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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Y><\aSpiR egaCjirksal^\ .ziHYeJfj[luj @glŒk; LS~l& SpiRalG QgCgJgj Sd}k;
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cS<lpgj (LVsRy cS<lpgsRy ad&) Spidjsu ickSpir\ ijil<A svu\fk sdlmk^S~l&
dAcR Spidjsu ><kalrj[lR cIuA Sfglxjuluj; LS~l& @dlC^k rj™A T$jsr
Sd&[luj; ¶ij/\?J rJujS~l& ><kalrj[k' TO c\YfJuksmfs' t}las^ adR rjr[\
agns^ c”lrj[kA;µ SYdlPS^lsmukA .uS^lsmukA dAcR Spidjsu sdlh*lR
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th*ligkA agj[kA; Qgk vjYfCh.~kqk Qgk ekHs[lmjujH rj™\ asMl'jSh[\ vlmk'fkSelsh
@f\ali\ Qgk CgJg^jH rj™\ asMl'jSh[\ alyk™; TfyjŒksdl%\ aMkxxisg SYpl<j[k'
fjHrj™A QgkiR ej#jgjunA; LirisRy rRau\[luj aMkxxiG[\ SYpl<A svu+k'iSr
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QgkiR agns^ fmŒk rjG^nA; BlR asMlgk alGz\zA eyulA; trj[\ SpidjujH
dk}jdxk%lulH Lisg BlR dAcsr -H~j[lA; Lfkisg dAcR wJijv+jgj[ksa“jH; alYfah*
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Selsh Lisg t#k Sinsa“jhkA svu+lA; dAcr\ ickSpisRy il[kd& ijCIlcaluj;
Spidjsu dAcR siyksf ij}k; ickSpiR fsRy @pUekYfsr dAcrk sdlmk^k; ickSpisRy
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218lA pjicA
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SpS<½a{Sf fA arkwl: Ce#j z#l fSal½r\PA frk alrjSrl YPkiA (10222)
@cJr: cAijCAc\fj,\|R .kw\Blr: egUmR a<JA
vj#ulSrl <{,JSdCaeCUf\ fRauA wzf\ (10224)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
ulpiSgukA i{,\njdSxukA SYpl<j[lrkxx th*l egjYCa$xkA dAcR svu\fk; gl]cRalsg
frj[k vkMkA rjG^j pk,\mglwl[Ralgksm c<luS^lsm ulpisg KeYpijv+k; LiG glwUA ij}\
QlmjS~luj; glwU^iSC,jv+iG dAcSrlm\ dydxΠdoyk ekhG^j; dlhYda^jH Spidj @y\
dk}jdsx Yecijv+k; ickSpiR Lisg cfUcr\Paluj^s' dAcr\ dlq\v+ iv+k; dAcR @
dk}jdsx LS~l&^s' iPjv+k; Spidjuksm -qlas^ zG.^jH .zilsRy LACliflgalu
Lr#R YeSiCjv+k;

LSf cauA .zilR fsRy alulCd\fjSulm\ TYedlgA dH~jv+k; ¶.zifJ Spidjuksm SulrjujH
rj™A zG.s^ tmk^\ ickSpi.lgUulu Sgl<jnjuksm Kpg^jH rjS]ej[kd; t'j}\ .ifj
cIuA uSClpuksm adxluj ejy[kd; BlR Spidjuksm t}las^ ekYfrluj ejy[k'fln\;
L$jsr .ifj[\ ark,Udkh^jsRysuh*lA <{pu$xjH c\FlrA h.j[kA; wr$&
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.zilR cIuA .oajujH Lifgj[lR Selik™ t™ Sfl'j; pk,\mrjYz<^jrluj
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sdl%jgk™; Tgj[kSNlqkA djm[kSNlqkA rjH[kSNlqkA KOnjhkA rm^ujhkA th*lA Lul&
.zilsr alYfA d%k;

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219lA pjicA
cfUYifA cfUegA YfjcfUA cfUcU SulrjA rj<jfA v cSfU
cfUcU cfUa{fcfUSrYfA cfUlf\adA fIlA CgnA Yee'l: (10226)
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fIf\elp SelSfr a<f\d{Sfr dkGi+#j Szlif\cepA .il>\PjA (10230)
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fIA elcj rc\Yfj.kirA v uFlPkSrC.lgA .kSil <g upo^a i‘rA Sf (10240)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
SpiRalgkA alakrjalgkA .zilR egaCjisRy Srf{fI^jH SpidjukA ickSpirkA fm“hjhkxx
dlglz{<^jH sv™\ TrjukA wrjv+j}jh*l^ .zilsr T$jsr iG`jv+k YelGf\Fjv+k;

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dn[l[k™; Lijmk™ .of .lij iG^alr$xjsh cfUasYf; Lfjco]\a$xlu
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220lA pjicA
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rjCjSF fa Kp\.oSf wlualSr wrlG˜Sr SpidUlA SpigoejnUlA ij,\nk:
cGi+zk<lCu: @ijglcJpUFl YelvUlA pjCJ‘kgji ek,\dh: (1038)
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fIf\elpl>\wA YeleU upv\VulpU cIc\F: SCSf a{fUkgc\alp ssefj (10327)
Ckdakrj fkmG™: .ziHwrr^jrkxx pjiU ak<kG^A calzfaluj; Yed{fj akqkirkA
pjiUCjCkijsr igSiH[lR t'a}jH cS#l,A eo%k; pjiUcAzJfikA YelGf\FrdxkA ilukijH
rjyŒk rj™; LG’glYfjujH SpidjujH rj™A .zilR eky^ki™; @ cauA Spidj Qgk
Spic\YfJsuS~lsh YeSCl.jv+k; @dlC^kpjv+kugk' eoG`vY‘sRy Ye.leogA Selshulujgk™
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
ickSpiR dlglz{<^jSh[\ fjgjv+k i'ukmSr ilfjhkd& LmŒk; du+jhkxx
se•dkŒjsRy dgv+jH Sd}\ dliH[lG KnG™; dAcsr ijigayjujv+k; Qlmjsu^ju dAcR
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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226lA pjicA
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cIiSCrlej d{,\Snr uScUpA ScICIgA iSC (10819)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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237lA pjicA
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238lA pjicA
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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239lA pjicA
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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240lA pjicA
SpC: dlh; e{Fz\YpiUA aY# fY#G^IjSwl½z\ru:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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241lA pjicA
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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242lA pjicA
cI.lifSY#l <j wr: cI.liarkiG^Sf
cI.lic\FajpA cGi+A cSpilckgalrk,A (102416)
Sp<lrkv+livlB\w#k: YelSeUlf\c{wfj dG”nl
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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sdl}lg^jH sv™; flR cI#A ekYfR t™ alYfA dgkfjujgk' d{,\nsr~Mj rlgpakrj eyŒ
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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