[kd& Sd}\ egJ]j^jsRy Lw\Bf
rJ$j^km$j; domkfH .ziHdFd&[luj LS˜<A akrjSulm.UGjv+k;

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dl^k g]jv+k cA<gjv+\ ijhck' @ egal¦cIgoesr BlR rac\\dgj[k™; dlgn^jrkA
ukd\fj[kafJfrkA th*lwJijdxkSmukA aSrlrju#likalu LijSmu\[k rac\dlgA; PlG”jd
wJijfA ruj[k'igksm pk:DA rCj~j[k'irkA LPG”fjªdxksm <#likA rj,\e]afjukA
Sal]dlA]jd&[\ cl]lf\[lgA sdlmk[k'irkalu rj#jgkimj[k rac\\dlgA; .d\fgksm
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rac\\dlgA; @gksm Leplr$& Sd}j}lSnlœ @Sg[kyjv+\ vj#j[kSNlqlSnlœ @sg pGCj[k
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rjG”halikdukA cl]lf\[lgak%likdukA svu+kA; @ rj#kgkimjfs'uln\ th*l
wJiwlh$xjhkAœ c{,\mj[s~} th*l¨jhkA eX.oflAC$xluj YeSiCjv+\ fsRy cl'j’UAsdl%\
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a'vlSrUl½GSl½c fjf^If: (2514)
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Ckdakrj eyŒk;
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alYfSaukxxo; ulsflgk YpiUikA ic\fkikA YeiG^rikA dlhikA Yed{fjukA wJijdxkA Th*fs';
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Lsh*“jH gSwlzknAœ rj,\YdjufIA Lsh*“jH fSalzknA); iUd\fjegaluj @¦lijsr TO
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dGS”ledgn$&œ BlR svu+k™‰ t' L.jalrAœ t'J ao™elPjd&œ YpiUAœ >k’jœ dG”$&
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Yed{fjzkn$xk%luj (cfIgwc\fSalzkn$&); dG”^jH rj™A ijCI>k’j (a<f\) K¡ijv+k;
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dGS”Y‘ju$xkak%luj; >k’jukA YelnilukikA glwcl<“lg^jH rj™kfs'ulnk%luf\;
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fjaPjfj, |fj (2615)
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uFlCgf\ (285)
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mkgjilB wcl (291)
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feScl½rZˆˆ (2922)
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cUlf\ cGiYf cGipl (2935)
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