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efjsrl'lA c\d‘A @gA.A

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zke\ssf: cI>l<k.jgvj#upYeSau:
aSrU½iSrG'rk zSfl½eUzfA <j.lgA
ulpUlpiA dkhaS<l Lij,<Ualc\Sf (1113)
ssrilrUf: egj.Sil½cU.Sif\ dFXj-
Raf\cAYCucU ij.Sil'<rcU rjfUA
L#:dhjA upkdkhcU ijPlu Sink-
c\fA>cU i<\rjaji Cl#jaksseaj Pla (1114)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
YCJd{,\nsRy Liflgh]UA th*lA QgkijPA eoG^juluj; .zilR pk,\mgl]csg cA<gjv+k;
pk,\mglwl[Ralgksm dF dqjv+k; Tfjsrh*lA eln\/igksm c<luikA LS˜<^jrk h.jv+k;
.zilR T$jsr vj#jv+k; “tsRy LiflSglS˜CA eoG`aluj}jh*; Cd\fgkA Lwu+igkalu TO
ulpigksm iACA T$jsr Tijsm ij}kSelikd iu+; TS~lxiG[\ tsRy cAg]nak%\;
stCIgUikA L.ji{’jukA cIuA LfJiCd\fglsn' L<A.liA LigjH K%l[jujgj[k™;
cIuA TO dkhs^ukA BlR fs' rCj~jS[%jujgj[k™; LfjrkSC,Sa BlR fjgjv+k Selio;”
T$jsr fJgkalrjv+\ cGi+.ofrjilcjulu .zilR ulpigjH a<lf\al[xksm
LYeJfjuk%l[lrkA L$jsr Ligksm Cle^jrjgul[kilrkakxx Licgak%l[j; Lfigksm
rlC^jrk dlgnalikdukA svu\fk;

egJ]j^\ Svlpjv+k;
alakrjalgksm CleA h.j[lrjmulu cl<vgUikA aMkA ijCpaluj eyŒk f'lhkA;

Ckdakrj fkmG™:
Shld^\ eShijP$xlu dlgU$& rm^j .zilR YCJd{,\nR ickSpigksm iJ}jH dqjŒk
i™; alakrjalG .zilSrlm\ ulYfsvlh*j ejn\/lgdS^u\[k Selujgk™; Ligijsm dqjukSNl&
dkSy ulpiukil[& Lisg dxjul[lrluj sv™; iUlwalu .iUfSulsm LiG a<lf\al[sx
in$j; LiG wlA>ifjuksm ekYfR clA>sr c\YfJSi,A sd}jv+k ak'jH rjG^j; Qgk
zG.jnjuksm Si,^jhlujgk™ clA>R; LiG Svlpjv+k; “a<lf\al[Sx, rj$& .ofiG^alr-
.lijd& Lyjuk'iglnSh*l; TO c\YfJ[\ Qgk ekYfrk%ldnsa'lnlYz<A; zG.c\FCjCk
@Snl seS`l t™\ Yeivjv+lhkA;” a<G,jalG[\ dlgUA arc\cjhlujgk™; TfkA
.zSiVulsn™A LigyjŒk; SYdlPa.jrujv+ksdl%\ LiG eyŒk: “ij?\/jdSx, Li&
Yecij[k'f\ Qgkh[su @n\; Lf\ rj$sxsuh*lA rlaliSC,al[kdukA svu+kA;” Semjv+g%
LiG clA>sRy Si,aqjv+kalMjuS~l& Qgkh[ rjh^k iJnk;

pIlgdlilcjd& ijigayjŒ\ ijY.l#j eo%k; LiG Kh[su svykfgjdxluj selmjv+k;

dmhjshyjŒk; alakrjalgksm YeivrA i{Flijhlilrln\ Ligjfk svu\ff\; t'lH
do}^jshlgk d,nA selmj[lrlujh*; TgkNkselmj iJnjm^\ cakYp^jH ‘tgd’ ts'lgk
dl}ksvmj ixG™; selmjul^ d,nA Qgk aJR ijqk$j; Qgk ak[kiR Lfjsr ejmj[kdukA Qgk
rlul}kdlgrk rHdkdukA svu\fk; aJR akyjv+S~l& dj}ju TgkNkd,nA rlul}kdlgR fsRy
LNjsRy akrujH ejmj~jv+k; ulpidkhrlC^jrkxx Sipjsulgk$j; Lflujgk™ sspirjC\vuA;

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 318lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 319lA pjicA
.oflrlA SpivgjfA pk:Dlu v ckDluv
ckDlssui <j clPorlA fIlp{ClavUkflf\arlA (1125)
pkGhS.l alrkS,l SpS<l Sp<jrlA ]n.Azkg:
fYflej pkGh.A aSrU ssidkn\|YejupGCrA (11229)
Ckdakrj fkmG™:
pIlgdujH rlgpakrj YCjd{,\nrksal^\ ehS~lqkA dqjulyk%\; Qgj[H ickSpiG rlgpSrlm\k
Svlpjv+k: “L$SuS~lhkxx a<lf\al[& ShldA akqkiR cXgjv+\ alridkh^jrk akqkiR
eShfg^jhkxx LrkYz<$& rHdk™; SpiRalG svu+k' dlgU$& vjhG[\ c#k,\mj
SudkSNl& aMkvjhG[\ Li Lrj,\m$xln\; t'lH L$SuS~lhkxx a<lf\al[&
svu+k'sf#kA ark,UG[\ c#k,\mjukA cS#l,ikA rHdk'iusYf; dlgnA, SpiRalG
ark,UG[\ Ligksm dG”Eh$xlnSh*l clPjv+k sdlmk[k'f\; t'lH L$SuS~lhkxxiG[\
aMkxxigksm dG”Eh$sx~Mj ulsflgk flHegUikajh*; <{puA rjysu c\Sr<ikA pulilu\ekA
Kxxfksdl%\ th*l wJiwlh$xjhkA dhiy domlsf pulilu\ek svlgjuk™; dqjŒ wRa^jH
.zilsrS~lhksxxlgk ekYfsr Sinsa™\ BlR YelGf\Fjv+jgk™; LS˜<A tsRy ekYfrluj
ejy[kdukA svu\fk; L#jaalu Sal]^jSh[kxx elfSusf™\ trju\[k eyŒk f'lhkA;
Lfjhosm Qgkir\ th*l .u$xjH rj™A SalvrA h.j[kaSh*l;

rlgpR aykemj eyŒk:

L$uksm SvlpUA ts' QlG”j~j[k'f\ ijSp<glwlilu rjaj[\ W,.ekYfRalG rHdju
rjGS˜C$sxuln\; crUlc^jhosm egAselgkxjsr cl]lf\dgjv+ .gfakrj W,.ekYfrsYf;
W,.r\ sfl`oMjsulRefk ekYfRalGdomjuk%lujgk™; QRefkSeG .gnlPjdlgjdxluj; aM\
QRefkSeG akrjdxkA; LiG dij, <gj, L#:gJ]R, Ye>k’R, ej~hlurR, LijGS<lYfR,
pkG”jhR, vlacR, dg.wrR t'jigsYf; Qgj[H .oajujH vkMjcXgjv+\ LiG ijSp<
glwUs^^j SvG™; Lijsm rjaj Qgk ulzA rm^kdulujgk™; rjaj alakrjalsg d%\ <G,
ekxdjfrluj Lisg tfjSgMk;

“ark,U wRaA pkGh*.A, LfjH .ziH.d\fgkalukxx cf\cAzA LfJi pkGh*.A; a<lf\al[xkaluj

h.j[k' cf\cAzA, Lsflgk rjaj,SrgS^u\[k alYfalsn“jH domj LrGZikA LaohUikasYf;
T$jsrsulgk cO.lzUikA LrkYz<ikA h.jv+ c\Fjfj[\ B$&[\ .ziHelpdah
cluowUamulrkxx alGz\zrjGS˜CA rHdlR puik%linA; .lzifPG”A B$sx
e|j~j[nsa™\ BlrSe]j[k™;”

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 319lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 320lA pjicA
dlSur ilvl arScY‘jssuGi+l
>k’Ul½½f\arl il½rkc{f cI.lilH
dSglfj upUf\ cdhA egc\ssa
rlgunlSufj caG~Su^f\ (11236)
cGi+.oSf,k u: eSCUf\ .zip\.lialf\ar:
.oflrj .zifUlf\aSrU, .lziSpl^a: (11245)
TOCISg fpPJSr,k >lhjSC,k pIj,f\ck v
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LGv+luSai <gSu eowlA u: YC’Su<Sf
r fp\.d\Sf,k vlSrU,k c .d\f: Yeld{f: c\a{f: (11247)
alakrjulu dij TYedlgA eyŒk:
egaekgk,sr cl]lH[gj[kilR ts#h*lA elfdxkS%l ts#h*lA L.UlcalGz\z$xkS%l
Lisuh*lA rh*fk fs'; t'lH .zilsRy epdah$sx eowj[kduln\ -MikA ckg]alu
alGz\zA; Lfjhosm Qgkir\ Siz^jH rjG.ufIA h.j[k™; .ziHrjGS˜Cjfalu elfujhosm
vhj[k'iG iqjsfMjS~likdujh*; Lul& d`kaomjsd}j Qlmkdulsn“jH[omj h]Uc\Flr
s^^jSv+gk'fln\; .zilsr Cgjuluj eowj[k'ul& fsRy vj#dsxukA, il[kdsxukA,
Yei{^jdsxukA cIPG”arkcgjv+\ .zilrjhG~jS[%fln\; egAselgkxlu .zilR rlglunsr
eowj[lR arcl-ilvl-dG”nl Lul& cpl wlzgodrln\; L$jsr Lul& Sp<>k’j
aohak%lu sspIf.liA Th*lfl[j .u^jsRy aohdlgns^ Th*lu\a svu+k™;

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Selshuln\; Lsflgk alrcJdiUlelgasYf; TfyjŒ\ Lul& arc\cjsr th*l KelPjdxjH
rj™A cIfY#al[nA; Lul& ]n^jH .uijSalvjfrlik'fln\; th*l
clao<jdlvlg$&[kA LfJfrluj .zilsRy hJhlijhlc$xjH arc\cky~jv+\ Lul&
cIfY#rluj rm[s}; th*l vglvg$sxukA in$j cICgJgs^ .ziHCgJgsa™\ dgkfj
wJij[k' LulxjH .zip\ SYeaikA, egacl]lf\dlgikA, hOdJdfujhkxx ijgd\fjukA
QSgcauA Yedmjfalik™;

a<G,julu <gj eyŒk:

“@sglgkiR @f\alijH th*lisgukA pGCj[k™Sil, Lfjsr egalf\aliluj Lyjuk™Sil,
cdhwJiwlh$xjshukA @f\alijsr TOCIgrluj LyjukdukA svu+k™Sil Lulxln\
K^arlu sspiekgk,R; @sglgkiR .zilrjH .d\frlSnl, .ziH.d\fSglm\
cO<{p^jhlSnl, Lw\BlrjdxjH pulilu\ekxxirlSnl, CYfk[Sxlm\ CYfk-ajYf
.liajh*l^irlSnl Lul& a’Uarlu sspiekgk,R; @sglgkiR .zilsr aoG^jeowujhosm
Kelcj[kdukA t'lH .ziH.d\fgjhkA aMkxxigjhkA TOCIgsr pGCj[lfjgj[kdukA
svu+k™Sil Lul& -MikA flq\'rjhujhkxx sspiekgk,rsYf;”

@sglgkiR TO Shlds^ .zilsRy alulCd\fjuksm YedmjfgoeA alYfalsn'yjuk™Sil

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Th*l^fksdl%\ dG”$& Lulsx >r\Pj[k'jh*; L$jsr wrragn$xjH rj™A Lul&
Salvjfrlik™; .ziH.d\fr\ dkhl.jalrSal, Prl.jalrSal Th*; fsRy cI^k[sx LPJr^jH
iv+ksdl%jgj[k'fjsRy pkgjfikA Lul&[\ Lrk.ijS[%fjh*; cpl .ziHc\agnujH
wJij[k'fksdl%\ LulxjH Lw\Blr^jsRy fJYiwIgA Th*lfldk™; .ziHrlaA <{pu^jH
cjA<lcrc\FaldulH th*l ele$xkA LulxjH Th*lflik™;

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 320lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 321lA pjicA
zkssnGzknlR c .kB\wlr @f\aYeSpUlfjssf: Ye.k:
arUalr TpA c{,\malf\alraj< cw\wSf (1135)
dG”lnj dG”.j: dkGi+R crjaj^lrj Sp<.{f\
f^f\ dG”EhA z{<\nR Y.afJ< ckSDfgA (1136)
dG”nUlg.alnlrlA pk:D<ssfU ckDl uv
eSCUf\ eldijegUlcA ajFkrJvlgjnlA r{nlA (11318)
L#gJ]akrj eyŒk:
wjilf\al[xksm Sal]^jrluj egAselgk& c{,\mjegjnla$& rm^k'f\ alu t'
KOGw\w^jsRy c<luS^lsmusYf; egaliS>lPalnSh*l @ egAselgk&; TO ijCIs^
c{,\mjv+ SC,A Lfk cIuA c{,\mjdxjSh[jy$jsv+™\ arc\ckA TY‘ju$xkA ijmG^j;
Tidxjhosm L#gUlaj ekyAShldS^ukA YpiU$sxukA @cIpj[k™; Lul& vjhfgA
Lrk.i$xjH @d{,\mrlikdukA @ Lrk.i$sx clPjfal[j^' ic\fk[xjH @cd\frkA
@ik™; LfjrkSC,A Lulxksm dG”$& ckDlcIlprA SfmjukxxiukA LfjsRy
egjnjfEh$& Lul&[\ Lrk.ijS[%flukA igk™; L$jsr Lul& TO c{,\mj vYd^jH
rjc\c<lurluj ihuk™; TO ShldvYd^jsRy LiclrA royksdlh*A rJ%k rjH[k' Qgk
ig&v+ K%likA; LfjsRy LiclrA ijCIlz\rjujH th*lA LhjŒk SvgkA; Liclraluj Qgk
ijCIYexu^jHs~}\ cdhfkA ak$jS~likA; c{,\mjd& K&ihjŒ\ f$xksm dlgn$xjSh[\
am$jS~likA; LiclrA Yed{fjujH ijhuj[kdukA svu+kA; T$jsr alu c{,\mjc\Fjfj
cA<lg$& rm^k™;

Ye>k’akrj eyŒk:
QgkiR LrigfA Lc#k,\mjsu Qqjil[j ckDalcIpj[lR egjYCaj[kSNl& ijegJfEhaln\
Lirk%lik'sf™\ LyjSu%fln\; T<ShldS^l cIGz\z^jHSelhkSal rjfl#egalr‘A
cl’Uah*fs'; dlgnA siyk~jHrj™A af\cg^jHrj™A .u^jHrj™A K%ldk' YeC\r$&
TijsmukA cIGz\z^jhkA wJijfs^ >lPj[kA; TfyjŒ\ ijSidClhjulu QgkiR @cd\fj
ij}irkA cfUpGCjukalu Qgk zkgkijsr L.uA Yelej[nA; zkgkeowujhosmukA
zkgkSciujhosmukA .ziHSYea^jSh[kxx elfukA hOdJd ckD$xjhkxx Lrlcd\fjukA
ark,U>r\P$Sxlmkxx Cgjulu aSrl.liikA @f\arjuY#nA CJhj[k'sf$jsrsu™A Ck’ikA
hxjfikalu wJijfA ruj[k'sf$jsrsu™A cdhwJiwlh$xjhkA @f\alijSrSul
TOCIgSrSul pGCj[k'sf$jsrsu™A cI#A wJiR, @f\afUlz^jhosm .zilrG~j[k'
sf$jsrsu™A, .ziH.d\fsgukA aMkxxisgukA t$jsr c\Sr<eoGi+A egjvgj[nsa™A,
fkmGv+uluj .ziHdFldFrikA YCinikA rmS^%sf$jsrsu™A Lul& e|j[nA;

L$jsrukxx .d\fR .ziHc\agnulH cpl ijhJrrlujgj[kA; vjhS~l& .zip\ ijg<

pk:D^jH fejv+k d`Jsglqk[jukA vjhS~l& @<*lpYedmrA rm^jukA .ziHcl'j’UA LyjŒ\
elmjukA @mjukA aMk vjhS~l& TOCIgcl]lf\dlg^jH cIuA ay™ Cl#rkA rjC\C>\prlukA
Lul& Tgj[k™; @sglgkiR L$jsr TOCIg.d\fsRy LYefJ]jfikA
iUic\Flrkclgjuh*l^fkalu dlgU$sx e|j[k™Sil Lul&[\ TOCIgSYeaA iG’j[k™;

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 321lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 322lA pjicA
c^IA gwc\fa Tfj Yfji{SpdalspO
coYfA a<lr<ajfj Yeip#j wJiA
w\BlrYdjulGf\FEhgoefSulgk Cd\fj
Y><\ssai .lfj cpcv+ fSul: egA uf\ (11337)
@f\alrA fRauA PUluR aoG^jA cAeowSu’Sg:
SC,lalPlu Cjgcj cIPla\rUk pIlcU cf\d{fA (11354)
-i az\rUG[SflulplifjsFO <{uSu v u:
uwfJCIgalf\alravjglRakvUSf <j c: (11355)
ej~hlur a<G,j eyŒk:
goe$& cpl ayjs[l%jgj[k™; t'lH K•a LvXhasYf; cIe\r-wlYzp\-ck,ke\fj
cau$xjshh*lA - calPjujHS~lhkA LrkcUofA fkmG™ Selik'f\ LiS>lPA alYfA; @dlCA
iJ}jrd^kA eky^kA vkagjhkA th*lA fkmGv+ulukA SiGsemlsfukA c\Fjfjsvu+k'fkSelsh
ulnf\; Lf\ cogUSrS~lsh cIuA c\e,\maln\; tYf sixjv+ak%lulhkA Lr\Psr fJ
‘dlnj[lR’ clPj[l^fkSelsh tYffs' ijigjv+lhkA KO<jv+lhkA @f\aJulr\Pf
>lPjv+ir\ Lfjsr ‘dlnlR’ clPj[kdujh*; “Szlvgalu c{,\mj[kakRekA K•a K%lujgk™;
Lfjsr c^I-gw-fac\c\ t'J zkn$xjhosm eh gJfjujH ijigjv+k; LSrd
gJfjdxjhifgj[lR dqjikxx coYfalrlukA, ijCIS>lPalukA, wJirjsh ‘L<A’.lialukA Lyji\-
dG”A-dG”EhA t'jiulukA, K•aukA Yedmjfalu K•aulukA, Tid&s[h*lafJfalukA,
Lr#alu K•a alYfalukA ijigj[s~mk™; TO K•a[\ wrragn$Sxl alM$Sxl Th*;
LfjsRy cGi+l#gUlaj^IA dlgnA Lf\ th*l wJiwlh$xjhkaPjicj[k™ t™
arc\cjhl[lA; dlq\vukxxirk alYfSa TO YedlCA dlnlrlio; .ziH.d\frk alYfSa <{puA
rjyŒ .d\fj sdl%\ TO cfUs^ ‘dlnlR’ dqjuo;

LijGS<lYf akrj eyŒk:

w\Blrjd& SelhkA ssipJd ijPjdsx~MjukA LrkClcjfSal rj,j’Sal @u dG”$sx~MjukA
Liuksm ijCj,\mfdsx~MjukA ehS~lqkA Cgjulu Plgnujh*l^igsYf; Sip$&
sdl}jSZl,j[k'f\ dG”s^ dG”A sdl%\ Srgjmlrln\; ij/\?jdxluisg
LfjSh[ldG,j[lR cIGz\zwJijfA fkm$ju YeShl.r$xkA Lfk rHdk™; Lw\Blrjulu
ij/\?j SipClcrdsx KSe]j[k'flulH fJGv+ulukA Liclrajh*l^ dG”$&[kA
YefjYeiG^r$&[kA Tgulik™; t'lH Siplrkclgjulu dG”$& T<Shld hlS.VSul
cIGz\zhlS.VSul domlsf Lrk,\mj[k' Qgkir\ Sal]A h.j[k™; L$jsrukxxirkSi%j
ijekhikA Ehi^kalu fY#ijPjdxjhosm .zilsr @glPj[k'sf$jsrsu™xx
ijCpJdgn$& Sip$xjhk%\; TO alGz\z$& zkgkakD^krj™A e|jv+ QgkiR fsRy
T,\mlrkcgnA Qgk TOCIg>jA>s^ eowj[nA; “cIuA TOCIgijhJrrluj dn[l[j
.ziH~ow rm^j eowlcau^\ eijYfal[s~} ek,\eikA whikA Lul& fhujhnjunA;
T$jsr Lul& Lz\rjujhkA wh^jhkA cogUrjhkA LfjFjujhkA cI#alf\alijhkA Kxx TOCIgsr
eowj[nA; L$jsr Lul& flacAijrl Sal]epA Yelej[k™;”

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 322lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 323lA pjicA
fIlASciflA ckgd{fl ><Sil½#glul:
scIOSdl ijhAZU egaA YiwflA epA Sf
rlrUcU >G<j,j >hJR ppf: cI.lzlR
PS^ epA fIaijfl upj ijZ\r aoG’\rj (11410)
rc\alrelgwhPJrfjfJgU Sdvjf\
SYdlPcU ul#j ijEhcU iCA eSp SzlG
”w\w#j pkC\vgfeC\v i{SFlf\c{w#j (11411)
Ypkajx akrj eyŒk:
T<ShldikA cIGShld$xkA elflx$xksah*lA .zilsRy CgJgasYf; LS˜<A th*ligksm
KxxjhkA LPjicj[k'fldulH ‘ekgk,R’ t'yjus~mk™; cdhwJijdxksmukA wJiR
Lijmk'ln\; glwcY><\aliluj .zilR c{,\mj rm^k™; clfIjdij,\nkiluj cAg]
rHdk™; flacgkYprluj cA<lgikA svu+k™;

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wrjv+f\; cIGz\zglwrlu TY‘r\ rlglunR d|jr fec\cjShGs~}jgj[k'f\ fs'
c\FlrY.,\mrl[kilrlSnl t' cACuA K%lujgk™; Lfksdl%\ efjikSelsh TY‘R
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 324lA pjicA
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 325lA pjicA
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dJG^jC\v pj]k ij]je\fl cGi+Shldahle<l (11622)
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 326lA pjicA
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dG”ldG”ijdGS”fj zknSpl,PjSul .jpl (1178)
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zkn>k’Ul v ij<jfA rdSglfj uFlG.d: (11711)
d{,\nR eyŒk:
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 326lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 327lA pjicA

c#jSa zkgSil glwR ><Sil >k’UkelYCjfl:

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upk eyŒk:
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akrj eyŒk:
tsRy >k’j KnG'f\ Tgke^jrlhk zkgk[Ralgjhosmuln\; .oaj, iluk, @dlCA, whA, Lz\rj,
vY‘R, cogUR, Yeli\, segkNlN\, dmH, TOulAelM, SfrJv+, @r, SfrJv+ ixG^k'iR, alR,
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 327lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 328lA pjicA
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akrj fkmG™:
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 330lA pjicA
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 331lA pjicA
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zkncU alulaohfIl' Sa SalS]l r >r\PrA (11111)
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LSp<c\SFl½ej Sp<c\F: dkafj: cIe\rp{zUFl (11118)
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 332lA pjicA
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.zilR d{,\nR fkmG™:
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 333lA pjicA
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.zilR d{,\nR fkmG™:
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K’iR eyŒk:
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.zilR d{,\nR eyŒk:
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7) ilcj,\mA: .OfJdCgJgA, co]\aCgJgA, dlgnCgJgA, t'jiulH rjufalu, ca,\mj[k
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8) dlaliclujfA: @glSnl ts' egAselgkxkA rjgkelPjdikalu Y><\aikaluj PUlrj[k'f\,
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 336lA pjicA
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cGi+lf\arlej cGSi+n r .lSil ijpUSf dIvjf\ (111638)
Sfw: YCJ: dJG^jssgCIgUA Y<Jc\fUlz: scO.zA .z:
iJgUA fjfj]l ijw\BlrA uYf uYf c SaA½Cd: (111640)
K’iR eyŒk:
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 337lA pjicA
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K’iR eyŒk:
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iG`lYCa$sx~MjukA e|j~jv+kiSh*l; iG`lYCaPG”$& TS~l& ark,UG aj[ilykA
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 338lA pjicA
upl dG” ijelSd,k ShlSd,k rjgulf\ack
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 343lA pjicA
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 344lA pjicA
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S.ld\fiUalf\aSrl pj,\mA Yele\fA Yele\fa>kPUf (112341)
.zilR d{,\nR fkmG™:
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Lmk^ >r\Pk[xkA, SpifdxkA, Y>l<\angkA, ejf{[xkA, ark,UgkA, a{z$xkA th*ligkA
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 345lA pjicA
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tsRy ckDpk:D$&[\ dlgn[lG TO ark,USgl, SpiRalSgl, @f\alSil, r]Yf$Sxl,
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dG”$xkA YefUlDlf$xkA K%l[k™; L$jsr QgkiR fkmsg^kmsg wrragn$&
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QgkisRy pk:D^jr\ dlgnaluj d%lH @ SpiR cIuA eJ?j~j[k™ - SpiRalG QlSgl
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Ck’S>lPikasYf; siykA YpiUic\fkijSrl, Ck’S>lP^jSrl cIuA YeiG^j[lR
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 346lA pjicA
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.zilR d{,\nR fkmG™:
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>r\Pr^jH rj™A SalvjfrlikSal, @ w\BlrA BlR rj$&[luj eyŒk fglA;

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rjhijHi™; Yed{fjsu dlgUdlgn$&, ekgk,R, S>lPA t'j$jsr fgAfjgjv+j}k%\;
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(ijCIliS>lPA) K%luj; Lisu clfIJd<“lgA, flacl<“lgA t'j$jsr ij.lzjv+jgj[k™;

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elflx$xkA), .kiGShldA (Tmrjhu\[kxx Shld$&), cIGShldA (cIGz\z$&) t'ji; TO
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cIGShld^jrka~kyA a<GShldA, wrShldA, fSelShldA, cfUShldA, t'jiuln\;
Sulzl.UlcA, fec\c\, crUlcA t'jiujhosm TO Shld$& YeleUaln\; Lfjsrh*la~kyA
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Lfksdl%\, cfUsas#'lH LiG alYfSa TS~lqkA rjhrjH[k™xxo; YexudlhA igkSNl&
c{,\mj[s~}i akqkirkA .oajujH YeSiCj[kA, .oaj wh^jH huj[kA, whA Lz\rjujH huj[kA,
Lz\rj ilukijhkA, iluk @dlC^jhkA ayuk™; L$jsr QlSgl™A LflfjsRy cIl.lijd
zkn$xjSh[\ ayuk™; dlgUA, dlgn^jSh[\ am$jS~lik™; L$jsr th*lA L<“lg^jH
rjaz\ralik™; L<“lgA a<f\ f^I^jhkA, YfjzknalG' a<f\f^IA Yed{fjujhkA, Yed{fj
ekgk,RalG ijCIekgk,rjhkA, alulPjefjulu ijCIekgk,R t'jhkA huj[k™; “Blrjijsm
ijigjv+ clADUffIA pk:DS<fkilu cACu$sxukA Sal<s^ukA rCj~j[k™;”

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 346lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 347lA pjicA
rj: cASzl alA .SwpIjpIlrYeaS^l wjSfY‘ju:
gwc\faC\vl.jwSuf\ c^IcASciul akrj: (112534)
c^IA vl.jwSupUkd\Sfl ssrgSeS]Un Cl#PJ:
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wJSil wJiijrjGakd\Sfl zkssnC\vlCucA.ssi:
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.zilR d{,\nR fkmG™:
K’iSg, TrjBlR Yfjzkn$& ark,Usr t$jsr cIlPJrj[k™ t™ eyŒk fglA; QlSgl
zkn$xkA iUfjgjd\falu QlSgl YefUlZlf$& K%l[k™; Li QlSgl$xluj
Lifgj[k™; cfIzknA, @f\acAuarA, c<rCd\fj, ijgd\fj, cfUcr\Pf, ijCIlcA, ijruA,
pui\, LiS>lPA, cAf{e\fj, crUlcA, rjGaaf, @f\algaUf t'jiujhosm Li Yedmalik™;
dlaA, cIlGf\Fegalu dG”$&, Pj[lgikA aG[mak,\mjukA, @G^j, pA.\, @Yz<A,
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Sp,UA, LfUlYz<A, fjRa, Ydogf, ulvr, demf, @hcUA, Sulwj~jh*lu\a, pk:DA, iUlSal<A,
au[A, YefJ], Ky[Afo$H, @Yz<A, .uA, amj Tisuh*lA fSalzknwrUasYf; zkn$&
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rjhsdlxxk™; L$jsr vjhS~l& Qgk zknA YePlraluj dlns~mk™; aMkzkn$& fkShlA
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S>lPfh$xksmukA,^jsRyukA, segkalM^jsRyukA - ruj[k™; QgkisRy .lijwRaA
cIl.lijdalukA QgkisRy agncaus^ zknlic\Furkcgjv+jgj[k™;

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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 347lA pjicA

YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 348lA pjicA
djAijpUul djA fecl djA fUlSzr YCkSfr il
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cIlGf\FcUlSdlijpA Pjb\alA aoGDA en\/jf alrjrA
Sul½<aJCIgflA YeleU c\YfJ.jGz\SzlDgiw\wjf: (112613)
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 349lA pjicA
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K’iR eyŒk:
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 350lA pjicA
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 351lA pjicA
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K’iR eyŒk:
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 352lA pjicA
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Ckdakrj fkmG™:
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YCJap\.lzifA rjfUelglunA 353lA pjicA
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cASulwUlf\arj vlf\alrA ef\aSrYf rUaJhuf\ (11315)
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