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rCdUSf ijc\fgSfl id\fkA iG,Cssfgej (917)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
arkijsRy ejRzlajdsx~Mjukxx svyjsulgk ijignA rHdlA; Qgk royk iG,ak%lulhkA
egjeoG`aluj Lfk ijigj[kd Lcl’UA; YC’lSpiRœ ijicIsRyukA cAw\BruksmukA
ekYfrlujgk™; LS˜<A TS~lqs^ arI#g^jsh arkilu ssiicIfrsYf; LS˜<^jr\
a[xjh*lujgk™; LfjrlH icj,\|akrj c#lrYele\fj[luj Qgk ulzA rm^lR fJgkalrjv+k;
ekYfsr @Yz<jv+jgk' glwlijsRy e©j[lds} Qgk adsxulnk Si%jujgk'f\; Lfksdl%\
glwe©j Qgk ulzekSgl<jfsr caJejv+\ @Yz<ayjujv+k; ekSgl<jfR aY#^jH svyjsulgk
iUfjulrA igk^jufjsRy Ehaluj Qgk adxlnk%luf\; glwli\ @Cl.AzS^lsm icj,\|Srlm\
eglfj eyŒk; .ziHCd\fjsdl%\ icj,\|r\ dk}juksm hjAzA alMkilrkxx dqjik%luj; L$jsr
arkekYfjulu Txœ ckpUka\rR t' adrluj^JG™;

Qgk pjicA ckpUka\rR fsRy egjilg$Sxlsml^\ ir^jH rlul}jrk Seluj; LiG Sagk
eGi+f^jsRy flq\igujH sv™; Lijsm .zilR egaCjiR eli+=fjSulsml~A dqjuk™; LiG @
ir^jH YeSiCjv+ alYfujH rlul}kcAZ^jsh dkfjgdxm[A th*ligkA c\YfJdxluj^JG™;
Tfjsrlgk dlgnak%\; ixsg e%\ Qgk akrj TO ir^jH duyj; Lijsm egaCjirkA elGi+fjukA
gajv+jgj[k' Licgalujgk™; a<G,jsu d% elGi+fj hw\wjfuluj iUcrjv+k; akrj fhfjgjv+\
Lijsm rj™A Seluj; t“jhkA fsRy Yejufau\[k Srgj} ChUs^ QlG^\ egaCjiR Cejv+k; ¶TO
ir^jH YeSiCj[k' -irkA Qgk c\YfJuluj alys};µ LfjrkSC,A @gkA @ ir^jH

ckpUka\rR Qgk ukifjuluj ir^jH dkyv+krl& LhŒk rm™; Lisx d%\ >kPR
SYeaegiCrlujœ ijil<A svu\fk; Li&s[lgk ekYfrk%luj; ekgogiR; L$jsr c\YfJSi,A
L.jrujS[ ckpUka\rr\ icj,\|akrjsu QlG” i™; ]nSrgAsdl%\ akrj YefU]rluj;
icj,\|R ckpUka\rrk Si%j egaCjiSrlm\ YelGjv+k; fHEhaluj th*l Q'glmR alc$xkA
ckpUka\rR ekgk,rluj alyk'fln\; L$jsr egaCjisRy CleA Ehj[kdukA svu+kA; L$jsr
.lzjdalu cAf{e\fjSulsm ckpUka\rR fsRy glwUS^[k am$jS~luj; LfjrkSC,A
LS˜<^jrk ao™\ ekYfªlgk%luj; Kf\dhRœ zuRœ ijahR t'jiG; TiG p]jn.lgf^jsRy
.gnlPjdlgjdxluj; dkyv+kdlhAdomjdqjŒ\ ckpUka\rR irilc^jrk SeluS~l& ekgogisr
glwliluj LiSglPjv+k;

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195lA pjicA
ijakd\fcAz: Cl#lªl cAuflS]l½egjYz<:
up{v\VSuleeS'r dHeuR i{^jal¦r: (9212)
@¦rUl¦lralPlu w\Blrf{e\f: cal<jf:
ijvvlg a<JSaflA w/l¤>Pjgld{fj: (9213)
-iA i{S^l irA zfIl p{,\mIl plil°jakjfA
SfSrleukd\fdgSnl Y><\a Yele egA akrj: (9214)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
ckpUka\rR crUlcA cIJdgjv+\ irilcA fkm$jufksdl%\ ssiicIfark pk:Djfrluj; Qgk
ekYfR domjuk%linsa'lYz<j[kdukA svu\fk; @Yz<eoG^j[luj LS˜<A .zilsr eowjv+k;
fHEhaluj e^k ekYfªlgk%luj; LfjH ao^ulxsYf T]Ildk; a[xjH Qgl& e{,PgRœ
zkgkijsRy rjGS˜CYedlgA dlhj Sa[lR Seluj; Qgk glYfjujH e{,PgR dlhjdsx wlzgodrluj
co]jv+jgk™si“jhkA ses}™\ dlGSaZA aomj Tgk}lufjrlH eCk[sx th*lA dlnlR
dqjukalujgk'jh*; Qgk ekhj dlhj[o}^jH duyj Qgk eCkijsr ejmjdomj; Lf\ LhakyujmlrkA
fkm$j; e{,PgR ]nSrgA sdl%ijsm t^j ilsxmk^\ si}juflds} Qgk eCkijsRy fhukA;
ekhju\[k akyjik eMjsu“jhkA Lf\ dl}jShS[lmj g]s~}k; Ye.lfaluS~lSq e{,Pgr\ L>’A
ar²jhlukxxk; zkgkilu icj,\|R e{,PgSrlmk selyk^jh*; glwdkalgc\FlrikA r,\ms~}\
CoYprluj LhulR zkgk Lulsx Cejv+k; zkgkCleA Cjg²l i<jv+\ e{,PgR @wJirl#dlhA
Y><\avgUYifsamk^\ .zilrjH <{puaG~jv+\ ega.d\fj ixG^jsumk^k; th*l @cd\fjdxjH
rj™A ijmkfH Srmj TY‘ju$sx rjuY#jv+\œ @CSul @iCU$Sxl Th*lsf Cl#rlujœ frj[k
dj}k'sfS#l Lfl<gjv+\ @¦lglarluj .oajujh$jsr LS˜<A LhŒk rm™; dkgkmSrlœ
sel}Srlœ ij/\?jSul t™ Sfl™aly\ e{,PgR dqjŒkSel™; Qgk pjrA dl}kfJujH Lds~}\
LS˜<A Sal]A Yelejv+k; ssiicIfarkijsRy asMlgk adR dijœ svykYelu^jH^s'
crUlcA cIJdgjv+\ dl}jSh[\ Seluj @¦cl]lf\dlgA eodj; LS˜<^jsRy ekYfrlu
dgo,rjH rj™\ dlgo,lSzlYfak%luj; asMlgk ekYfrlu P{,\msRy ejRzlajdxlu PlG,\mªlG

Sisylgk ekYfrlu pj,\msRy dkh^jsh agk^R Qgk vYdiG^juluj LrjfgclPlgnalufkA

ijekhikalu Qgk ulzA rm^j; LfjrkeSulzjv+ elYf$sxh*lA cIG`rjG”jfalujgk™isYf;
SpiªlgkA Y>l<\angkA f$&[k dj}ju LGZU$xjhkA c”lr$xjhkA c#k,\mgluj;
ilukSpifd& cIuA ulzClhujH LfjFjdsx cIJdgj[lrlzfgluj t™\ eyus~mk™;
agk^sRy ejRzlajulu f{n>j‘k pjiUzkn$xksm aoG^J.lialujgk™; LS˜<A LhA>kœ t'
Le\cg²jsr ijil<A svu\fk; LfjH dksySusy ekYfªlgkA Qgk adxkA K%luj; LSf
SzlYf^jH fs'uln\ ssiClhj rzgA rjG”jv+ ijClhsRy wrrA; .d\fCjSglanjuluj wJijv+\
@¦cl]lf\dlgA Srmju Sclap^rkA TSf SzlYf[lgrsYf; wrSawuR Sclap^sRy

arkijsRy aMk a[&[kA ejRzlajdxk%lujgk™;

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196lA pjicA
LS<l glwR rjgk’lc\Sf dlShr <{pj Su d{fl:
ff\ekYfseOYfre\f{nlA SzlYflnj vr C{•aS< (9332)
fp\zv\V SpiSpilASCl >hSpSil a<l>h: (9133)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
CgUlfj vYdiG^j ssiicIfarkijsRy asMlgk ekYfrln\; LS˜<^jr\ Lfjck‘gjulu Qgk
adxk%lujgk™; ckdrU; Qgk pjicA glwli\ ir^jH Seluj; vUira<G,juksm eG`Clhu\[\
caJeA dkyv+kcauA vjhiqjv+k; Lijsm ckdrU Qgk a•ekMkrkxxjH g%k fjx$k' fkxd&
d%k; >lhc<walu dkc{fjujH Li& @ fkxdxjH Qgk dl}kaksxxmk^\ dk^j; fkxujHrj™\
gd\fA Yei<j[kilR fkm$j; Kmsrfs' glwlijsRy do}^jhkxx th*liG[kA ahaoYffm²ikA
fkm$j; CgUlfj cIuA @¦cl]lf\dlgA Srmju @xlufk sdl%\ LS˜<A KmSr LSrI,jv+k;
¶vUirakrjuksm eG`Clh[\ @sg“jhkA ]fak%l[kduk%lSul_µ cI#A ad& dkMSaMk
eyŒk; dk}j[xj[jmujsh dkc{fjulsn™ ar²jhlu glwli\ vUirakrjuksm LgjdjH sv™\
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iu²lu akrj frj[\ glwdkalgjsu ijil<A svu\flH sdlxxlsa™\ Lyjujv+k; glwlif\

c”fj[kdukA svu\fk; dkalgjsu akrj[krHdj glwli\ sdl}lg^jShu\[k am$j; ckdrU
@¦lGSulsm akrjsu egjvgjv+k; akrj ]jYeSdlejulujgk™si“jhkA ckdrU LS˜<^jr\
Lrj,\malusfl™A svu+lsf Scijv+k i™;

Qgk pjicA cIG±ssipUªlglu LCIJrjdkalgªlG akrjsu c‘GCjv+k; akrj LiSglm\ frj[\

uOi+rA iJs%mk^k sdlmk[lrliCUs~}k; Lfjr\ YefjEhaluj akrj LiG[\ SclaA dkmj[lR
rHdlsaS'Mk; LCIJrjdkalgªlG[\ rj,j’aluj}kxxfSYf SclaA; LiG akrjsu Qgk
selu\dujH sdl%kSeluj LS˜<S^lm\ ak$lR eyŒk; selu\dujHrj™\ ao™ uki SdlaxªlG
duyj i™; ckdrU @sd vj#l[kq~^jhluj; aoigkA QSg$xkxxiG; ckdrU fsRy
.G^lijsr dlnjv+k fgnSasu™\ LCIJrjdkalgªlSglm\ YelGjv+k; Lixksm elfjYifU^jhkA
@¦lGfujhkA cAf{e\fglu LiG vUirsr dlnjv+k sdlmk^k;

flacAijrlœ CgUlfj vUirsRy dkmjhjsh^j; ad& Qgk ukifgknrkaluj wJij[k'fk d%\

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c#k,\mrluj; glwlijsRy c<luS^sm akrj SclaulzA rm^j; dkyv+k SclagcA
LCIJrJdkalgªlG[kA rHdj; TfyjŒ TY‘R Sdlej,\|rluj SaZlc\Yfsamk^k
dkhu\[lrlŒk; t'lH @ ssd ]n^jH c\fA.j[s~}k; L™ akfH LCIJrjdkalgªlG[kA
SclagcA dj}j^km$j;

K^lr>G<jœ @rGfRœ .ogjScrR t'jiG CgUlfjuksm ekYfªlG; @rGfsRy ekYfR SgifR;

LS˜<^jr\ roy\ ekYfªlG; Lfjshlglxlu ddkp\aj[\ Sgifjsu'lgk adxk%luj; Qgk pjicA
LS˜<A adxksal^\ Y><\aShld^k sv™; fsRy ad&[rkgoerlu Qgk igsr Sfmjulnijsm
sv'f\; Lijsm Qgk cAzJfcp²\ rm[k'fk sdl%\ Lfk dqjŒjS} Y><\aSpisr c¤j[lR
glwlijrk dqjŒkxxo; d%S~l& Y><\aSpiR eyŒk; ¶rj$& Tijsm igkSNl& @sgulSnl
ar²jH rjrv+jgk'f\ Lisgh*lAœ Ligksm a[xkAœ svyka[xkam[A agjv+k dqjŒjgj[k™;
rj$xjijsm vjhiqjv+ rjaj,$&[kxxjH .oajujH ukz$& dm™ Selujgj[k™; fjgjsd Seluj
d{,\nsRy SwU,\|rlu >hglar\ Lisx ijil<^jH rHdkd;µ glwli\ L$jsr svu\fk;
ijil<^jr\ SC,A LS˜<A >pgjdlYCa^jSh[\ Seluj;

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.lzifA rjfUelglunA 197
197lA pjicA
c ssi ar: d{,\n eplgij‘SulGivlAcj ssidkn\|zknlrkiG`Sr
dsgO <SgG”‘jgalGw\wrlpj,k YCkfjA vdglvUkfcf\dSFlpSu (9418)
akdk‘hjAzlhupGCSr p{sCO fp\.{fUzlYfc\eGSC½Az cAzaA
YZlnA vff\elpcSglwscOgS. YCJa^kxcUl gcrlA fpG~jSf (9419)
elspO <Sg: S]YfeplrkcG~Sn CjSgl W,JSdCepl.ji‘Sr
dlaA v plScU r fk dladlaUul uSFl^aSC*ldwrlYCul gfj: (9420)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
rl.lzR r.zsRy adrlujgk™; dk}j fsRy zkgkijsRydosm dkySv+sy[lhA dqjv+j}\ LVsRy
iJ}jSh[\ am$j; dlhYda^jH rl.zsRy a[& elgNgUcI^k[& .lzA i[kSNl& rl.lzrluj
iu²ksv' cI#A Lv\Vsr alYfA rHdj; i{’R adsr calPlrj~jv+k; ¶rjsRy
cS<lpgªlgksm LrJfjsu[kyjSv+lG^\ iUldkhs~mgkf\; dkyv+k a<l¦l[& Qgk ulzA
rm^k'fjrk akfjgkduln\; t'lhiG[\ vm$jsr~Mj vjh vj#l[kq~$xk%\; Lisg
g%krlhk aY#$xkA YelGrdxkA e|j~j[kd; fJGv+ulukA LiG rjs' cN^\ f™\
LrkYz<j[kA;µ adR Lv\VR eyŒ YedlgA a<l¦l[sx c<lujv+k; ulzA dqjŒ\
cIG±lSgl<nA rm^ju a<l¦l[& ulzc\Fh^\ rl.lzrkxx cN^k iv+j}ln\ Seluf\;
t'lH LSf cauA ulzc\Fh^\ LfjijCj,\malu Qgk cfIA i™\ ulzliCj,\mA LfjsRy
LidlCalsn™\ eyŒk; TO cfIA ilc\fi^jH gkYp.zilrlujgk™; g%kSegkA i{’rlu
rl.zsRy Lmk[H Q^kfJG~jrk sv™; rl.l°lds} uw\BCj,\mA gkYpsRy LidlCA
fs'ulsn™\ dH~j[kdukA svu\fk; gkYp.zilR Lv\VSRyukA adSRyukA cfU^jhkA rJfj
S>lP^jhkA c#k,\mrluj; g%kSeG[kA @¦cl]lf\dlgA rHdj; th*l cN^kA LiG[luj

rl.lzsRy adrln\ LA>gJ,R; LS˜<A dlhYda^jH ijc\flgSayju clYalwU^jrkA LxiM

cN^jrkA LPjerluj; t'lH LA>gJ,r\ Lfksdl%\ YeSulwrsal™ak%lujgk'jh*;
LS˜<A wJijfs^ rJs%lgk cIe\raluj dgkfjœ cN^jsr cIe\ric\fkilukA dn[l[j;
Liu\[\ rjufalu ulsflgk ijhukajsh*'S˜<A dgkfj; LS˜<^jsRy <{puA rjysu
.ziH.d\fjulujgk™; .zilR d{,\nsRy elp$xjH arA akqkdjujgk™ LS˜<A; LS˜<^jsRy
il[kd& .zilsRy a<jadsx ilq\^lrluj KeSulzjv+k; ssddlhkd& .ziHSciu\[kA S]Yf
elhr^jrkA Kfdj; svijd& .ziHdFlYCinA rm^j; d`kd& .ziHgoeikA S]Yf$xkA
cpl d%k; .ziHplcªlgksm dlHsfl}k in$j LA>gJ,sRy CgJgA ekxdA sdl%k;
.ziH~ow svu\f fkxcJph$& alYfA LA>gJ,R an^k; dlhkd& pjiUc\Fh$sx Yep]jnA
iv+k; LS˜<^jsRy -d @Yz<A .ziHSciukA SYeaA .ziH.d\fªlSglmkalujgk™;

LS˜<A alakrjalgksm ijpz\S’leSpCA Sd}\ glwUA .gjv+k; th*l dG”$xkA .ziH~owuluj

dn[l[j; t'lH LS˜<A Clc\YfijPj YedlgA LSrdA ulzfUlz$xkA rm^kduk%luj;
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i™; .d\fj iG’jv+k i'Sflsm hOdJdic\fk[Sxlmkxx Lrlcd\fjukA LS˜<^jH ixG™;
.zilR cIuA fsRy ckpGCrvYdA TO cH.d\fsr cAg]j[lR -Gs~mk^kdukA svu\fk;

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198lA pjicA
L<A .d\feglPJSrl <UcIfY# Ti pIjw
clPk.jGYzc\f<{pSul .d\ssfG.d\fwrYeju: (9463)
clPSil <{puA a<UA clPorlA <{puA fI<A
aprUf\ Sf r wlr#j rl<A SfS.Ul arlzej (9468)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
LA>gJ,R .ziHYeJfj[luj pIlpCjYifsamk^k; fShpjicA rjgl<lgYifsamk^\ ejSM™\œ
Lfluf\ pIlpCjpjr^jHœ .zilSrlmkxx fJYi.d\fjujH ijekhalu eowSulmkdomj LA>gJ,R
Yifaiclrj~jv+k; alakrjalG[kA aMkA ijhSuyju c”lr$& rHdkdukA svu\fk;
Yifaiclrj~jv+\ whelr^jr\ caualuS~lSqu\[kA pkGi+lclik\ akrj Lijsmsu^j;
akRSdlejuln\ a<G,j; LA>gJ,R ><kalrS^lsm akrjsu tfjSgMk; pkGi+lclik\
LS˜<^jsRy @fjFUA cIJdgjv+k; c\rlr^jrluj rpj[gujSh[\ SelikdukA svu\fk;

pIlpCjpjr^jH Yifaiclrj~j[k'fjsRy .lzaluj .]nA dqj[kilR rjC\vjfcauak%\; TO

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LA>gJ,R akrjalgksm LrkilpS^lsm QgH~A whelrA rm^j; dkyv+\dqjŒ\ pkGi+lclik\
am$jsu^j; ijigayjŒ\ akrj Sdlej,\mrluj; fs' cIJdgj[kAakRek\ @fjSFuR .]nA
dqjv+jgj[k™ LS˜<A fsRy w/ujHrj™A Qgk akmj eyjsv+mks^yjŒk; Lsflgk gl]cjuluj
LA>gJ,sr ijqk$lsrlgk$j;

.zilsRy ckpGCrvYdA cpl .d\fsr cAg]j[k™; Lf\ pkgl¦lijsr iPjv+\ pkGi+lclijr\

Srsg fjgjŒk; Tfkd%\ .uvdjfrlu akrj fsRy Yelnrkaluj Qlmj; vYdA LS˜<s^
ej#kmG™; ao™Shld$xjhkA L.uA dj}jujh*; QmkijH Y><\alijsr CgnA Yelejv+k; Y><\alikA
flR rj²<lurlsn'yjujv+k; egaCjirkA ij,\nkvYd^jHrj™\ akrjsu g]j[lrlijsh*™\
eyŒkœ t'lH .zilR ilckSpisr @YCuj[lR KeSpCjv+k ij}k; pkGi+lclik\ .zilsRy
dlH[H iJn\ L.uA Sfmj; fsRy ele^jrkA .d\frj‘[kA akrj ]a ulvjv+k;

.zilR aykemjuluj eyŒk:

Lh*Sul a<GS,œ BlR tsRy .d\fgksm LPJrfujhln\; L$jsr Srl[julH BlR
cIfY#rh*; tsRy .d\fG Ligksm .lgUœ a[&œ cI^k[& t™Si% cIwJiR SelhkA
trj[kSi%j KSe]j[lR fu+lyluj wJij[k™; L$jsrukxx .d\fsg KSe]j[k'sf$jsr_
rªrjyŒ K^aark,UG tsRy <{puikA BlR Ligksm <{pu^jhkaln\; LiG[\ Blrh*lsf
asMlgk cfUS^ukA Lyjujh*; trj[kA Lisg alYfsa Lyjuo; Lfksdl%\ Blsrlgk dlgUA
eyulA; LA>gJ,Srlm\ sv™\ ]a Svlpjv+lhkA; TOsulgk alG±A alYfsa L$su Srgjmk'
pkgjf^jH rj™\ g]uluj}kxxk; fe²kA eowukA K'fEhak%l[nsa“jH akrjalG[\ ijruikA
SinA; t'lH L<“lgjdxluiG fe²rk,\|jv+fksdl%\ @Cjv+ EhA h.j[kdujh*; LS$[\
eMjufjfln\; SizA fs' LA>gJ,sr d%\ ]aSvlpj[o;

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 198lA pjicA

.lzifA rjfUelglunA 199
199lA pjicA
LS<l Lr#plclrlA a<^IA p{,\mapU Sa
d{fl zScl½ej uYplwR aAzxlrj caJ<Sc (9414)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
pkGi+lcli\ am$ji™\ LA>gJ,sRy dlH[H iJnk ]a ulvjv+k; Tfkd%\ LA>gJ,R ixsg
hw\wjfrluj; LA>gJ,R .zilsRy ckpGCrvYdS^lm\ T$jsr YelGjv+k:;
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
ekgogic\cjsRy ekYfR @ukijr\ LXk ekYfRalG; r<k,R ]Yfi{’R gwj gA.R LSrrR
t'jiG; r<k,r\ LX\ ekYfRalG; ufj uulfj cAulfj @ufj ijufj d{fj t'jiG; ufj[\
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ilgjihjv+kmk^k; t'lH CG”j,\| L>’^jH Spiulrjuksm ic\Yfalnkmk^f\; Ydk’ulu
Spiulrj glwdkhA Y>l<\andkhS^[l& flq\'flsn' ijCIlc^lH CG”j,\|su
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211lA pjicA
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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212lA pjicA
alfl .c\Yfl ejfk: ekSYfl Sur wlf: c -i c:
.gcI ekYfA pk,U# aliaAc\Fl: Cdk#xlA (920(92021)
SgSflPl: ekSYfl rufj rgSpi ua]ulf\
fIA vlcU Plfl zG.cU cfUal< Cdk#xl (92022)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
ekgkijsRy dkh^jhln\ ssg.UsRy adrluj pk,U#R ejy'f\; Qgk pjicA pk,U#R
rlul}jrluj dl}jH Seluj; dnIa<G,juksm @YCa^jrk caJeA Qgk ck‘gjulu
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213lA pjicA
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
.gpIlwsRy Qgk ejRfhaky[lgrlujgk™ g#jSpiR; L˜<^jsRy a<ja T<Shld^jhkA aMk
Shld$xjhkA ilq\^s~mk™; g#jSpiR glwlilujgk™si“jhkA .j]lASp<juluj wJijv+k;
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ih*lsf Khv+k; Lfksdl%\ du+jhkxxsfh*lA aMkxxiG[luj plrA svu\fk; L$jsr LS˜<^jrkA
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fkm$kSNl& Qgk CoYprijsm i™; Lul&[kA .]nA iJfA iv+k; ej'Jm\ dkyv+k
rlu\[xkalsulgl& i™; th*ligkA ijC™\ ihŒiG; g#jSpiR Lul&[\ .]nsah*lA plrA
svu\fk; whA alYfSa ej'JmiSC,jv+kxxk; @ cau^\ Qgk vn\/lxR Lijsm YefU]s~}\
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.lzifA rjfUelglunA 214
214lA pjicA
egj]JSn,k dkgk,k sYpOSnGY><\alc\YfSfwcl
fIA v d{,\nlrk.lSir cwJSil SalvjSfl½#dlf\ (92234)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
L<hUuksm Lv\Vrlu .GaUlCIr\ pjSilplcR t' SegjH Qgk adR K%luj; TO egNgujH
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